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Moelders vs Galland vs Wick

Werner Moelders

1st claim
15.7.38 I-15 ("Curtiss") Algar/Villamalur
Day's losses include Felipe Cirujeda Esteve of 1a Esc, Grupo 26; Jose Redondo of 1a Esc apparently by collision with Bf109; one I-15 lost to a collision with an I-16 (pilot of I-16 named Pastor)

2nd claim
17.7.38 I-15 ("Curtiss") N of Liria
2a Esc, Grupo 26 lost Felipe Barroso Calvo KIA (exploded in mid-air, attributed to Moelders), 2 other pilots baled out WIA

3rd claim
19.7.38 I-16 "Rata" W of Villar del Arzobispo
Grupo 21. Day's losses include Eduardo Gonzalez Casola of 1e Esc plus Ilya Grigorevich Shugurov (el Toro/Levant sector) KIA. From 17.7.38 to 23.7.38 there were nine I-16s lost and seven I-15s

4th claim
19.8.38 I-16 "Rata" Flix
Day's losses include Vasilii Fedorovich Vorobyov KIA (some sources say he was KIA 21.8.38 but no claims that day)

5th claim
23.8.38 SB-2 Albi
Grupo 12 or Grupo 24. No further details…

6th claim
9.9.38 I-16 "Rata" Flix
Grupo 21. No further details

7th claim
13.9.38 I-16 "Rata" Flix
Grupo 21. No further details

8th claim
23.9.38 I-16 "Rata" Ginestar sector
(plus another one unconfirmed)
Only one known loss this date: 3a Esc, Grupo 21 lost pilot Margalef KIA (versus at least 7 claims)

9th claim
10.10.38 I-16 "Rata" NE of Flix
Grupo 21. No further details

10th and 11th claims
15.10.38 2 x I-16 “Ratas” La Figuera - Sierra de Montsant
Believed to be 3 losses by unit of Sergei Gritsevits this date (versus 4 claims in total)

12th and 13th claims
31.10.38 2 x I-16 “Ratas” NW of Flix - E of Ribarroja
Grupo 21. Day's I-16 losses include CM-219 of 1a Esc Vicente Beltran Rodrigo KIA. Grupo's 6a Esc also in action this date

14th claim
3.11.38 I-16 "Rata" Mora de Ebro or Mola area
3a Esc, 4a Esc, 5a Esc and 6a Esc Grupo 21 all definitely in action this date, details pending


15th claim
20.9.39/1430 Curtiss Hawk Sierck/W of Merzig, Conz – Dreilaendereck
No.21 of GC II/5, Sgt.Queguiner, baled out over allied side of lines (aircraft crashed near Merzig)
NOTE: Some sources say Sgt. Pechaud of GC II/5 safely landed at St. Mihiel, 22 bullet holes

16th claim
30.10.39/1112 Blenheim I Kluesserath, NE of Trier/Moselle
L1415/WV- of 18 sqn. F/O D F Elliott, Sgt. K B Crew and AC1 J A Garrick all KIA

17th claim
22.12.39/1505 Hurricane I ("MS 406") 15km NE of Metz
N2385 of "A" flight, 73 sqn. Sgt. Reginald Mark Perry KIA

18th claim
2.3.40/1215 Hurricane I S of Bitsch, crashed near Metz
L1808 of 73 sqn. F/O Edgar James 'Cobber' Kain, survived, aircraft repairable

19th claim
3.3.40/1355 MS 406 12km SE of Diedenhoefen
GC II/3, C/C Karel Koerber (Czech) WIA, made it to Toul airfield and bellylanded

20th claim
26.3.40/1500 Hurricane ("MS 406") Wolkenfeld/Diedenhofen/near Trier
73 sqn. F/O Newell 'Fanny' Orton, damaged but made it home

21st claim
2.4.40/1210 Hurricane I S of Saargemuend/St. Avold
N2326 of 1 sqn. P/O Cyril Dampier 'Pussy' Palmer, baled out safely

22nd claim
20.4.40/1154 Curtiss Hawk near Biesbrueck, 7km E of Saargemuend/near Niedergailbach
No. 136 of GC II/4, Adj. Chef or C/C Cruchant (at least one source gives the name Cruchand)

23rd claim
23.4.40/1114 Hurricane I S of Diedenhofen
P2576 of 73 sqn. Sgt. C N S Campbell, baled out WIA

24th claim
14.5.40/1630 Hurricane I Sedan-Charleville
2689 of 73 sqn. Sgt. Leon G M Dibden KIA

25th claim
15.5.40/1305 Hurricane I Sedan or Charleville/Dinant
Heinz Wittenberg claimed as well, so very likely two claims for P2870 of 607 sqn. S/L Lance E Smith KIA (possibly attributable to groundfire, slight overclaiming)

26th claim
19.5.40/0935 Curtiss Hawk NE of Rheims
No. 97 of GC II/4. Lt. M Vincotte safe, aircraft damaged and later abandoned

27th claim
20.5.40/1915 Vought V.156F (claimed as a "Vickers Wellesley") Compiegne
Escadrille AB 1 Includes crew of SM Roger Lafon KIA and EV1 Gaston Marie Joseph Leveille returned, F-9 AB-5 of Mat Even and S M Walger both returned, AB1-4 No.7 of Lt/V Georges Feltz and S/M Albert Nelias both KIA, plus F-AB1-7 of Lt/V Julien Thormond Martin and S/M Jean-Louis Jeandron both KIA
(JG 2 including Helmut Wick, made 5 claims for what they identified as “LeO 451s” which account for the other losses)

28th claim
21.5.40/1730 MS 406 SW of Compiegne
No. 597 of GC III/6. S/Lt. R Cavaroz WIA. Aircraft damaged but repairable

29th claim
21.5.40/1750 MS 406 SW of Compiegne
No. 925 of GC III/6. Capt. M J Slerzycki bellylanded safely

30th claim
21.5.40/1918 MS 406 SW of Compiegne
GC III/6, losses include Kapitan Sulerzycki (Polish) and No 803 of Arnold Thyroux (5th escadrille), KIA. His body was not found until April 16, 1941 (versus at least 3 claims)

31st claim
22.5.40/1750 Potez 63-11 Near Montagne de Reims/SW of Mourmelon-le-Grand
No. 315 of GAO I/514. S/Lt. J Jacquet, S/Lt. J Marseille and Sgt. R Pinatel all KIA

32nd claim
25.5.40/1855 D.520 ("MS 406") Villers Cotterets forest/Foret de Compiegne
No. 211 of GC II/3. S/Lt. A Mikulasek KIA

33rd and 34th claims
27.5.40/0910 and 0911 Bloch MB 152s ("Curtiss Hawks") Amiens Sector
No. 236 of GC 2/8. Adjutant Henri Castel baled out over Le Quesnel. The other may be an overclaim as all other losses are accounted for

