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Old 18th May 2019, 12:44
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Bockl...Boeckl...Bockel JG26/JG7


How is his name really written? 12/JG26
Bockl (source Caldwell/JG26 p.493) ??
Boeckl(source Caldwell/JG26 p.532) ??
Bockel (source Foreman/Harvey/Combat diary Me.262 p.195) ??

How many claims ? very confused!only one numbered!

( .)24/02/44=B-17 N.W.Lingen 12.30 .... (a)
( .)25/02/44=B-17 N.Rethel 12.10
( .)01/04/44=B-24 N.W Reims 11.50 ....(b.)
(5.)13/04/44=B-17 unknown ... (c)
(.)24/04/44=B-17 S.Munchen 13.45
(.)24/04/44=B17 N.Murnau 14.00 ... (d)
(.)25/05/44=P-47 Neufchateau 08043
(.)28/07/44=Mitchell Lisieux 20.08 conf.unknown
(.)06/08/44=Halifax N.Paris 12.10 conf.unknown
(.)12/09/44=P-38 W.Bonn 16.05

(a)For T.Wood,it's a P-47 (N.Twist) ???
(b) un.conf BUT Anerk n°16 ?? Strange!
(c) No claim
(d) Only one (S.Starnbergersee)

Source:Foreman and Co:+12 claims (not so sure!)

If the 13/04,it's his 5th (Caldwell),he would have got his first with another unit?....and wich?
A lot of shadow zone concentrated in one "guy"!

Any ideas?
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