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Old 11th December 2014, 00:53
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Jim P.
Heinkel fun - duplicate WNr. & incidents

While comparing information from the LEMB SKZ database with loss tables I found I had the following conflicts in the SKZ 'RE+D_' WNr. block for He 111s. WNr. 7027 & 7028 each had duplicate "write-off" entries. (Note that the last two entries for WNr. 7027 are within days of each other with one in the Med and the other in the East.)

WNr. 7039 was much the same, but there is another reported WNr. for the loss (4549), along with a date conflict. Can anyone add any information that might sort these out?

He 111H-6, 7027, PETERS, Ltn. Karl, , I., Stab I., KG 55, , G1+DL, RE+DM, , 14-Jun-42, WIA due to enemy fighters east of Belgorod. B also WIA. Bruchlandung., F RK. Ltn. Perters per loss. 15-Jun per Kaiser., Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #6)-Vol.9; Kaiser, Die Ritterkreuzträger der Kampfflieger, V.2, p.60-61, , Fl.Pl. Charkow, 80%, F, B Ltn. Heinrich Betke, ,

He 111H-6, 7027, n.n., , I., 2., KG 27, , , RE+DM?, , 07-Jul-43, Luftkampf with enemy fighters. Bs KIA, Bm WIA, DOW 14-Jul., , Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #11)-Vol.19; Waiss, Boelcke-Archiv, V, p.160, , Raum Belgorod (PlQu. 685), 60%, F, Bm Uffz. Heinrich Cnyrim & Bs Uffz. Erwin Sperrfechter, ,

He 111H-6, 7027, Wilde, Fw., , I., , L.L.G. 2, , RE+DM, RE+DM, , 13-Jul-43, KIA due to Bombenwurf. Bm & Bs also KIA, Bf WIA., , Fl.Truppe-Sonstige/Eins.Mittelmeer-Afrika, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #11)-Vol.19; Cull, Spitfires Over Sicily, p.155, , Fl.Pl. Catania, 100%, F, Bf Uffz. Stratmann, Bm Ogefr. Kodurna & Bs Uffz. Peter, ,

He 111H-6, 7028, Werry, Fw. Armin, , I., , KG 55, , , RE+DN?, , 10-Apr-42, KIA with crew due to enemy fighters., , Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #5)-Vol.8, , über Asowschen-Meer, 100%, F, B Uffz. Hans Knappe, Bf Ogefr. Heinz Holtkamp, Bm Ogefr. Johann Hagen & Bs Ogefr. Hugo Autenrieth, ,

He 111H-6, 7028, SCHMIDT, Ltn. Werner, , I., 1., KG 55, weiße E, G1+EH, RE+DN?, , 20-Jan-43, MIA with crew, cause unknown., RK., Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #8)-Vol.13, , Gumrak, 100%, F, B Uffz. Richard Kocher, Bf Ogefr. Werner Gerner, Bm Fw. Fritz Neugebauer & Bs Uffz. Erwin Wendch, ,

He 111H-6, 7039, Rauth, Fw. Ernst, , I., , KG 53, , , RE+DY, , 09-Nov-42, Crew killed in crash, probably due to accidently striking the ground., , Lfl.1/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #7)-Vol.12, , bei Fl.Pl. Korowje-Selo, 100%, F, B Uffz. Otto Leipe, Bf Ogefr. Georg Maschke, Bm Gefr. Heinrich Jasper & Bs Gefr. Walter Kasselbar, ,

Per LEMB SKZ db WNr. 7039 '1G+NN' was lost on 20-Dec-42, per loss WNr. 4549 on the same date, but per Waiss WNr. 7039 '1G+NN' on 24-Dec-42. Which is correct? Note entry above.

He 111H-6, 4549, Stever, Ogefr. Heinrich, , II., 5., KG 27, , 1G+NN, , , 24-Dec-42, Killed in crash, accidently struck the ground during landing. 7 others killed, 2.Bf & 2.Bs injured., 20-Dec per loss. WNr. 7039 per Waiss - a dup!!, Lw.Kdo.Don/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #7)-Vol.12; Waiss, Boelcke-Archiv, IV, p.170, , Fl.Pl. Urasow, 100%, H, B Ogefr. Wilhelm Kassiepe, Bs Ogefr. Adalbert Olek, 2.B Uffz. Erich Grabbe, Bf Ogefr. Karl-Heinz Götze, 2.Bs Ogefr. Josef Sterzer, Wart Fw. Ernst Botsch, 2.Bf Ogefr. Andreas Skubl, 3.Bs Ogefr. Kurt Ullrich & Gast Sdf.(Z) Helmut Dressler (Kriegsber.d.Lw), ,

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Old 11th December 2014, 07:27
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Re: Heinkel fun - duplicate WNr. & incidents

For 7028 of 20-Jan-43 I have 7025.

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Old 11th December 2014, 23:28
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Alter Hase
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Jim P.
Re: Heinkel fun - duplicate WNr. & incidents

Thank you Matti. That helps immensely.
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