35th claim
31.5.40/1900 LeO 451 30km S of Abbeville
No. 29 of GB 4/31. Capt. Irumbery de Salaberry and Lt. G de La Tour du Pin both safe, Sgt. P Dauge KIA and Sgt. A Rey badly WIA

36th claim
3.6.40/1430 MS 406 (mistaken for a "Curtiss Hawk") Over Paris
No. 693 of GC I/6. Sgt. S Popelka KIA

37th claim
3.6.40/1500 MS 406 ("Spitfire") Over Paris or Meaux @ 3000m
No. 1022 of GC I/6. Sgt. Jost badly WIA (struck tail baling out)

38th claim
5.6.40/1120 MB 152 W of Compiegne
Believed to be No 651 of GCI/8, Sgt. Louveau

39th Claim
5.6.40/1123 Potez 63.11 NW of Pont Ste Maxance
No. 250 of GAO 501. Sgt. Henri Eugene Joseph Cuvillier, S/Lt. Marcel Benoist and Sgt-Chef Joseph Alphonse Rabuel all KIA

40th claim
28.7.40/(1435 British Timing) Spitfire I Near Dover
P9429 of 41 sqn. F/O Anthony Desmond Joseph Lovell, WIA, forcelanded at Hornchurch

41st claim
26.8.40/1255 Spitfire I Folkestone
R6701 (most likely) or R6633 of 616 "South Yorkshire" sqn. P/O William L B Walker baled out WIA

42nd claim
28.8.40/1005 Hurricane I ("Curtiss") NE of Dover
Said to have been claimed against 56 sqn. Four losses during the day, but none of them match this claim

43rd claim
28.8.40/1825 Hurricane I Canterbury
Known to have been claimed against 56 sqn. Most probably N2523 of Sgt. G Smythe baled out unhurt and R4198 of P/O F B Sutton baled out badly burned (Georg Claus inflicted the other loss)

44th 45th and 46th claims
31.8.40/1000, 1001 and 1010 3 x Hurricane Is NE of Folkestone
1 sqn RCAF. 3 losses: F/L V B Corbett baled out WIA from P3869 and F/O G C Hyde baled out WIA from P2971 plus F/O W Sprenger Baled out from P3858. Also possibly L1830 of 253 sqn, S/L Harold Morley Starr KIA (said to have been murdered in his parachute) (Georg Claus claimed one as well)

47th claim
6.9.40/1445 Spitfire Near Folkestone
Were these claimed against 602 sqn? R6834 of P/O T G F Ritchie WIA, R6601 of P/O H W Moody safe, only damaged; R6600 of F/O P J Ferguson also safe, only damaged; N3227 of Sgt. G A Whipps baled out safely (Ernst Terry and Hermann Siemer claimed as well)

48th claim
7.9.40/1832 Spitfire Near London
Fighter Command, 28 planes and 19 pilots lost this day. Specific details of this one pending…

49th claim
9.9.40/1845 Spitfire Near London
607 sqn? Four losses over Mayfield (SE of London) at this time

50th claim
11.9.40/1710 Hurricane SE of London
JG 51 initially engaged against 253 sqn. This one was possibly from 303 sqn. Two losses: V7465 of F/L A S Forbes WIA at 1630 BT and V6665 of F/O A Cebrzysnki KIA near Pembrey at 1615 BT

51st claim
14.9.40/1730 Spitfire SW of London
Fighter Command. 14 losses. Includes R6605 of 41 sqn. S/L R C F Lister baled out WIA, downed by Bf109 in unclear circumstances

52nd claim
16.9.40/0924 Hurricane I S of London
P2589 of 605 sqn. P/O E J Watson, WIA (Georg Claus also claimed at the same time, but Watson is generally attributed to Moelders)

53rd claim
20.9.40/1234 Spitfire Near Dungeness or Dover
X4417 of 92 sqn. P/O Howard Perry Hill, KIA. Plane lodged in a tree and not found (complete with body) until a month later

54th claim
20.9.40/1235 Spitfire Near Dungeness or Dover
N3248 of 92 sqn. Sgt. Peter Raoul Eyles KIA

55th claim
27.9.40/1703 Spitfire I Near Maidstone
This was very likely P9364 of 222 "Natal" sqn, Sgt. Ernest Scott, KIA over Hollingbourne (E of Maidstone) at this time

56th claim
28.9.40/1501 Hurricane Near Littlestone
Was this V6699 of 605 sqn? F/O P G Crofts baled out but KIA. Time matches but uncertain of location

57th claim
11.10.40/1230 Spitfire Near Folkestone/Canterbury
66 sqn. Moelders is actually credited with TWO of their Spitfires: X4562 of P/O J H T Pickering, survived (baled out?) and X4255 of P/O H R Allen WIA (UNDERCLAIMING)

58th claim
12.10.40/1040 Hurricane Lympne/Cranbrook
P3896 of 145 sqn. Sgt. P Thorpe, baled out WIA

59th claim
12.10.40/1043 Hurricane I Canterbury
V7251 of 145 sqn. P/O Paul Wattling Rabone, forcelanded damaged

60th claim
12.10.40/1412 Hurricane I Dungeness
Said by several sources to be V7426 of 145 sqn. Sgt. John Victor Wadham, KIA (but the timing does not appear to match…). Could it actually have been P3022 of 605 sqn? Sgt. Peter Roy Charles McIntosh KIA

61st claim
15.10.40/0915 Hurricane Kenley/S of London
501 sqn. Possible overclaiming, only one loss: V6722 of Sgt. Stanley Allen Fenemore KIA (Hans Kolbow appears to have claimed him too)

62nd claim
17.10.40/1622 Spitfire I London/Westerham, Kent
R6800/LZ-N of 66 sqn. P/O Hugh William Reilly (US national), KIA

63rd – 65th claims
22.10.40/1540, 1541 and 1542 3x Hurricanes NW of Maidstone
Possibly 46 and 257 "Burma" sqns. 46 sqn lost Sgt. J P Morrison KIA in R4074 whilst 257 lost R4195 of P/O Norman Bagshaw Heywood and V6851 of Sgt. Robert Henry Braund Fraser, both pilots KIA

66th claim
25.10.40/1045 Spitfire I NW of Dover
P7365 of 603 "City of Edinburgh" sqn. P/O S F Soden, baled out WIA (NOTE: at least one source gives F/L Jastrzebski in a Hurricane of 302 sqn)

67th claim
25.10.40/1310 or 1320 Spitfire I Margate
P7309 of 603 "City of Edinburgh" sqn. P/O P Oliver, baled out WIA (NOTE: at least one source gives P/O Yule of 145 sqn)

68th claim
29.10.40/1355 Hurricane Dungeness
V6785 of 615 sqn. P/O N D Edmonds damaged, WIA

