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Old 10th March 2005, 00:01
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No colour change for already-seen ebay-items

In any case on my PC and with my software the color of the URLs I already have visited in Ed West's lists still doesn't change at all. I watched extra carefully. Ed's lists often are very long (can you imagine such a mean guy!) and it's easy to view a picture twice or forget one, or a few ones, even if you're trying to remember the last figures of the last URL.

Is it not possible to have this colour change completely, for ex. from red to blue? Or at least to black? My eyesight is fully OK - hence my name, Hawk-Eye (Eagle's Eye could possibly somehow have sounded slightly pretentious in some people's... eyes).

Seriously, I hate all these innumerable "Eagles" in the field of aviation. So original!
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Old 10th March 2005, 00:16
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phpBB is dead long live Bulletin!!

phpBB is great, but I've now laid my eyes on its follow-up and once I have the admintools under control I will import all current data to this new format.

I'll use only standard templates and styles, at least as a user's choice, and all these little things will be a thing of the past.

I think that Ed's posts will in the future deserve a sub-forum of their own with an automatic pruning system at work which will delete (or at least archive) the material after the eBay links have died.

The future is looking bright my friend.
Ruy Horta
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