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Old 9th January 2005, 04:43
edwest edwest is offline
Alter Hase
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edwest is an unknown quantity at this point
The value of the internet

Most of us remember a time when a letter was the best and least expensive form of communications. We are living in a time where, if we so choose, things that used to take days can be done in seconds. However, I think too much convenience can be a bad thing.

In the United States, there are gasoline powered leaf blowers, and devices to make holes in the ground. What is wrong with using a rake or shovel? These things save time for what? Sitting? Watching television? And the complaint is that Americans have become overweight and do not get enough excersize.

I cannot presume to know what each one of you does with your time. It would be impolite of me. Yet, here, at your fingertips, and in a very short time, is a device and method to get many things. Speaking for myself, I don't know what I would have done or not known if it were not for the internet. I would likely still be getting catalogs in the mail and wondering if there were others besides me who were interested in the subjects discussed here.

I grew up in a time when there was no internet and no one had cell phones. I learned that you get out of something what you put into it. This included trimming a Christmas tree or tending a rose garden. How much of the potential of the internet is being realized? I don't know in general. But here, I think it is being utilized well.

Convenience is only good to a point. Everything worth doing needs time and work, even if it is preparing for guests or going to a park. Convenience will never reach the point where there will be no effort required on our part. I cannot picture living in a world where machines did everything for me and I was just a spectator.

Ed West
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Old 10th January 2005, 22:36
TonyC TonyC is offline
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Amen, Brother...

Regards and many thanks for your efforts,


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Old 11th January 2005, 20:12
edwest edwest is offline
Alter Hase
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 4,612
edwest is an unknown quantity at this point
You're welcome, Tony.

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Old 14th March 2005, 01:40
Benoit Douville Benoit Douville is offline
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Benoit Douville
The value of the internet concerning history is the fact that we are able to reach profesionnal and amateur historian by E-mail, without the internet reaching those people would be possible but it would take a real long time and the real proof of this is this forum.

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Old 22nd March 2005, 03:58
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Adam Adam is offline
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Re: The value of the internet

Originally Posted by edwest
Too much convenience can be a bad thing.

Let us never forget that the first syllable of convenience is 'con'

I'm only twenty seven but never had a computer until I went to university for my first degree at 19. I only recently got a mobile phone and spent several years growing up without the aid of a family car. My younger siblings - especially my brother - didn't do it "as tough" with this regard and tend to take things for granted. If they are bored there is the television: when I was a kid it was either a book or my imagination and the back yard. I saw all my friends at school during the day or at sport on Saturday morning so there was no need for my own personal phone - even at university I couldn't see the need for them (useful as they can be, I still think of them as the bane of modern society) and growing up in a regional town I could virtually walk anywhere I wanted to, or if not hop on my push-bike. People I went through university with used to suffer from writers cramp and had such terrible writing simply because they had been brought up pecking at a keyboard. Those same people would comment on my handwriting and marvel at it, mainly because it was neat and legible.

In some ways the usefullness of this board is a negative, also. Remember the excitment of writing a letter and standing by the letterbox waiting for the postman? There is virtually nothing that is so important in this life that it can not be put off until tomorrow.

Just my humble opinion

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