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Old 19th May 2017, 22:42
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Friedrich Rupp, Horst Hannig and Walter Nowotny

Dear All,
Do you happen to know whether Friedrich Rupp, Walter Nowotny and Horst Hannig knew one another?
In fact, they may have, as pilots of JG 54...

Thank you in advance.
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Old 22nd May 2017, 15:39
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Re: Friedrich Rupp, Horst Hannig and Walter Nowotny

Dear T. Maria,

I contacted in early 2000' period, Major Erich Rudorffer, asking him about Major Walter Nowotny. I do have several books about JG 54 showing them depicted on the same frame, however, guess what was Rudorffer's answer? That he did not know or knew NOWOTNY!

I understood that there was jealousy and internal clashes between some LW airmen, including JG 54. Read somewhere, for example, that Gordon Gollob was disliked by some LW airmen, etc....SO, a Luftwaffe Geschwader can be understood as a part of the society. It is natural that some airmen were more liked than some others, as Leaders, as Men, as Human Beings, etc. and some disliked.

My guess is that probably they have met (Rupp, Nowotny and Hannig), if you do have pictures showing them together.

About your interest on discovering if those LW aces (or other aces) were married or had girl-friends, I understood (the other thread was closed) that this can lead to another Historical aspects (on biographies or Oral History). MAYBE, those women (widows) can lead an Historian (or sprog historian like myself) to a bunch of letters from the Front, to some personnel information regarding "his" man, etc...and to some original pictures never found or seen...

For instance, I had to interview the daughters of a Brazilian pilot in RAF to obtain a general Picture of his hobbies, his post-war activities, his way of being a Father, etc...

Was in contact with the daughter of a former RCAF airman, whose mother was engaged to a Canadian Fighter pilot who died in 1944 (Arnhem área). She later met this other RAF airman and got married, but never forgot his first you can see that "undirect paths" can lead a Historian to incredible material, and Historical findings.

Do hope that maybe, as a woman and "Historian" too (on your past time), you can perhaps find a different approach on your books or articles.

All the best,

Adriano B.
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