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Old 13th July 2017, 18:23
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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Many thanks, Laurent

Just the job!

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Old 14th July 2017, 13:26
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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Hello Brian
I don't know if this is already mentioned but at there are at least a couple own goals.

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Old 21st August 2017, 01:51
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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Originally Posted by Laurent Rizzotti View Post
Here it is:

N.O.I.C. Lowestoft states that at 1226 today an aircraft came in from seawards over Lowestoft at 700 to 1000 feet. Ships opened fore and A/C was hit in port engine and came down in flames near Oulton. No recognition signals fired and A/C came out of sun on course 285°. Blenheim type but no roundels seen on wings or body. Was probably hit by point fore from Queen Empress. A/C burnt out. Three bodies identified as RAF personnel. Further enquiry will be held.
(C. in C. Nore 1956/22 to Adty.)

OPS 626 22/1. Blenheim 139 Squadron, returning from Operational mission crossed coast Lowestoft 1226/22 on straight course and recognised as Blenheim by local Constabulary. After passing over town, Naval guns opened fire and aircraft hit and crashed with loss of all crew. Action by Naval guns in direct contravention of S.D. 158 (1) appendix "A" paragraph 3 (2). Regret that I must press for a searching enquiry so that the responsibility for this act may be established, and in order that Naval A.A. fire may be brought under a proper system of control. This is the fifth occasion since last October in which my aircraft have been engaged by A.A. fire at Lowestoft alone and illustrated the irresponsible manner in which fire is opened on friendly aircraft.
(C. in C. Bomber Cd. 2340/22 to Air Ministry)

S.D. 158(1) is Part 1 of the Routeing, Recognition and Identification of Aircraft ... procedure / rules (also spelt "Routing" on the TNA catalogue) S.D. 158 (Secret Document 158) is the former department reference.

8 No 1940 & 1941 results here and there were a number of Editions for the various Parts.


I think you have probably seen these 1941 files, Brian, but might be of interest to others. There were more incidents than these four files ...

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