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Allied and Soviet Air Forces Please use this forum to discuss the Air Forces of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

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Old 18th January 2007, 17:36
Andrey Dikov Andrey Dikov is offline
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Andrey Dikov
Re: Soviet over Finland. 25-30 VI 1941. New Article

>To Andrey: see and read the Novikov memories on page 50 (Moscow 1970). There is directly written who, when, why had decided about this particular Soviet air operation - it was Novikov's idea + his air staff, accepted by Stalin.

So what? Why have you wrote this sentence? What for?

>1. I have difficoult to talk with you becauses you do no know own Soviet sources, as is for example Novokov's memories, not only.

Don't try to behave yourself like a mentor. Sounds bad after all.

I perfectly know all the sources you can even mention and numerous archive sources you have no idea about. So, relax, please.

>2. I do not know

So what? I have no idea why you are so verbose. Just try and answer just two questions:

a. Did Germans use Finnish territory for attacking SU by planes? yes/no
b. Did Germans used Finnish territory for placing their troops? yes/no

>Russian Rezun's inferiority complex

No. Rezun's theory is just like an UFO for scientists. Soap reading. I don't want to discuss UFOs and Rezuns ideas, I see no sense.

>I do not undrestand, why you still and again supporting your thinking with Rezun's books (very not credible, written many errors, faults ect). Anyway the main point is still correct.

You know what? You've just told exactly the standard phrase of rezunists, who finally started understand that their idol has sticky fingers.

Still I don't want to discuss it all, just keep improving yourself in history.

>Not only he and also there are others in Russia like: Mieltiuhov, Niewizyn (both authors are "pure idiots", "ignorants" for you?) are writing about Stalin's plans to attack the West in summer 1941. Niewieżyn is better even then Mieltiuhov in his book.

Meltyukhov is most serious, his deficiency is the wrong interpretation of documents. Afaik, step by step he changes his views.

>BTW, for English readers Rezun is Suvorov and for example "Icebreaker" or few next ones - no matter which.

Alexander Suvorov is the great Russian commander of the 18th century, which fought with Napoleon.

Rezun is just Rezun.
Best regards,

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