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Old 23rd November 2007, 12:45
Bogdan Bogdan is offline
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Please help track fate for 81 BOB pilots within ZG 26 and ZG 76

Thank you , first, for the kind answer to my previous mail
Also, I am trying to track the fate of the following pilots:

Friedrich Lugger
Gerhard Rothe
Hubert Grisslich
Werner Opper
Herbert Klare
Leander Gramann
Kurt Wengler
Karl heinz Meyer
Fritz Schupp
Erich von Bergen
Walter Scherer
Heinrich Hott
Hans Scheuplein
Karl Montag
Kurt Sidow
Hans Barschel
Joachim Junhans
Paul Eckert
Erhard Reinhold
Heinz Supke
Ewald Ahrens
Friedrich Hellbig
Karl Weissmann
Werner Kuhlke
Karl Bierkenwirth
Hans Groning
Hans Jager
Werner Hansen
Gerhard Bohmel
Johann Schonherr
Jacob Bender
Arno Walther
Maximilian Graeff
Gustav Ullenbeck
Walter Gresens
Leo Schumacher
Georg Fleischmann
Heinrich Kohler
Fridrich Rhinow
Godborg Christiansen
Hubert Peters
Wilhelm Stumpf
Helmut Jorke
Georg Anthony
Eugen Diebold
Adolf Schmidt
Werner Pistor
Herman Weeber
Otto Radeke
Hans Ulrich Hoppe
Helmut Pirch
Hpt Dickore
Horst Hamann
Otto Reinhold
Walter Gerick
Gerhard Jentzsch
Rudolf Kobert
Joachim Glienke
Ernst Gorisch
Fw. Klever
Hans Datz
Lt Goetze
Horst Liensberger
Lt. Werkeiser
Uffz Bruggout
Ulrich von Gravenreuth
Hpt Eberhart D'Elsa
uffz Erwin Landgraff
Friedrich Auinger

Anyone that can give me a track, please help, because I have been searching for it for quite a while with no success.
I am a devout Luftwaffe enthusiast and wish to find out what happened to those guis in the "thorid" BOB days, as they only claim within 1940.
Thanks in advandce
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Old 24th November 2007, 01:28
VtwinVince VtwinVince is offline
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Re: Please help track fate for 81 BOB pilots within ZG 26 and ZG 76

Leo Schumacher of course went on to an interesting career with Heinz Baer and then JV 44. AFAIK he was still alive about ten years ago.
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Old 24th November 2007, 02:20
Jim P. Jim P. is offline
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Re: Please help track fate for 81 BOB pilots within ZG 26 and ZG 76

Obviously you didn't really pay attention to the comments made with your previous request. I understand that you're interested in this stuff, but please, to ask someone here to look up the fates of 81+ pilots for you is a bit much don't you think? I'm sure that with a few hours work I could find many of those names in my database - but why should I? Those few hours could be better used continuing my own research. Like a lot of other people here my time for following my own interest is limited - I do have a job, chores, family, etc. Please take Chris' suggestions and follow the sources that he and others mentioned. If you can't afford to purchase the books mentioned, there is always inter-library loan or other methods to pursue your search. I'm not trying to belittle your request or interest, but please realize that the scope of what you are requesting is an enormous task.

I sometimes wonder about the 'instant gratification' of the internet. Patience and actual research doesn't seem to matter anymore. Please realize that the information for the published works of guys like Chris Goss, John Vasco and numerous others has taken them 20-30+ years to accumulate. One more thing, add the works of Chris Shores to your search list.
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Old 24th November 2007, 02:23
John Beaman John Beaman is offline
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Re: Please help track fate for 81 BOB pilots within ZG 26 and ZG 76

Amen, Jim P.
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