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Post-WW2 Military and Naval Aviation Please use this forum to discuss Military and Naval Aviation after the Second World War.

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Old 21st June 2010, 02:00
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2 JoeB about KW

Could you please clear a couple of points for me:
"... MiG-15 that had a huge Dragon painted down the side of it. It was shot down on May 18, 1953 over North Korea. The other MiGs tried to protect it, but one of the F-86's broke through and shot it down. The pilot of the Sabre is very interested in trying to find out who was flying the MiG and if he survived..."
According to available to me data on 18 may 1953 518 IAP lost two planes and 1 pilot, against 2 claims. US claimed to shoot down 7 Migs by 51 FW and 4 by 4 FW. Non of the KW vets to whom i have talked recalled any painted MiGs. Is it possible that there was an engagement with Chinese or Korean AF MiGs? Any data about Dragon-painted MiG?

Could you provide me with information about:
RB-29 №44-61810 was shot down on 13.06.1952 in USSR territoreal waters by Proskurin and Fedorov from 7th IAD TOF and RB-29 №44-61815 Shot down over Kurile islands by La-11 from 368 IAP - Zheryakov and Lesnov on 7 october 1952.
I wasn't able to find them in Korwald, sorry if missed them.
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