69th claim
1.12.40/1515 Hurricane Ashford
Said to be claimed against 253 sqn. P3678 of Sgt. S Kita (Polish) WIA plus one other damaged, pilot safe (the other loss was inflicted by Hartmann Grasser)

70th claim
10.2.41/1729 Hurricane IIA ("Spitfire") 5km off Calais
Wilfried Balfanz claimed as well….
These two said to be V6630 of 601 "City of London" sqn, P/O R C Lawson KIA and V7594 of 46 sqn, P/O C H Hedley also KIA (uncertain which pilot downed which opponent…)

71st claim
20.2.41/1656 Spitfire IIA Near Dover/Dungeness
P7322 of 41 Sqn. Sgt. R A Angus KIA

72nd claim
20.2.41/1657 Spitfire II Near Dover/Dungeness
P7302 of 41 Sqn. Sgt John McAdam KIA (apparently killed in his parachute)

73rd claim
25.2.41/1520 Spitfire I N of Gravelines
X4592 of 611 "West Lancashire" sqn. P/O Donald Arthur Stanley KIA

74th claim
26.2.41/1837 Hurricane II ("Spitfire") off Dungeness
615 sqn. 4 losses: Z2354 of W/C Raymond Arthur Holmwood RAAF KIA. Z2754 of P/O C N Foxley-Norris, baled out safely at 25,000ft and Z2698 of P/O D H Hone, WIA and Adj G C Perrin (French) safe
(Geyer claimed one and Joppien claimed 2 more, fitting perfectly with the four losses)

75th claim
12.3.41/1915 Spitfire IIA ("unknown") Off Dungeness, 3500m
P7506 of 74 sqn, Sgt. John Nixon Glendinning KIA. Most sources call it a Spitfire and some say that this was Jackie Mann but the timing is too early

76th claim
13.3.41/1522 Spitfire IIA SW of Boulogne - Etaples/12 or 20km W of Cap Gris Nez
P7555 of 64 sqn. S/L Aeneas Ranald 'Donald' MacDonnel DFC, 22nd hereditary chief of the Glengarry Clan. Baled out and rescued by a German motor boat, POW

77th claim
15.4.41/1800 Hurricane II ("Spitfire") SW of Boulogne
Z2410 of 615 "County of Surrey" sqn. Sub-Lt. (A) P M Blaize (Free French) KIA

78th claim
16.4.41/1832 Hurricane II ("Spitfire") 5km W of Berck
601 "City of London" sqn. Three losses: Z2576 of W/C G A L Manton and Z2492 of G/C T N McEvoy, plus Z3090 of S/L J A O'Neill all WIA (Joppien, Baer and Seelmann also claimed. Three losses for four claims, therefore)

79th claim
16.4.41/1842 Spitfire IIA SW of Dungeness
303sqn. Either P7819 of P/O B Mierzwa KIA near Dungeness lighthouse or P8039/RF-R of P/O M Waszkiewicz KIA off Dungeness. P/O Strembosz also WIA in this engagement
(NOTE: Geyer, Grasser, Balfanz plus von Maltzahn of JG 53 also made applicable claims)

28.4.41/1310 Hurricane Dungeness
Z2696 of 1 sqn. Sgt. J Prihoda WIA. Came down at New Romney (LEGITIMATE VICTORY)

80th claim
4.5.41/1217 Hurricane II E of Canterbury/5km E of Deal @ 2000m. Crashed at Eastry
Z3087 of 601"City of London" sqn. F/L Howard Clive Mayers (Australian) DFC. Baled out safely and rescued

81st claim
6.5.41/1200 Hurricane II Near Dover
Z2743 of 601 "City of London" sqn. Sgt. Briggs. Baled out safely on ASR mission

82nd claim
8.5.41/1220 Spitfire IB Off Dover
92 sqn. Overclaiming, only one known loss: R6908/QJ-F of P/O Maitland-Thompson (WIA), damaged
(Horst Geyer made THREE claims at the same time, one of which was unconfirmed)

83rd claim
22.6.41/0500 I-153 ("Curtiss") Kobryn sector
123 IAP, 10 SAD. Leytenant Georgi Nikanorovich Zhidov

84th – 86th claims
22.6.41/1235, 1236 and 1238 3 x SB-2s Kobryn sector
Likely claimed against 39 SBAP, 10 SAD. Details of any losses pending

87th claim
24.6.41/1750 SB-2
Claimed against VVS Western Front, including 130 BAP of 13 SAD, which suffered at least one loss: Vasily Ivanovich Dimchenko and Philip Antonovich Matsyutsya safe but Leonid Ivanovich Balabanov WIA. Badly damaged by fighters

88th and 89th claims
25.6.41/1230 and 1231 2 x SB-2s
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

90th claim
29.6.41/1530 Pe-2
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

91st claim
29.6.41/1950 I-16 "Rata"
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

92nd -94th claims
30.6.41/1140, 1145 and 1150 3 x DB-3s Bobruisk sector
(see below)

95th and 96th claims
30.6.41/1545 and 1550 2 x DB-3s Bobruisk sector
VVS Western Front. Throughout the day 96 DBAP definitely lost one near Bobruisk, navigator was Lt. Alexey Alekseevich Egorov and gunner was Aleksey Vasilyevich Shiroborkin. 98 DBAP lost St.Lt. Ivan Mikhailovich Trejbsho (AE CO)

97th and 98th claims
5.7.41/1200 and 1205 2 x SB-2s Smolensk sector
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

99th and 100th claims
5.7.41/1210 2 x MiGs (“I-18s”) Smolensk sector
401 IAP ON. One of these may have been unit CO Podpolkovnik Stepan Suprun KIA (reported by Soviet sources as having fallen the previous day; it is a possibility that either the German claims or Soviet losses are in error….)

101st and 102nd claims
9.7.41/0925 and 0935 2 x I-153s ("Curtisses") Smolensk sector
Day's Fighter losses include Andrei Stepanovich Danilov of 127 IAP/11 SAD (POW?)

103rd claim
9.7.41/0955 I-16 "Rata" Smolensk sector
Day's Fighter losses include Andrei Stepanovich Danilov of 127 IAP/11 SAD (POW?)

104th and 105th claims
10.7.41/0745 and 0750 2 x RZs Smolensk sector
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending…. (note: Hartmann Grasser claimed one in the same engagement)

106th and 107th claims
11.7.41/1035 and 1515 2 x I-153 “Tchaikas”
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

108th claim
12.7.41/1850 DB-3 207 DBAP lost at least one aircraft this date: crew of Lt. Veniamin Yakovlevich Tokarev failed to return (versus at least 16 claims… but that is all I currently know of this day’s DB-3 losses…)

109th and 110th claims
13.7.41/1925 and 1930 2 x DB-3s Day's DB-3 losses include one from 207 DBAP, gunner was Matvei Aleksandrovich Badykov KIA (versus at least more than 30 claims… but that is all I currently know of this day’s DB-3 losses…)

111th 112th and 113th claims
14.7.41/1150, 1155 and 1200 3 x Pe-2s
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

114th and 115th claims
15.7.41/1840 2 x Pe-2s
VVS Western Front. Details of any losses pending….

