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Old 23rd January 2017, 22:48
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Need help finding some serials and codes - post war accidents in/off Norway

Hi all.
I've started a rather big undertaking, titled something like "Post War Non-Norwegian Military Aircraft Accidents in/off Norway". So far I've gathered about 80 incidents, but I am sure there are many more that just hasn't been registered since the aircraft maybe flew another day - albeit with a new wing or a new set of tires.
Some information has come through word of mouth, other stuff from books and then there are a few lists on the web. Joe Baugher is very thorough, but as I've found out, naturally even he's got some missing stuff.

I thought perhaps some here like a challenge and therefore I'll just post a few puzzles for you. Maybe you can help? If serials are missing, that's what I need, and if I do have the serials then perhaps markings of that particular aircraft? Anything helps! So without further ado, I'm posting a few of my findings, with a bit of history as collected off books and web:

1. Story and markings?
15.11.1954 F-86A Sabre 49-1197 92 FBS/81 FBG North Sea Kenneth L Nellermoe W/O Disappeared between Sola, Norway and Kastrup, DK.

2. Serial of this Neptune?
26.01.1957 P2V-2 Neptune Neptune Tail: LF or HH
Confirmed nose number: "8" VP-16 USN Fornebu W/O Veered off runway after landing. Crew jumped out, aircraft continued down a slope and ended up in a hangar door. Small fire.

3. Two skyrays of VF-101. Anybody know the Mod-ex?

24.09.1957 F4D-1 Skyray Skyray 134896 VF-101 USN "An F4D Skyray jet fighter crashed into the sea while attempting to land back on board the USS Saratoga. Two additional F4D Skyray aircraft crashed following a mid-air collision off Andøy, Norway.

24.09.1957 F4D-1 Skyray Skyray 134902 VF-101 USN Off Andøya Crashed with Skyray 134896

4. Need a nose number confirmation of this Wyvern, 275 or 215?:

24.09.1957 Wyvern Wyvern VZ756 "275 (Also 215?)" 813 NAS RN Off Harstad
"Regarding my ejection from a Wyvern - it was not from RNAS Ford, but while serving temporarily in HMS "EAGLE." I was returning from a Forward Air*Control sortie over Northern Norway, when I suffered a propeller planet gear failure. This resulted in loss of control of my elevator and rudder due to the discing of the rear prop. The high rate of descent forced me to eject over Harstadfjord 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, at about 800 ft - my chute opened just as I hit the sea! So I became the first 'Arctic Caterpillar' and 'Blue Nose' dinghy user. I was picked up by two Norwegian fishermen in a row boat, and then flown to Andoya by the USAF in a Grumman Albatross. I started a trend - the next day a Seahawk pilot ejected and a Gannet ASW a/c ditched!! Michael J. Doust, Commander, RN(Rtd)"

5. Can anybody confirm the nose number of this Sea Hawk?
25.09.1957 Sea Hawk FGA6 Sea Hawk WV854 J-146 ('150') 803 NAS RN Andøya "Lt. S. Idiens*
ejected" While operating off HMS Eagle in the Atlantic Ocean off Angola (My comment: Andøya) the pilot ejected due to a fire caused by a fuel leak.

6. This one is a mystery, was it VF-14 or 32?
04.10.1973 F-4B Phantom II VF 32 or 14 USN Bodø A Soviet Tu-16*Badger*overflew the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) in the Norwegian Sea. While attempting to escort the bomber away from the area, a US Navy F-4 Phantom II collided with it. The Tu-16 safely returned to its base and the F-4 landed at Bodø Norway.

As indicated, any help is appreciated. Also, if you have any "unknown" accidents that you know of, particularly in the late 40's, 50's and 60's, please let me now what you know, whether it's a rumour or a confirmed incident.
Kyrre Ingebrethsen
Sola, Norway.

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