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Old 8th April 2021, 23:40
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Hptm. Johannes Gehrmann I./Schl.G.1

Hi all,

I have some questions concerning Hptm. Gehrmann.

1) Is it known in which units he served?

He started with II.(Schl)/LG 2 in 1941, which became I./Schl.G.1 on 13.01.1942

Forum member Evgeny Velichko shared a Excel file on TOCH in which Gehrmann is the Staka of 3./Schl.G.1 from 01.01.1943 till the Gruppe was redisignated into II./SG77 on 18.10.1943.

But some sources (LOCS, Obermaier) state that he was recommended for the Knight's Cross while being Staka of 6./Schl.G.1. Although I'm pretty sure he was recommended the KC while being part of I./Schl.G.1, he may have been part of 6. at some time.

In the LOCS is written that in September 1943 he was with I.St.G.77 and later 3./SG77, change to II./SG77, change to Stab I./SG77 and was KIA with Stab II./SG77 on 27.01.1944. I don't think a true "Schlachter" would go to a Sturzkampfgeschwader, as he flew all his missions (over 600) in the Bf109 and Fw190. Being part of I./SG77 is not supported by Obermaier.

So was he in 1943 Staka 3./Schl.G.1 and from 18.10.1943 till his dead part of Stab II./SG77?

2) Are the units connected to his kill-claims correct?

On the website "cieldegloire" (Source: Film C. 2035 / I Anerk: Nr.*-) I found his eight claims:

Nr. Date Unit Apparatus
1. 06.07.43 - 3./Schl.G 1 - LaGG-3
2. 08.07.43 - 3./Schl.G 1 - IL-2
3. 15.08.43 - 3./Schl.G 1 - LaGG-5
4. 26.08.43 - 3./Schl.G 1 - Pe-2
5. 25.09.43 - 3./Schl.G 1 or 3./Schl.G77 - IL-5
6. 06.10.43 - 3./SG 77 - LaGG-5
7. 06.10.43 - 3./SG 77 - LaGG-5
8. 22.10.43 - Staff I./SG 77 - Yak-9

Claim nr 5-7 are with SG77 according to this source, but when SG77 was founded on the 18.10.1943, those claims can't have been made while being part of this unit. Those claims would also be with 3./Schl.G.1?

I have the feeling that the redisignation causes some of the problems in the third quarter of 1943, where 3. and 6. + I. and II. get mixed up when the wrong Geschwader in written behind it (Schl.G1 vs. SG77).

3) Are there any known photos of him?

So far I only know of the two photos in the Obermaier book. But for being a Staka, deputy Kdr. and KC-holder I would expect more photos to be existing. Are more photos around/published?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Thomas
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