8.11.41 IL-2 Sturmovik Sevastopol sector
VVS Crimean Front or VVS ChF. Details of any losses pending

Adolf Galland

1st claim
Hurricane I
Hody, 10km W of Luettich @ 500m
L1630 of 87 sqn. Sgt. Frank V "Dinky" Howell, baled out WIA (parachute was damaged, landed heavily). (Possibly overclaiming, as there were also claims by I/JG 21, I/JG 27 and I(J)/LG 2

2nd claim
Hurricane I
18km S of Luettich @ 500m
L1970 of 87 sqn. F/O John Alexander "Jack" Campbell (Canadian), KIA. (Likely overclaiming, see also I/JG 21, I/JG 27 and I(J)/LG 2. Some sources contend that Campbell was his FIRST victory

3rd claim
Hurricane I ("Spitfire")
Seclin, 5km S of Lille
Was this L1899 of 3 sqn? Sgt. Wilkinson engaged in combat at this time but returned safely (overclaiming)

6th claim
Potez 63
SW of Hirson
No. 673 of GR II/55. Lt. Durand, Sgt. Chef Sylvaine Emile Daniel Rescoussie and Sgt. Brun all KIA

7th claim
LeO 451 ("Potez 63")
S of Amiens
No. 95 of GB 2/31. Lt. A Sudres, Sgt. P Sommesous, Capt. J Moncheaux an Sgt. C Quideau all KIA

8th and 9th claims
29.5.40/1259 and 1304
2 x Blenheim IVs
N of Gravelines
Overclaiming, only known encounter was P6886/YH- of 21 sqn. P/O L M Blanckensee and crew all made it home. Happened hours before these claims. Misidentification?

10th claim
Spitfire I
66, 266 and 611 "West Lancashire" sqns. 266 lost P/O James Walter Bryan Stevenson in N3169, Sgt. Ronald Thomas Kidman in N3092 (both KIA) and N3169 of P/O N G Bowen safe, whilst 611 sqn lost F/O R K Compton in N3064 and F/O Thomas Donald Little in N3055 (both KIA). 66 Sqn lost N3047 of F/S M W Hayman, KIA; N3028 of Sgt D A C Hunt and N3033 of Sgt. F N Robertson both baled out safely, returned. F/O O St. J Pigg WIA in K9924

11th claim
Curtiss Hawk
E of Rotoy (came down near Chateau-Thierry)
Serial unknown of GC III/2. Sgt. G Elmlinger WIA

12th claim
MS 406
13km NW of Meaux
Appears to be overclaiming, no matching loss

13th claim
Blenheim IV
22km SE of Vernon/Breval
N3592/BL-C of 40 sqn. S/L G W C Gleed, Sgts W R Burge and A F W Sammels all KIA

14th claim
Blenheim IV
Blenheim IV (claimed as a Battle?)
10km S of Evreux
R3693 of 40 sqn. P/O Lewis and Sgt. Currie both believed POW, Sgt. S W Johnson KIA (believed damaged by Galland and finished off by Blume)

15th claim
Spitfire I
30 km N of Margate
R6812 of 54 sqn. P/O John Lawrence 'Johnny' Allen DFC KIA

Galland is generally credited with damaging 54 sqn Spitfire R6710 of P/O H K F Matthews

16th claim
Spitfire I
Dover Harbour, crashed between Dover and Deal
R6707 of 'B' Flight, 54 sqn. F/L Basil Hugh "Wonky" Way, KIA. (Some sources credit Galland with shooting down L1035 of 64 sqn. Sub-Lt (A) Francis Dawson-Paul POW-DOW)

17th claim
Spitfire I ("Hurricane I")
10km NNE of Dover
Said to be P9336 of 74 "Tiger" sqn. Sgt. E A Mould baled out WIA

18th claim
Hurricane I
NNW of Margate
Said to be from 501 sqn, in an engagement with 151 and 501 sqns.
151 lost P3302, F/O Aidan Boys Tucker baled out WIA. P3304, P/O Robert Wilfred Garth Beley DOW. P/O K B L Debenham damaged. 501 lost P3803, F/O K Lukaszewicz KIA and S/L A L Holland forcelanded unhurt

19th claim
Hurricane I
SW of Dover
32 and 615 sqns. 32 lost P3171 of P/O R F Smythe, P3146 of P/O A R H Barton and V7223 of P/O B Wlasnowolski all aircraft damaged, all pilots unhurt. 615 sqn lost F/O Peter Collard, KIA in P3109 and P/O Cecil Robert Montgomery KIA in P3160 plus F/O J R H Gaynor in P3380 (damaged, unhurt)

20th claim
10km E of Dover-Folkestone
54 sqn. 4 losses. Galland is credited by some sources with shooting down Al Deere. Others say this was N3097 of 54 sqn, Sgt. Norman A Lawrence (also attributed to Ebbighausen)

21st and 22nd claims
15km SE of Folkestone – 20km SE of Dover
64 sqn. Attributble losses area R6990 of P/O Christopher John Drake Andreae KIA (generally attributed to Galland) whilst N3230 of P/O E G Gilbert was damaged

23rd claim
Said to be 610 and 616 sqns. 610 lost K9931/DW-P of F/O F T Gardiner baled out WIA over Dover. 616 lost R6966 of Sgt. T E Westmoreland KIA and K9819 of Sgt. P T Wareing, POW and later escaped
(3 claims in total)

24th claim
Defiant I
L7021/PS-H of 264 sqn, S/L George D Garvin baled out WIA, F/L Robert C V Ash, KIA

25th claim
20km SE of Cambridge
19 sqn. 2 attributable losses: R6958 of F/O Francis N Brinsden, safe and R6912 of P/O Raymond Aeberhardt (aged 19), returned to base damaged, crashed and burned

28th claim
Hurricane I
SE edge of London
79 & 85 sqns. Losses attributable to this engagement, 79 sqn: Unknown serials of F/L G D L Haysom (unhurt) and P/O L T Bryant-Fenn (WIA) both crashlanded after combat plus L2062 of P/O B R Noble WIA. 85 sqn: V7343 of F/O A V Gowers baled out WIA, L2071/VY-O of Sgt. G B Booth WIA (DOW 7.2.41, parachute on fire when he baled out), P3150 of Philip P Woods-Scawen KIA (parachute failure), P2673/VY-E of Sgt. J H M Ellis MIA and P3151/VY-Y of P/O A G Lewis damaged.

