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Old 24th December 2014, 16:55
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11.(N)/LG 2 vs. 10.(N)/JG 26

Dear All,

Recently I procured Henry L. de Zeng IV and Douglas G. Stankey book Bomber Units of the Luftwaffe 1933-1945, Vol.2, (Ref.1) which was published a couple of years after Jochen Prien, Gerhard Stemmer and others book Jagdflieger Verbande der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934-1945, Teil 2, (Ref.2).

There the former book gives the 11.(N)/LG 2 night-fighting Staffel date of formation as 1 August 1939, and dissolution as 18 February 1940, when it was renamed 11.(N)/JG 2, without mentioning 10.(N)/JG 26 at all. The authors also stated that the aforementioned is not in line with the latter reference, which gives the date of 11.(N)/LG 2 dissolution as 1 (or early) September 1939, when the Staffel was renamed 10.(N)/JG 26.

Since I do not have the access to my books at present, I used the 10.(N)/JG 26 data from here and here , the former web reference quotes Prien, Stemmer and others series of books as the primary source of reference.

What I found is that the two authoritative books differ in almost every detail to the point that one might think that these two auxiliary night-fighting Staffeln were completely separate entities, as follows:

11.(N)/LG 2;
26.08.-14.12.39, Köln-Ostheim, Bf 109 D-1
15.12.1939-18.02.1940, Jever, Bf 109 D-1 - renamed 11.(N)/JG 2

10.(N)/JG 26;
01.09.-12.11.1939, Bonn-Hangelar, Ar 68 E, Bf 109 D-1
12.11.-09.12.1939, Stade, Ar 68 E, Bf 109 D-1
09.12.1939-18.02.1940, Jever, Ar 68 E, Bf 109 D-1 - renamed 11.(N)/JG 2

The search for 11.(N)/LG 2 on TOCH returned little results. Could someone, perhaps even the authors, shed some light on the above? As a sort of contribution I herewith attach photos from an expired eBay auction, taken via LEMB, which show a mocked dogfight between two 10.(N)/JG 26 or 11.(N)/LG 2 aircraft. The owl emblem on the engine cowling of "White 10+N" can be discerned, while there seems to be another emblem under the aircraft windscreen - note that the latter emblem's position under the windscreen seemingly excludes the JG 2 Richthofen emblem, which was generally positioned under the cockpit in case of IV.(N)/JG 2.

Any assistance in this respect will be highly valued.


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