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Old 12th October 2017, 09:47
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Ju 87 D crashed on Flugplatz Grieslienen (Gryźliny, Polska)


I am looking for information about the Junkers Ju 87 D aircraft, which crashed in Plush Lake from the airport in Gryźliny (Poland). By 1945, this place was called Grieslienen in Ostpreussen. The crash took place during a training flight - bombing from a dive flight.

The exact date of the disaster was not found in the available documents. Local people say the date of the disaster - 1942 or 1943.
At the airport in Gryźliny (during the war from 1939 to the end of 1944) two units were equipped with JU 87 aircraft:
1. I / StG1 September 1939
IV / LG1 August - September 1939
1 / NSGr6 September - December 1944
4 / NSGr6 October 1944

This aircraft could have come from NSGr6 (guess). On the website. 12oclochhigh found information about an airplane crash Ju87 aircraft from the airport in Gryźliny:

Disaster Date: 1944-08-08,
Aircraft: 1./NSGr. 1(The aircraft was stationed at Wormditt)
Aircraft type: Ju 87D-3,
Serial number (flapper): 131280,
Place of disaster: Grieslienen (Gryźliny)
Cause of the crash: the fall from around (07.45 ?????)
Damage: breaking
Pilot: Oberfeldwebel Obernberger Franz

But whether it fell off to Lake Pluszne or otherwise unknown. Interestingly, only the name of the pilot is given in the information. Crew of Ju 87 was always two people. Is the pilot only a pilot?

Additional information:

1. Quote from the newspaper describing this incident: "The senior sergeant piloting him first fired a red rocket and then collapsed into the south-east of the lake."

2. In 1958 the plane was taken out of the lake, and the remains of the pilots were buried in a cemetery in a nearby village.

Grieslienen Airport (Flugplatz) information:

1. November 1938 - June 1942. BFS3 (Blindflugschule). Aircrafts: Junkers W.34,
Ju 52, Ju 86, Focke-Wulf Fw 58, Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju 88, Siebel Si 204, Caudron C.445. Lt. Col. Hermann Ritter von Lechner.

2.September 20, 1939 - September 24, 1939. I / StG1 (Sturzkampfgeschwader). Aircrafts: Ju-87B. Commander-in-Chief Werner Rentsch

August 1939 - September 1939. IV / LG1 (Lehrgeschwader). Aircrafts Ju-87B Commander captain. Peter Kögl.

3. summer 1942, alternate airport.

4. July 4, 1943 - November 1943 Squadron I / KG77 (Kampfgeschwader). Aircrafts Junkers Ju 88A4. Commander Major Willi Sölter.

5. 14 Feb - 12 Mar 1944. I / KG77 (Kampfgeschwader). Aircrafts: Junkers Ju 88A4

6. December 6, 1943 - March 26, 1944, alternate airport

7. March 27, 1944 - June 21, 1944. III / KG3. Aircrafts: Ju 88A4, Heinkel He 111H16, Major commander Horst Bengsch

8. June 21 - June 25, 1944. III Group of the 3rd Bomb Squadron Blitzgeschwader. Commander Hauptmann Martina Vetter. Aircrafts: Ju 88A and He 111H

9. July 7, 1944 to September 27, 1944, alternate aerodrome

10. September 27, 1944 - December 5, 1944. 1 / NSGr6 (Nachtschlachtgruppe) October 1944 2 / NSGr6. Aircrafts: Ju 87D5. Commander Major Rupert Frost), Nov. 1944 - 1 and 2 / NSGr 6 flew their operations over the eastern front from there.

11. On 5 December NSGr6 was degraded and aircraft were transferred to NSGr2 in Bonn.

Station Commands: Fl.H.Kdtr Grieslienen; Fl.H.Kdtr E 30 / XI (Mar - Jul 1941)

Regards Robert
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Old 12th October 2017, 14:23
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Re: Ju 87 D crashed on Flugplatz Grieslienen (Gryźliny, Polska)

Some additional information on the airfield, although not directly helpful in answering your question regarding the crashed Ju 87 D:

Grieslienen (GER) (a.k.a. Gryzliny) (53 36 15 N – 20 22 30 E)
General: operational airfield (Einsatzhafen II) in the former East Prussia 122 km S of Königsberg, 22 km SSW of Allenstein (Olsztyn) and 6 km NE of Hohenstein. History: used operationally during the attack on Poland, then by a blind or instrument flying school (BFS 3) during 1941-42, and then as a rest and refit station for bomber Gruppen. In fall 1944, a night nuisance group was in the process of forming at Grieslienen with Ju 87s but this was canceled before it could be completed. Surface and Dimensions: grass surface with a maximum take-off and landing run of approx. 1370 meters (1500 yards). Infrastructure: initially not more than a single hangar and a few sheds for workshops and accommodations, but these limited facilities were considerably augmented during the war years.
Remarks: none.
Operational Units: I./St.G. 1 (Sep 39); IV.(Stuka)/LG 1 (Sep 39); I./KG 77 (Jul-Nov 43); III./KG 3 (Mar-Jun 44); NSGr. 6 (Sep-Oct 44).
School Units: BFS 3 (Oct 41 – Jun 42).
Station Commands: Fl.Pl.Kdo. Grieslienen (1941); Fl.H.Kdtr. E 30/XI (Mar-Jun 41).
Station Units (on various dates – not complete): Traktorenzug 6/XIII (Dec 41).
[Sources: AFHRA A5258 p.628 (22 Jun 44); chronologies; BA-MA; NARA; PRO/NA; web site]
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