29th claim
Hurricane I
257 "Burma" sqn. P/O Camille Robespierre Bon Signeur (Canadian), KIA in P3518 and P/O D W Hunt WIA (severely burnt) in L1585. P3704 and P3705 were also damaged in this engagement
(Willi Roth also claimed)

30th claim
601 "City of London" sqn. 4 losses: F/L William Henry "Willy" Rhodes-Moorehouse, KIA in P8818. F/O Carl Raymond Davis (American) in P3363/W KIA. P/O H T Gilbert baled out WIA from V6647 as did F/O Juliusz Topolnicki from P3382

31st claim
NW of Dungeness
P5200/SD-W of 501 sqn. Sgt. T G Pickering uninjured

32nd claim
Hurricane I
SE edge of London
253 sqn. Overclaiming, only 2 losses: P3804 of Sgt. J A Anderson, WIA and P5184 (Sgt. William Burley Higgins, KIA?)
(versus 3, possibly 4 claims)

33rd claim
Hurricane I
Thames Estuary
R4087/X of 310 sqn. Sgt. J Hubacek, baled out WIA

34th, 35th and 36th claims
18.9.40/1335, 1352 and 1355
3x Hurricane Is
W of Rochester
46 sqn. 3 losses: V7442 of Sgt. G W Jefferys, baled out but chute didn't open KIA, V6554 of P/O P W leFevre injured and P3816 of Sgt. C A L Hurry baled out wounded

37th claim
S of Hornchurch
This one is also confusing: some sources give N3203 of 'B' flight, 222 "Natal" sqn. P/O Herbert Laurence Whitbread, KIA (also attributed to “Assi” Hahn). Another source suggests it may actually been K9993 of P/O William R Assheton

38th claim
W of Ashford – Canterbury
N3032 of 92 sqn, P/O T B A Sherrington crashlanded near Hildenborough, aircraft repaired

39th and 40th claims
2 x Hurricane Is
N of Rochester
257 "Burma" sqn. Overclaiming, only one loss: P2960 or P3643 of Sgt. D J Aslin baled out WIA (burned)

41st claim
Hurricane I
P3878 or P9378/YB-W of 17 sqn. P/O Harold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson, baled out safely

42nd claim
S of Guildford
303 "Kosciuszko" sqn. Overclaiming, only loss was Sgt. M Belc baled out unhurt. 1 sqn RCAF also definitely in action against the unit at this time, shooting down Kienzle and losing V7288 of F/O D de P Brown damaged in elevator, unhurt
(versus 7 claims in total)

43rd claim
Spitfire I
S of Eastchurch
R6779 of 66 sqn. P/O George H Corbett (Canadian) KIA

44th claim
Spitfire IIA
SE of Chatham/Ashford or Newchurch
P7303 of 421 Flt. Sgt. Charles Albert Henry Ayling KIA

45th claim
Hurricane I
Dartford/Rochester/Tunbridge Wells
Said to be V6570 of 253 sqn, P/O L C Murch baled out with a broken arm but the timing definitely does not match

46th claim
Hurricane ("Spitfire")
Kenley/S of London
501 sqn. Overclaiming, only one loss: V6722 of Sgt. Stanley Allen Fenemore KIA
(Also claimed by Kolbow of JG 51)

47th claim
Maidstone/S of London
P2916/UP-D of 605 sqn. F/O Hayter baled out safely

48th claim
E of London
K9939 of 222 "Natal" sqn. P/O Hilary Patrick Edridge WIA-DOW

49th claim
Spitfire IIA
S of Eastchurch/Maidstone
P7282 of 41 sqn. P/O G G F Draper, WIA. Aircraft written off

50th claim
Spitfire IIA
P7375 of 41 sqn. Sgt. Leonard Arthur Garvey KIA

51st claim
Spitfire IIA
W of Ashford
74 "Tiger" sqn. Two shot down: P7312 of F/L William Henry Nelson (US) and P7523 of Sgt H J Soars safe. Sgt. F P Burnard was WIA, but aircraft only damaged
(Heinemann and Walter Adolph also claimed)

52nd claim
10km S of Dover
66 and 74 "Tiger" sqns. 66 sqn suffered one damaged. 74 squadron lost P7386 of P/O W Armstrong baled out safely plus one other damaged.
(Muencheberg and Ruppert also claimed)

53rd claim
near Dover
Engagement against an aircraft of 605 sqn. Overclaiming, serial not known, but made it home safely

54th claim
W of Harwich
V7500/D of 17 sqn. F/O Count Manfred Beckett Czernin DFC baled out uninjured (Tony Wood says WIA, attributable to Bf110s, possibly of I/Erpr. 210)

55th claim (later confirmation)
17.11.40/1015 or 1016
5km E of Detling
P2835 of 257 "Burma" sqn.P/O P A Mortimer KIA

56th claim
20km E of "sunk" lightship
N2342 of 257 "Burma" sqn. Sgt. Bernard Henson, KIA

Unconfirmed Claim
Spitfire IIA
E of Kenley/Chatham
Legitimate victory : P7306 of 74 "Tiger" sqn. P/O P Chesters, baled out WIA

57th claim
V6729 of 249 sqn. P/O P H V Wells, baled out burned (flying as tail end charlie to the formation)

58th claim
Spitfire I
Karl Schieffer claimed as well….
These two claims said to be claimed against 64 sqn. Their only loss was P9450 of Sgt. Charles Leonard Hopgood, KIA over the Kent Coast (overclaiming, but this is the more likelier claim to match the loss)

59th claim
Spitfire IIA
P7565 of 91 "Nigeria" sqn. Sgt. A W Spears, baled out WIA

60th claim (Lobster flight #1)
Spitfire IIA
30km W of Dover @ 3800m
P7901 of Wittering wing/266 sqn. W/C W E Coope, crashlanded safely

61st claim (Lobster flight #2)
Spitfire IIA
Dover-Margate @ 4500m
P8014 of 266 sqn. Sgt H Whewell WIA

Unconfirmed Claim (Lobster flight #2)
Spitfire II
Southern England
P7544 of 266 sqn. Sgt. R V Barraclough WIA. These 3 aircraft all recovered and returned to service

62nd and 63rd claims
13.6.41/1315 and 1318
5km W of Dover @ 3500m and 10km NE of Ashford @ 2000m
258 sqn. Only result was ZT-N of Sgt. Sodak safe (category 2 damage, overclaiming)

64th claim
16.6.41/Ca. 1700
Hurricane IIB
W of Boulogne @ 3000m
258 sqn. 2 losses: Z3073/C of F/L A M Campbell baled out safely and Z3339/B of P/O L M Dunn, MIA
(Westphal inflicted the other loss)

65th and 66th claims
17.6.41/1938 and 1940
2 x Hurricane IIs
15km W of St. Omer @ 3500m and 5km SE of Boulogne @ 3500m
56 and 242 sqns. 56 lost P/O Peter Ethelbert Merrick Robinson, KIA in Z2812. F/L F W Higginson DFM in Z2575 (evaded via Spain) Sgt. Richard Douglas Carvill KIA in Z3329 and P/O P A Harris KIA in Z2664.
242 lost S/L E T Smith in Z3246 (POW). F/L Bruce Arthur Rogers KIA in Z2888 and F/L J Bryks in Z2508 (POW)
(versus 11 claims in total….)

