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Old 5th February 2021, 12:49
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Luftwaffe Photo Threads


Although I normally post mainly on the Pre-WW2 Military and Naval Aviation boards, I have recently begun to post on the other boards if my searches of online auction sites have caused me to notice items I thought might be of interest to users of the WW2 boards. Doing this,I have been struck by the divergence in quality between the written threads on the Luftwaffe boards and the photo based threads. Naturally, this has caused me to ponder why this divergence exists. I am sure different answers may occur to other board users, but it appears to me that the underlying issues can be seen in two areas. Firstly, the volume of photos may be too much for a single individual to post while maintaining quality. Also more individuals start the written threads thus sharing the burden of posting. Secondly, the chief poster of the links to photos on ebay has a level of knowledge of historical aircraft in general, and not just Luftwaffe aircraft, which would be regarded as rudimentary in a member of the species Astyanax Jordani :

So much for the negativity. I would like to make a proposal which I believe could help to raise the quality of photo threads on the WW2 boards. Could the moderation team create a sticky post on which members of TOCH enter their names, if they are prepared to post links to photos of Luftwaffe aircraft. Given the level of knowledge on the board if only 10 % of the 500+ active users entered their name on the list, each taking a day in turn to post, the burden on the time any one individual would not be too great and the quality of the posts could be improved both in terms of the description of the photos and through the elimination of posts which either duplicate other earlier posts and well known images or have no known relevance to the Luftwaffe in WW.II? Given, that voluntarily or otherwise more TOCH members have a greater amount of free time than a year ago, is my suggestion viable? Is there any interest in taking this route to improve TOCH?


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