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Old 3rd June 2006, 23:12
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Luftwaffe against FAA

Dear Gentleman,
for the "Chronik des Seekrieges" I´m researching FAA losses at the moment (as well as german seaplane losses and that of Küstenfliegergruppen using bombers). For the year 1940 I found the following Luftwaffe claims in Tony Wood´s list probably referring to FAA units involved.

16-5-1940 0:00:00,"Oblt.","Herbert","Bönsch","Z.","KG 30","Roc","SE Narvik","13.00"," 2","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,"803 Sq. Skua"
16.05.40 Skua "8..." (Lt Harris) of 803 Sq. FAA from HMS Ark Royal.
16-5-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Peter","Lauffs","Z.","KG 30","Skua or Roc","bei Herjangsflord [SE Narvik]","-"," 4","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,"possibly two"

29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Gefr.","Hans","Tilly","3.","JG 2","Wapiti","Calais","20.14"," 1st"," 81","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Kurt","Votel","3.","JG 2","Wapiti","Calais","20.10"," 1st"," 80","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Helmut","Windisch","3.","JG 54","eng. Torp.-Flzg.","Dünkirchen: 200m","20.00"," 1st"," 10","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Adolf","Strohbauer","3.","JG 54","eng. Torp.-Flzg.","Dünkirchen: 1000m","20.00"," 1st"," 11","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Adolf-Waldemar","Kinzinger","3.","JG 54","eng. Torp.-Flzg.","Dünkirchen: 1000-750m","20.00"," 1st"," 12","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Adolf-Waldemar","Kinzinger","3.","JG 54","eng. Torp.-Flzg.","Dünkirchen: 1000-700m","20.00"," 2"," 13","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
29-5-1940 0:00:00,"Oblt.","Hans","Schmoller-Haldy","3.","JG 54","eng. Torp.-Flzg.","Dünkirchen: 1000m","20.00"," 2"," 14","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

31-5-1940 0:00:00,"Fw.","Anton","Oschenkühn","9.","JG 53","Doppeldecker","-","16.50"," 1st"," 64","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
31-5-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Hans","Kolbow","3.","JG 20","Skua","NW Dünkirchen","21.10"," 2"," 21","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ofw.","Jacob","Arnoldy","4.","JG 77","Skua","Trondheim","02.02"," 2"," 50","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ofw.","Erwin","Sawallisch","4.","JG 77","Skua","Trondheim","02.10"," 5"," 53","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ofw.","Jacob","Arnoldy","4.","JG 77","Skua","Trondheim","02.08"," 3"," 52","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Ludwig","Fröba","4.","JG 77","Skua","Trondheim","02.04"," 1st"," 51","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Oblt.","Gordon","Gollob","3.","ZG 76","Skua","Raum Trondheimfjord","02.00","-","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.",,"Krzywon","3.","ZG 76","Skua","Raum Trondheimfjord","02.05","-","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Heinrich","Köhler","3.","ZG 76","Skua","Raum Trondheimfjord","02.06","-","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ofw.","Herbert","Schob","3.","ZG 76","Skua","Raum Trondheimfjord","02.06"," 9","-","yes","CS: Fledgling Eagles",,,
13-6-1940 0:00:00,"Fw.",,"Harbach","4.","JG 77","Skua","Trondheim","02.04","n.b.","-","no","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
Ark Royal lost 4 Skuas of 800 Sq. FAA and 4 Skuas of 803 Sq.FAA on 13.06.40.

14-6-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Gustav","Schiller","2.(J)","LG 2","Skua","Pont Audemer","11.18"," 2"," 48","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

21-6-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Fritz","Schreiter","3.","JG 51","D.H. Rapide","N. Texel","15.55"," 2"," 50","yes","C.2036/II","Anerk: Nr.6","OKL/Prien/Bock",
21-6-1940 0:00:00,"Gefr.","Heinz","zur Lage","3.","JG 51","D.H. Rapide","N. Texel","16.02"," 1st"," 51","yes","C.2036/II","Anerk: Nr.7","OKL/Prien/Bock",
21-6-1940 0:00:00,"Fw.","Albin","Gräf","3.","JG 51","D.H. Rapide","N. Texel","16.12"," 3"," 52","yes","C.2036/II","Anerk: Nr.21","OKL/Prien/Bock",

9-9-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Heinrich","Setz","6.","JG 77","Skua","NW Haugesund","14.22"," 1st"," 97","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

11-9-1940 0:00:00,"Oblt.","Siegfried","Stronk","8.","JG 53","FAA Albacore","Calais","18.45"," 2"," 163","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock","Doppeldecker?"
11-9-1940 0:00:00,"Oblt.","Walter","Fiel","8.","JG 53","FAA Albacore","Calais","18.40"," 3"," 161","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock","Doppeldecker?"
11-9-1940 0:00:00,"Hptm.","Wolf-Dietrich","Wilcke","Stab III.","JG 53","FAA Albacore","Calais","18.40"," 6"," 160","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock","Doppeldecker?"
The raid was escorted by Blenheims of 235 Sq. RAF (Coastal Command) which lost 2 – also to intercepting Bf.109s of III./JG.53.

13-9-1940 0:00:00,"Uffz.","Ludwig","Fröba","4.","JG 77","Skua","-","18.10"," 2"," 99","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",
13-9-1940 0:00:00,"Fw.",,"Harbach","4.","JG 77","Skua","-","18.10"," 2"," 98","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

3-10-1940 0:00:00,"Fw.",,"Harbach","4.","JG 77","Skua","SSW Bergen","17.50"," 3"," 102","yes","OKL",,"Prien/Bock",

Furthermore I found two french seaplanes claimed destroyed:
21-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Walter","Binder","3.","JG 3","½ frz. Wasserflgzg","Loiremündung","-","-","-","-","OKL",,"Prien/Bock","Sunk"
21-6-1940 0:00:00,"Ltn.","Eberhard","Bock","3.","JG 3","½ frz. Wasserflgzg","Loiremündung","-","-","-","-","OKL",,"Prien/Bock","Sunk"

Who knows the units involved and actual losses?

Thanks for any response +

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Old 4th June 2006, 08:19
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Re: Luftwaffe against FAA


29.05.40 Wapiti from 24 RAF to JG2
29.05.40 probably 5 Swordfish from 825 FAA to 3/JG54
31.05.40 Fw.Ochsenkuehn claimed Gladiator from 16 RAF flown by F/L GR Shepley
31.05.40 3/JG20 fought with Skuas from 801 FAA which lost 2 Skuas shot down and one crash-landed (L2917, L3005,?)
21.06.40 3/JG51 fought with Albacores from 826 FAA which lost 2 planes (L7081, L7089) and one was damaged ( L7111)
09.09.40 or 08.09.40 Setz shot down Skua from 801 FAA (L2889)
11.09.40 the formation of Albacores from 826 FAA escorted by Blenheims from 235 RAF was attacked by Bf109s from 1/JG52 and III/JG53 and lost 2 Blenheims (L9396, Z5725) and about 5(?) Albacores badly damaged.
13.09.40 Harbach and Froeba probably attacked the Skuas from 801 FAA which lost L2912 shot down and L3030 crash-landed.
03.10.40 Harbach claimed Skua L2929 from 801 FAA.


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Old 4th June 2006, 23:24
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Re: Luftwaffe against FAA

hi robert,
many thanks for your quick reply!!!
Would you mind to let me know where you got your datas from?

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Old 5th June 2006, 18:10
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Re: Luftwaffe against FAA

Hi Monaco,

different books, magazines and other enthusiast. I suggest that you should post this query also on

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