67th claim
Spitfire IIB
1-1.5km E of Ardres @ 6500m
145 sqn. 2 losses: Sgt. K Palmer in P8254 and Sgt. G M Turnbull in P8328. Both pilots POW. But note that F/O William Wallace Anderson RAAF in Hurricane of 258 sqn was lost at this time as well
(Sprick claimed as well)

68th claim
Blenheim IV
S of St. Omer,near Lumbres @ 3500m
V6450/YH-L of 21 sqn. Sgt. Peter Brown, Sgt. L R Wilson and Sgt. M D Brooker all KIA

Unconfirmed claim
Blenheim IV
Merville or NW of St. Omer @ 3500m
21 sqn. Aircraft of P/O Waples, only damaged and made it home

69th claim
Spitfire IIA
N of Etaples @ 5000m
P7730 of 616 "South Yorkshire" sqn. P/O Edward Peter Seton Brown KIA

70th claim
Blenheim IV
near Merville @ 4000m
226 sqn, 2 losses: V6085/MQ- F/S A R Carvell POW, Sgts A R Blatch and Sgt. J T Melvin both KIA and Z7440/MQ- F/S James William Stanley, Sgt. D A Huntley and F/S L H W Smith all KIA
(Rudolf Bieber inflicted the other loss)

71st claim
40km NW of Gravelines @ 10m
306, 308, 54 and 603 sqns. 306 lost P8334/UZ-E of P/O J B Kosmowski KIA, P8461/UZ-R of P/O J K Maras KIA, P8247/UZ-F of F/L W Nowak baled out WIA, rescued and P8465/UZ-P of F/O K Pniak
written off and attributed to fuel starvation. 308 apparently had one pilot rescued by ASR after being downed off Hesdin. 54 sqn lost R7268/KL-M "the Swan" of F/O C Cookson KIA and W3437 "Kapstaad II" of P/O Page cat. 2 damaged, pilot safe. 603 lost R7341 of P/O H Blackall RCAF KIA, R7227 of Sgt. W J Jackman POW and W3184 of Sgt. G W Tabor KIA
(versus at least 12 claims all up)

72nd and 73rd claims
2 x Spitfires
near Bruges
72, 603, 610 and 611 sqns

74th claim
92, 485 RNZAF, 602 or 611 sqn. 611 lost P8756 of Sgt. A P Holdsworth POW near St. Omer

75th claim
10km NW of St. Omer
Lost near St. Omer were W3523 of 611 sqn, Sgt G A Mason shot up by Bf109, forcelanded near Deal and hit a mine; P7594/OU-G of 485 sqn, Sgt C S V Goodwin POW and P8719 of 602 sqn, P/O F K Thornton POW

Unconfirmed claim
N of Ardres
This one unidentified

76th claim
Spitfire IIA
NW of St. Pol
452 sqn RAAF. 3 losses: P7682 of P/O J H O'Byrne POW, P7590 of Sgt G E Chapman POW (both near Bethune) and P8361 of Sgt Gerald Barrington Haydon KIA
Schmid, Richter and Kosse all claimed and Haydon is generally attributed to Kosse

Unconfirmed claim
N of Ardres
P8198 of 111 sqn, P/O B W B Squires KIA; 315 sqn, P8506 of F/O J M Czerniak and P8696 of Sgt. A Niewiara, both KIA; R7266/J of 403 sqn RCAF, P/O D M Waldron KIA or W3254 of 609 sqn, P/O Mitelet evaded
(versus 5 claims in total)

77th claim
Spitfire IIA
20-25km W of Vlissingen @ 200m
19 and 152 sqns. 19 lost P7693, P/O John Lennox Calvert KIA (acknowledged I/JG 26 victim, near Walcheren). 152 lost P8446, Sgt G D White, KIA (attributed by at least one source to Flak)(near Antwerp)
(versus 5 claims in total)

78th claim
Blenheim IV
W of Haamstede, Scheldt Estuary
Coastal Command? ….I haven’t identified this one yet

79th claim
452 sqn RAAF and 485 sqn RNZAF. 452 lost P/O William D Eccleton KIA, AB785 Sgt R G Gazzard KIA. P/O N S Willis was WIA in AB794, damaged. 485 lost Sgt Keith Campbell Morison Miller, KIA in P7977. These losses actually inflicted mostly by JG 2

80th claim
Spitfire IIA
NW of St. Omer
111 sqn. 4 losses: P7824 of P/O J A Timmis and Sgt. J B Villandre (both POW), P8428 of P/O George Alexander Skelly, KIA and P7324 of Sgt. D J Connelly WIA and damaged
(Seifert, Dippel and Schauder also claimed)

81st claim
Hurricane II
SE of Gravelines
Z3494 of 71 "Eagle" sqn. P/O Virgil Willis Olson (from Idaho) KIA

82nd claim
Blenheim IV
N of St. Omer
Z7296/WV-P of 18 sqn. Sgt. Denis Gordon Adams RAAF POW. His crew, Sgt. F Woodcock and sgt. M Koransky were both KIA

83rd claim
Spitfire VB
20km W of Boulogne
71 "Eagle" Squadron. Overclaiming, 4 losses: AB900 of P/O H S Fenlaw KIA. AB909 of P/O W H Nicholls POW. W3801 of F/O Eugene Quimby Tobin and AB815 of P/O F P Dowling WIA but made it home
(versus six claims)

84th and 85th claims
20.9.41/1645 and 1655
2 x Spitfires
Bergues-Bourbourg/ 6km NW of Braye-Dunes
JG 26's victims are said to include 111 sqn's AB962 of F/L L S Pilkington DFM KIA and W3773 "Leyland UDC" of Sgt D G Harwood POW plus 602 "City of Glasgow" sqn's W3622 of Sgt C J Squibb KIA near Abbeville

86th claim
Montreuil, SE of Etaples
Tangmere wing, details pending

87th claim
Spitfire VB
S of Dunkirk
111 sqn. 2 losses: AB969 of Sgt. Robert Henry Wharton and W3757 of Sgt. Kenneth John Haine. Both KIA

88th claim
St. Omer
Most likely 452 sqn RAAF or 602 sqn. 452 lost AB852 of Sgt. E P Jackson KIA and AD310 of Sgt. J R H Elphick rescued safely; 602 lost W3897 of Sgt. L L Ford POW and AB861 of Sgt. E Brayley KIA

