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Old 19th August 2006, 12:58
Greg S. Greg S. is offline
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Greg S.
28 March 1943 - Africa

On 28 March 1943 pilots of 145 Sqn claimed destroying of two Ju 88 near Sfax. As I know this combat was with a/c of III./KG 77 or II./KG30 but this units probably lost only one Ju 88 during the day. I'm looking for informations about the crew of this a/c (names, ranks, did they KIA...) and which unit was engaged in this combat.


Greg S.

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Old 19th August 2006, 18:25
Many Souffan Many Souffan is offline
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Many Souffan
Re: 28 March 1943 - Africa

Hello Greg.

Something interesting, one person of my family was there at Sfax this 28th march 1943, he was 16 years old). he was walking on the main street with his friend. He told me that he heard first the particular sound of the Merlin. (exactly in French le bruit des chasseurs anglais)

When he wanted to see from where came this sound, he saw 2 English fighters ( exactly in French "2 avions de chasse") go down to a patrol of 2 bimotors (it is his words). 2 were shot down. at the north of the town, He can't see the end of the fall because his view was hidden by some houses.

He heard only one noise of the fall of one of 2 bimotors but not the second, because the leader of the 2 Spitfire made a very low pass on the main Street, Straffing a column of German Trucks. Jacob, the person of my family was wounded at his legs by this Straffing.

The 5th september 2000, I met AT Warsaw Stanislaw Skalski, And I spoke about this day and he remembered well his action, He was sorry for Jacob but for him it was necessary to strafe this German Column that he saw just after to shot down this Ju 88.

These 2 Ju 88 of Skalski and Hobarcewski were confirmed by the Wing CO Widge Gleed who was there as the leader of the Top Cover with 3 others Polish pilots

Me too, I found only one JU 88, and it is alwazys for me a mystery, but I must believe Jacob & stanislaw Skalski.

and now the narrative of the combat report of Skalski:"The Flight was approaching Sfax at 8000 when 109's and Heinkels were reported below, seven 88,s were seen below flying NW as 0' and S/Ldr. Skalski and F/Lt. Horbaczewski went down to attack, the remain Spitfires staying up as top cover.
S/Ldr. Skalski saw 2 Ju 88's flying line astern and attacked the front one leaving, the second for his n°2, He fired two long burst from 300 yards. Astern and above he saw peaces fly off the port wing. The E/A heeled over to the left as the S/Ldr. Skalski pulled up past in and crashed into a building in the N. W quarter of the town.

A 109 was reported and was seen by S/Ldr. Skalski making off N.W. He then flew down one of the main street of Sfax, Straffing with cannons and Machines guns and set one truck on fire."

NoW the narrative of Horbaczewski: he attacked the second of the 2 JU 88's at the height of 150 ft. He fired a long burst from 400 yds and continued to fire as closed in at 200 yds. Both engines caught fire and F/Lt Horbaczewski broke off the ingagement at 100 yds as 109's were reported. The E/A was flying N.W with both engines blazing and large pieces were seen to fall off the starboard wing.
F/Lt Horbaczewski rejoined his formation and there was no further incident
Many Souffan
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Old 20th August 2006, 01:57
Franek Grabowski Franek Grabowski is offline
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Franek Grabowski
Re: 28 March 1943 - Africa

Hi Many
I thought you have the most likely answer. Anyway, you did not mention, Skalski had a good lough, when you described the whole story. No wonder!
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Old 21st August 2006, 20:43
Greg S. Greg S. is offline
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Greg S.
Re: 28 March 1943 - Africa

Hello Many,

It's very interesting story about Jacob, a member of your family. I sent a private message to you about it. Can you look at this message?


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