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Old 3rd August 2010, 04:13
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RAF claims Colombo/Trincomalee April 1942


I am interested in the names of allied pilots (30, 258, 261, 273 Sqns RAF) who made claims against the Japanese during the Colombo and Trincomalee raids (5th and 9th April 1942)? There seems to be differing tallies and credits between various published sources and online material. Bloody Shambles Vol 2 has an excellent overview, however, the credits are not entirely clear especially for those who claimed probables and damaged. Any help appreciated.

If I have transcribed correctly, below are a summary of RAF results (claims by 803/806 Sqns RN excluded) from the Ceylon raids. Some of the individual credits apparently do not correlate with the squadron tallies. Information sourced from Bloody Shambles Vol 2, Aces High and Those Other Eagles. I would welcome any further detail/addition/correction regarding probable and damage claims made by pilots of 30 Sqn, 261 Sqn and 273 Sqn.

Regards, Drew H

5 April 1942
30 Sqn RAF initially credited with 11:7:5, later revised to 14:6:5.
3:0:0 B - P/O J.A. Whalen
1:0:0 B - F/Lt R.T.P. Davidson
2:0:0 B - P/O A. Wagner
1:0:0 B - P/O D.A. McDonald
2:0:0 u/k F/O R. Allison
1?:0:0 u/k Sgt A.J. Browne
1:0:0 F - F/Lt R.T.P. Davidson
2:0:0 F - F/Sgt T.G. Paxton
2:0:0 F - P/O G.E. Caswell
1?:0:0 F - Sgt R.L. Davies

258 Sqn RAF credited with 4:1:4
1:0:0 B - F/Lt S.R. Peacock-Edwards
1:0:0 B - S/Ldr P.C. Fletcher
1:0:1 B - F/Lt D.J.T. Sharp
1:0:0 B - P/O C. Campbell-White
0:0:1 B - P/O A. Brown
0:0:1 B - P/O D.B.F. Nicholls
0:0:1 B - Sgt R. Thain
0:1:0 F - F/Lt S.R. Peacock-Edwards

9 April 1942
261 Sqn RAF tally listed as 8:4:6 including 4 bombers + 4 fighters destroyed; 1 bomber + 3 fighters probable; 5 bombers + 1 fighter damaged. At least one other source has tally at 8:0:12 and another at 14:14:3!
1:0:0 B - F/Lt R.B. Cleaver
0:2?:0 B - F/Sgt J.D. Martin
0:1?:0 B - Sgt D.D.P. Bowie
0:3?:1? B - P/O R.G. Hall
0:0:2 B - P/O E. Mayes
2:0:0 B - F/Sgt C.J. Gauthier
2:0:0 F - F/Lt D. Fulford
1:1:0 F - Sgt L.T. Rawnsley
1:0:0 F - F/O C.F. Counter
0:1:0 F - F/O J.V. Marshall
0:1?:0 F - Sgt A.T. Warnick
0:1:1 F - Sgt K.A.S. Mann

273 Sqn RAF apparent tally of 1:3:2, all bombers
1:0:1 Lt P.E.I. Bailey
0:1:0 S/Lt N.A. Neal
0:1:0 Lt P.P. Nelson-Gracie
0:0:2 u/k
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