89th claim
Blenheim IV
Z7273/XD-H of 139 "Jamaica" sqn. F/L Richard John Chamberlain DFC, Sgt. F L C Jewell and Sgt. D Beale all KIA
(this was the engagement in which Peter Goering was killed, nephew of the Reichsmarschall)

90th claim
W of Samer
Were these the losses suffered by 65 sqn, 129 and 401 sqn in the morning? 65 lost AD267 of Sgt A H Johnson WIA and POW plus W3633 of P/O D C Mitchell rescued from the sea as well as one cat.2
damaged. 129 lost W3893 of Sgt E Tucker (Jamaican) damaged WIA. 401 lost AB863 of Sgt B F Whitson WIA and POW. 485 sqn RNZAF suffered Sgt A G McNeil WIA in W3579 around this time. 315 had one cat.2 damaged

91st claim
6km W of Hardelot
W3227 of 611 "East Lancashire" sqn. P/O J W Y Roeper-Bosch KIA

92nd claim
15km W of Boulogne
611 "West Lancashire" sqn. Two losses: W3515 of P/O N J Smith and W3327 "Horsham and District" of P/O J F Reeves both KIA. Was said to have been a collision between the two, but Galland and Hans-Joachim Fast claimed them anyway

93rd claim
Spitfire VB
S of Dunkirk
W3955 of 401 sqn RCAF. Sgt. Brian G Hodgkinson POW

94th claim
Spitfire VB
Near Montreuil
W3944/A of 315 sqn. S/L W Szczeszniewki POW

95th claim
Spitfire VB
10km S of Hazebrouck
302 and 316 sqns. Overclaiming, only two losses: 302 lost AB895/C "West Borneo V" of P/O Z Gutowski. 316 lost S/L W Wilczewski. Both men POW
(there were 6 claims all up and a couple of them are linked to other known losses)

96th claim
20km W of Boulogne
602 "city of Glasgow" sqn, made it home - minus aileron

100th and 101st claims
2 x B-26 Marauders (using R4Ms)
Landsberg area
At least two B-26s from 322nd BG and one from 387th BG lost this day

103rd and 104th claims
26.4.45/1145 and 1152
2 x B-26 Marauders
Ulm/Neuburg area
17th BG, losses were B-26B-40-MA 42-43311 "Spot Cash" (Flew over 140 missions, counted as the last aircraft lost by the Americans) from 34th BS and two from the 95th, B-26F-1-MA 42-96329 flown by 2/Lt Kenneth L Bedor, 2/Lt E E Reeves and 1/Lt. A P Shatto although 432nd lost 44-68076 to an Me262. Serials lost include B-26G-1-MA 43-34134 of 558th BS, 387th BG and B-26F-1-MA 42-96328 of 37th BS, 17th BG. Some of the 17th BG's losses also came from 34th BS

Helmut Wick

22.11.39/1220 Curtiss Hawk Phalsbourg No 95 of GC II/4. Sgt. Pierre Saillard KIA (baled out WIA, dead before he landed)

17.5.40/1330, 1332 and 1335 3 x LeO 451s La Caponne
GB I/31? Details pending but Rudorffer is credited with No. 61 of GB I/31. Adj. Chef Paul Louis Marie Eugene Fourneau and crew all KIA (around the same time as Wick’s claims)

20.5.40/1400 LeO 451 Cambrai - St. Quentin
No. 37 of GB II/12. Adjt. A. Michelet, Sgt Servais, Sgt. G. Roques and Adjt. P. Auge, all KIA (crashed SW of Guise) (also claimed by Struempell, so slight overclaim)

20.5.40/1405 Vought V.156F ("LeO 45") Cambrai - St. Quentin
Escadrille AB 1 (four out of nine shot down). Includes crew of SM Roger Lafon KIA and EV1 Gaston Marie Joseph Leveille returned, F-9 AB-5 of Mat Even and S M Walger both returned, AB1-4 No.7 of Lt/V Georges Feltz and S/M Albert Nelias both KIA, plus F-AB1-7 of Lt/V Julien Thormond Martin and S/M Jean-Louis Jeandron both KIA
(remember Moelder’s Wellesly claim from our previous profile of him…?)

5.6.40/1717, 1720, 1725 and 1730 4 x MB151s Ham – Peronne
Definitely lost in the Peronne area was D.520 No. 84 of GC I/3. S/Lt. Prevost returned safely (was this misidentified and overclaimed?) (Struempell also claimed, and this is the only loss that remotely resembles these claims….)

6.6.40/1217 and 1226 2 x MB 151s Ham - Peronne/Bois de Compiegne
There does not appear to be any matching losses nor missions summaries that match these claims. Potential overclaims…

8.6.40/2100 MB 152 Rheims or SW of Soissons No. 664 of GC 4/6. Lt. Y Vie baled out WIA

8.6.40/2110 MS 406 Rheims or SW of Soissons Stritzel and Seeger also claimed. These were likely all claimed against No. 1044 of GC I/2. Sgt-Chef Goile returned safely

9.6.40/2135 Blenheim NE of Soissons Was this from 107 sqn, 3 losses this day: R3739/OM- of F/O C Y Buckley and one other POW, other crewman KIA (cause not stated). Two others lost to Flak.

13.6.40/2110 Battle Montdidier – Provins P2161 of 226 sqn. Sgt. E E Hopkins POW, Sgt. J B Callaghan and Sgt. L Turner both KIA

17.7.40/1507 Spitfire I Hailsham, off Brighton/S of the Isle of Wight P9507/SH- of 64 sqn, F/O Donald M "Butch" Taylor WIA, crashlanded with serious damage

11.8.40/1130 and 1134 Hurricane ("Curtiss Hawk") and a Spitfire E of Weymouth Most likely 238 sqn. Definitely lost in the Weymouth area at this time: P2978 of Sgt G Gledhill, R4097 of F/L Stuart Crosby Walch and P3222 of P/O F N Cawse (all two miles east of Weymouth at 1040-1045 BT and all KIA) whilst P3124 of Sgt. Leslie Pidd WIA was damaged

11.8.40/1145 Hurricane ("Spitfire I") 40km off Portland @ 7000m
This one said to be V7233/LV-K of 87 sqn. P/O John R Cock baled out slightly WIA and swam ashore

16.8.40/1435 Hurricane E of Portsmouth
Haven’t found a matching loss for this one…. Benefit of the doubt, but dubious….

