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Old 11th August 2012, 01:44
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Wright Field Luftwaffe report list, part one

I have just acquired a set of mimeographed documents that list reports on developments in Luftwaffe aviation. There is no index or other way of finding a specific item aside from going through the whole thing. It appears I have around 200 pages divided among 5 different sets. Other material is included related to Japanese aircraft, Italian research, torpedoes and some miscellaneous subjects. For the benefit of researchers here, I will copy some items of interest. Misspellings do occur, but some may not be obvious. This post will only cover Set One.


Air Materiel Command
Air Documents Division, Intelligence T-2
Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio

Joint Army and Navy List Of Completed Translations

Explanation of the code in left-hand margin of list

A Army

N Navy

RTP Royal Technical Publications

A F -TS623-RE

N CDG-141

The aerodynamic development of the long range rocket A9 (A4b). (Aerodynamische Entwicklung der Fernrakete A9 (A-4B). By Dr. Lehnert/R. Hermann/H. Kurzweg. Wasserbau-Versuchsanstalt Kochelsee. W.V.A. report 66/190. Translated by Boeing Aircraft

N CGD-10 Aircraft design and development work at Huetter G.m.b.H. Wolfgang Huetter. Paris, July 20, 1945. 7 pages

R.T.P. T-2 An apparatus for the location of aircraft by means of the Doppler effect on wireless waves.
By Guglielmo Zanotelli

N PT E-585-45 Bomb control by television. Report: Nav TechMis Eu serial No. 791. Restricted. 18 August 1945.
10 pages

N CGD-105 Catapult seat with gunpowder propulsion. By Henecke. Nov. 22, 1945. TB 87/43. Ryan translation. 6 pages

A F-TS525-RE Comparison of the 8-229 and the Go P-60 all-wing airplanes (Genuberstellung 8-229/Go P-60 Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G.). By Nauber. Flugzeugbau-Entwicklung. 1945

A F-TS468-RE
N CGD-63

Description of construction No. 1603, Dornier night fighter Do 335 B-6 with 1 DB 603 E and 1 DB 603 EQ (Baubeschreibung Nr. 1603 Dornier-Nachtjager Do 335 B-6 mit 1 DB 603 E u. 1 DB 603 EQ). Dornier 1 / 2 / 45.
13 pages. 4 ill

A F-TS540-RE Description of the project P 01-114 under construction (Projektbaubeschreibung P 01-114). Messerschmitt A.G.

A F-TS566-RE Dornier-high speed bomber Do-335 (Do P 232/3) with special jet engine (Baubeschreibung No. 1573 Dornier Scnellbomber Do 335 (Do P 232/3) mit Sondertriebwerk.
Erprobungsstelle Rechlin

A F-TS648-RE Flettner helicopter FL-282 “Kolibri”. Translated by Bell Aircraft

N F2 ORD-346-46 Guided Missiles. German report: Jet propulsion drive for Hs 117. Report L 127, BIOS/Gp2/HEC/174, 18 October 1945. Unclassified. 27 December 1944, 7 pages

N CGD-50 Heinkel project: He 162 performance with Jumo 004. By Hohbach. Landsberg, 17 July 1945. AAF translation.
17 pages

A F-TS637-RE Report on helicopter developments in Germany. R. H. Prewitt. Translated By Kellett Aircraft

A F-TS407-RE

Wood-burning jet unit (Der Holz-Strahl-Motor). By Prof. Hermann Oberth. Reinsdorf, March 12, 1945

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