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Old 19th September 2005, 22:59
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Small explanation to the Polish nationalists about Polish inter-war paradise!

It is good you have noted that it was not a Polish initiative and that it was an agreement between powers and not Poland.
It couldn't be a Polish initiative because Poland was only a weak and poor state, not a power. But when Hitler reached his goals Poland immediately joined him in aggression as a small parasite!

Otherwise, it was a strategic move, that did not allow Germany to overtake coal mines in the area. This substantially reduced German industrial activity in Czechoslovakia.
Oh, yes!!! That was Bismarck's and Metternich's worthy Polish brilliant move! Political genius Beck managed to weak German industrial and military potential for...about...1% ! What a success! Why didn't this new Richelieu get a Nobel Prize??? Yet another Poland's discrimination?

It is bad, that you have not noted, that Czechoslovakia illegally annexed the same area back in 1920 when Poland was at war with the Soviet Russia.
Very funny, buddy! I have to tell all contributors of this forum that Poland attacked Lithuania in 1920 and annexed Lithuanian capital Vilnus! Therefore Lithuanian goverment didn't recognize Poland after WW1. But short period of time after Czechoslovakian adventure Poland repeated this method of military pressure on Lithuania! This moron Beck demanded on Lithuanian authorities to establish diplomatic relations within 24 hours or Polish Army would have invaded their country! Lonely Lithuania had to agree on Polish dictate. It is necessary to mention here that Germany also annexed a sole Lithuanian Baltic port of Memel at that time. As we can see secret Polish-German pact functioned very well!

Anyway, there were no concentration camps in Poland, there was no racial segregation and no human experiments.
Of course, there were in Poland a concentration camps: in the city of Bereza (in Polish part of Belarussia) for example! Polish secret police (that was an equivalent of German Gestapo called "Second Department of Ministry of Military Affairs") kept in prison there a thousands of ruled-clique's political enemies and national minorities' activists. Many of them were tortured and murdered!

Also a racial segregation, especially Jews, was often seen in inter-war Poland. For example Jewish students were discriminated and beat on Polish univesities by Polish nationalist raiding parties. Jews had to voluntarily live in ghettos because of fear about their life. This Polish armed bands very often organized an anti-jewish, anti-ukrainian, anti-german, anti-mason and anti-communist street routs. There were cases of murders during this clashes. Altrough Beck's and Shmygly's regime officially didn't back this nationalist bandits, they were under a secret care of regime's political police which secured their impunity.

The difference is that we did not mass murder people because of that.
Another ordinary lie! In those days Polish rulers often ordered police and army to carry out a massive pacifications of huge areas in the Eastern Poland. They were aimed at smashing riots raised by starving peasants and down-trodden Slavic national minorities. During these pacifications goverment's butchers always shot to defenceless civilians with machine guns and grenade launchers which caused hundreds and thousands of deaths! A few hundred of Ukrainian and Belarussian villages were obliterated and 300 Orthodox churches were fired by Polish "Death Squadrons"! The Orthodox citizens captured by police were also forced to be converted into Roman-Catholic faith or be killed (such a behaviour was famous in Poland since the end of XVIth century after so called Brest Union in 1596, when Orthodox Church in Poland was forced to recognize a Roman Pope as its unique superior!). Every time after that massacre occured Polish government cheated their citizens that it was a battle with communist partisants hired by Soviets, of course.

In short at that time Poland was a state very similiar to the dictatoship "Bananalands", like Honduras, which existed in Latin-America from the 1910s to 1980s.



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Old 21st September 2005, 18:55
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Smile Re: Dear Ruy we have a very smart and clever idtiot clown

Dear Ruy
I think before you close this post soon, which is not fgood at your forum Let me before to write some sentences to this IDIOT - sorry for this but I can not say something better about him, her (Maybe he is she or she is he?).

I think we have very smart and clever menthal clown and idiots among us :-). I have not for long time to see so IDIOT, nice to see you, :-)

1. He or she is talking absolutly trash not ture thing, which never sustain any confirmation with the true, datas facts. Pure propaganda foam.

2. These things about Polish history and others around it have the same with the true as Me 262 with bananas or potatos.

3. He or she do the most to make it fun but this is very radiculus and stupid/ idiot oriented. I thing he or she is rather menthal ill (his, her hates towards Poland, Poles is very intensive) + big complexes. So meybe he or she is from Russia or from Białorrus? Very similar menthality and low educational level about histry. No points to discutions
3. It would be nice to have very long dicution with him, her but it would be the same as raiding in T-34 over full fields of cabbages heads. So it would be a pure massacra of his topics and thinking. He or she is writing so many nonsenses that this is realy funy and idiots to read them Nothing serious. Waste of time to talking.
4. Franek we have very nice pattern of heavy idiots or even worse - KGB agensts who is making such mass on the forum. KGB could be form Białoruss.
5. Yes it is true Poland was so terrible country for Białorrsuain, Ukrianian, Jews, Gypcies, I do not forgett about Marsians who were in Poland very disliked and masssacred too (the Independence Day is nothing when you compared it with Poles achivments against this space invaders).

So during WW II there were many Białorussian, Ukrianian, Balts army unit who fought side by side very long agains this friendly and healsy Soviet sysem (Stalin and Co) which liberated from own sates, Poland occupations Ukrainian, Białorussain and also Balts. There were also plenty flowers in June 1941 for German soldiers coming from Białorrusian, Ukrianian even from Poles and Jews for liberation form Russian occupation. This were not propaganda gifts
God with you. None medicines do not cure you from your illness!

All the best
Mirek Wawrzyński
a Pole
Mirek Wawrzyński
Old 21st September 2005, 19:22
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Re: Small explanation to the Polish nationalists about Polish inter-war paradise!


It was my mistake that I did not close this new thread after suspending Obst. Zerstoerer, but please do not make the mistake of thinking that his suspension translates to my full endorsement of your particular view on historic events.

Personally I find that both sides of this discussion have some points and both sides have worn my patience in terms of method.

If that should offend you (and possibly others), I can only be completely honest in this matter, it serves to clear the issue between all of us.

I hope that the general subject has been covered sufficiently for the time being. is not a means to communicate opinion to the world...
Ruy Horta
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