25.8.40/1825 and 1830 Spitfire and Hurricane Portland
Said to be 152 and 213 sqns. 152 lost R6810 of P/O R M Hogg KIA and R6994 of P/O Timothy Seddon Wildblood KIA (see above). 213 lost P3200 of P/O Harold Derrick Atkinson KIA, V7226 of P/O Jacques
Arthur Laurent Philippart KIA (see below), plus N2646 of Sgt. E G Snowden forcelanded safely at Burton Bradstock, Dorset and P2766 of F/L J M Strickland, safe

26.8.40/1730 and 1735 2 x Hurricane Is On He 111 escort, Portsmouth area
43 sqn Hurricanes and 234 sqn Spitfires. 234 had two losses: X4023 of P/O P W Horten bellylanded safely and P9494 of Sgt. M C B Boddington forcelanded safely (versus up to 10 claims by JG 2….)

5.9.40/1610 Spitfire Fighter Command. Day's losses to Bf109s escorting Do17s over Biggin Hill was X4261 of 603 "City of Edinburgh" sqn. F/L F W Rushmer MIA at 1000 BT. Same unit lost X4264 of P/O W P H Rafter at same timing, Marden

30.8.40/1120 (British Timing) Hurricane I Redhill P3921 of 253 sqn. P/O David Nicholas Owen Jenkins KIA

30.8.40/1150 (British Timing) Hurricane I Over the Sussex coast P3179 of 43 "Fighting Cocks" sqn. Sgt. Dennis Noble KIA. He was only 20 years old and had been at his squadron for just 27 days

Fighter Command. Day's losses to Bf109s escorting Do17s over Biggin Hill was X4261 of 603 "City of Edinburgh" sqn. F/L F W Rushmer MIA at 1000 BT. Same unit lost X4264 of P/O W P H Rafter at same timing, Marden

601 "City of London" sqn. 4 losses: F/L William Henry "Willy" Rhodes-Moorehouse, KIA in P8818. F/O Carl Raymond Davis (American) in P3363/W KIA. P/O H T Gilbert baled out WIA from V6647 as did F/O Juliusz Topolnicki from P3382 (versus at least 11 claims….)


8.9.40/1320, 1330 and 1340
3 x Spitfires
Either L2061 of 605 "West Riding" sqn NZ pilot Jack Fleming WIA over Tunbridge Wells at 1230 BT (joined Guinea Pig Club) or 46 sqn. 3 losses: Sub Lt. John C "Jack" Carpenter, baled out from P3201 but KIA, F/O N W Burnett, forcelanded WIA in V6631 and P3053 of P/O P R McGregor crashlanded safely (at least 9 claims)

Were these the two losses suffered by 152 sqn, this day? P9463 of Sgt. W G Silver KIA and serial unknown of P/O G J Cox damaged, unhurt

Southampton/Isle of Wight
152 sqn. Overclaiming, only two losses: K9982 of F/L E C Deanesly baled out WIA and K9882 of Sgt. John McBean Christie KIA (versus 7 or 8 claims in total)

E of Portland
Likely 152 sqn. X4025/UM-K of F/O Ian N Bayles (Australian) damaged as was unknown serial of F/O R F Inness. Both pilots unhurt, S of Bristol/Weymouth area at 1145-1150 BT. Possibly also X4234 of 609 sqn, P/O M E Staples safe, aircraft only damaged over Poole Harbour at 1215 British Time (versus 3 claims, so likely a legitimate victory)

Selsey Bill
Said to be 238 sqn. 3 losses: N2400 of Sgt. Ronald Little and V6776 of Sgt. Eric Bann both KIA over the Channel and Isle of Wight whilst P3836 of P/O David S Harrison KIA was downed over the Solent
(versus 3 claims, so likely a legitimate victory)

30.9.40/1230 and 1235
2 x “Spitfires”
Were these Hurricanes of 56 sqn? P2866 of F/O K J Marston slightly WIA, crashed at East Knighton and P3655/US-R of Sgt Ray WIA over Bournemouth at this time
(versus 3 claims)

1.10.40/1140 and 1145
2 x Spitfires
S of Swanage
Overclaiming or tied in with 607 sqn's two losses that were attributed to Bf110s? They lost P2900 of F/L C E Bowen MIA and V6686 of Sgt. N Brumby KIA. Both downed by Bf110s over the Isle of Wight at around this time (at least 7 claims all up)

5.10.40/1458, 1500 and 1503
3 x Hurricanes
S of Bournemouth/Southampton
607 sqn. Overclaiming, only 4 losses
2 versions of this:
P3554 of P/O D Evans baled out safely. Unknown pilots forcelanded P3668, P3756 and V6742
Includes P3554 of Sgt. R A Spyer baled out safely. F/L Francis Blackadder in P3929, F/L James M Bazin in P3668 and P/O D Evans in V6742 all forcelanded safely with minor damage.

609 sqn. Either P9503 of F/O John C Dundas damaged, unhurt or X4539 of P/O Noel Le Chevalier Agazarian. Both damaged over Southampton, pilots unhurt

29.10.40/1529 and 1533
Hurricane and “Spitfire”
Near Portsmouth
Likely 213 sqn. V7622/AK-N of P/O R R Hutley baled out but KIA and V6868 of unknown pilot severely damaged. 145 sqn also suffered P2720 of F/O P H Dunning-White damaged at 1515 British Time
(versus 6 claims)

5.11.40/1435, 1437 and 1440
2 x Hurricanes, 1 x “Spitfire”
NE of Portland
238 sqn. Massive overclaiming, only three losses: V6792 of P/O B B Considine and V7535 of Sgt. J Jeka (Polish). Both pilots baled out WIA over Bournemouth plus Sgt. P Pearson WIA, aircraft written off
(versus 9 claims….)

6.11.40/1535 and 1536
2 x Hurricanes
Over the Solent/Southampton
6.11.40/1545, 1546 and 1548
3 x Spitfires
Attributed to Wick are V6627 of 145 sqn, P/O J K Haire KIA (baled out too low) over Isle of Wight; V7602 of 213 sqn, Sgt. H H Adair KIA Portsmouth plus possibly V6814 of 238 sqn, P/O J Tillet KIA Fareham/Hamble

S of Portsmouth
145 sqn, 5 shot down: V6889 of F/L Robert Wilton Bungey (Australian) WIA, P2720 of P/O Archibald Nigel Charles Weir DFC KIA, P8816 of Sgt. J McConnell baled out and WIA, P2770 of P/O J H Ashton baled out WIA over Ashley, Isle of Wight and P2924 of Sgt. D B Sykes WIA, crashlanded Ventnor
(5 losses versus 7 claims)

(Unconfirmed?) Hurricane
S of Portsmouth

E of Portland
No matching RAF losses on this date. Overclaiming? Only possibility found so far is X4605 of 92 sqn, C2 damaged due to enemy action
(Leie also claimed as did Eckert of JG 53)

Spitfire I
NE of Isle of Wight
N3242 of 602 "city of Glasgow" sqn, P/O Archibald "Pat" Lyall, baled out too low and KIA

Spitfire I
Bournemouth/Needles, Isle of Wight
R6631 of 609 "West Riding" sqn. P/O Paul A Baillon, Baled out into channel but KIA
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