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Old 11th January 2016, 10:25
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Exclamation Westland Whirlwind P7005 picture

In WWW I found a eBay-picture from Westland Whirlwind (Serial P7005) crash landing. I search the serial number P7005 (H O SF) and found a little loss list:

Whirlwind P6966 unearthed by Steve Vizard in 1970's ?
Whirlwind P6967 scrapped on 4th November 1944 ?
Whirlwind P6968 Wearing code H-HE 1941
Whirlwind P6969 First fatality due to E/A P/O Graham 1940 V-HE
Whirlwind P6970 Lost in sweep 6th November 1941 ?
Whirlwind P6971 Scrapped 14th July 1944 ?
Whirlwind P6972 Scrapped September 1944 ?
Whirlwind P6973 Scrapped October 25th 1942 ?
Whirlwind P6974 Struck off October 22nd 1943 Z-HE
Whirlwind P6975 Crashed December 27th 1940 L-HE
Whirlwind P6976 Crashed May 11th 1943 X-HE
Whirlwind P6977 Lost in Action November 11th 1942 ?
Whirlwind P6978 Crashed December 27th 1940 ?
Whirlwind P6979 Hit by Flak October 24th 1943 G-HEWhirlwind P6980 Hit Sea December 12th 1940 ?
Whirlwind P6981 Crash land August 1st 1943 ?
Whirlwind P6982 Scrapped September 30th 1944 S-SF
Whirlwind P6983 Scrapped July 14th 1944 H-HE & P-SF
Whirlwind P6984 Write off January 29th 1941 H-HE
Whirlwind P6985 Write off March 24th 1941 1942 J-HE
Whirlwind P6986 ?
Whirlwind P6987 Hit by Flak December 7th 1942 Jersey?
Whirlwind P6988 Write off March 14th 1941 ?
Whirlwind P6989 Hit by Do-215 April1st 1941 J-HE
Whirlwind P6990 Write off November 19th 1943?
Whirlwind P6991 Scrapped February 9th 1943 R-HE
Whirlwind P6992 ? L-HE
Whirlwind P6993 Write off 22nd June 1943 S-HE C-HE A-SF
Whirlwind P6994 Shipped to U.S.A June 5th1942 overall Dk Blue RAF rndls
Whirlwind P6995 Hit by Flak April 17th 1943 ?
Whirlwind P6996 Crashed September 15th 1941 ?
Whirlwind P6997 Scrapped September 30th 1944 ?
Whirlwind P6998 Crash land December 22nd1942 ? Lympne
Whirlwind P6999 Mid Air Crash October 9th 1941 ?
Whirlwind P7000 Hit by Flak June 15th 1943 ?
Whirlwind P7001 Shot Down September 10th 1941
Whirlwind P7002 Ditched April 4th 1943 W-SF
Whirlwind P7003 Crashed September 21st 1942 ?
Whirlwind P7004 Struck off October 5th1942 ?
Whirlwind P7005 Missing E/A? March 2nd 1943 ?
Whirlwind P7006 Crashed May 29th 1941 ?
Whirlwind P7007 Scrapped September 30th 1944?
Whirlwind P7008 Structural crash April 30th 1941 ?

Has anyone more infos about this P7005 and more about the crash landing?

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Old 11th January 2016, 12:10
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Re: Westland Whirlwind P7005 picture

Hello All,

I know my eyesight is not what it used to be but could this possibly be P7095 instead of P7005?

If P7095 details are: To 51 MTU 21/07/41 - To 137 Sqn 22/06/42 as SF-H.
FTR from Sweep,Crashed near Doullen - Sgt.Brown Killed.

Details for P7005: To 39 MU 03/03/41 - To 263 Sqn15/04/41.Returned to works for repair twice during service with 263 Sqn.To 48 MU 06/01/42.To 137 Sqn 08/03/42 - 4 x ROS's with 137 Sqn before FTR from Ops 02/03/43 - Sgt Walker missing.

All Details taken from "Whirlwind" by Victor Bingham.Best Regards Keith.
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westland whirlwind p7005

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