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Old 19th November 2008, 10:44
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Csaba B. Stenge
New book on Hungarian Me 210 (and much more)


My new book is in printing phase now. It is actually two books under one cover, but the materials are closely connected (and publishing the first one alone would be nearly impossible, so I chosen this option) It is based on a kind of 15-year-long painstaking research, which was really problematic, since the entire fast bomber documentation was lost. I had ended once in 2003 this material, but I was not satisfied with the result, so not published it around that date, but re-started the project again and continued the research until this summer.

The first part of the book presents all phases of the pilot training of the Royal Hungarian Air Force from a young NCO's point of view and through his own experiences (primary, basic, advanced training and OTU - types, units, logged hours, accidents, long list of trainees and their future fate, comparison of the officer and NCO training and their status and comparison between the Hungarian and German and US training system as well) It contains many interesting details about the short range reconnaissance units, stationed at Hungary, about the Me 210 equipped night fighters' and daily destroyers' clashes with the 15th AAF in April, 1944 and it contains many unpublished details also about the target tug units (another important, but entirely neglected form of the military aviation).

The second part of the material is the detailed history of the Hungarian Me 210 equipped fast bomber group in 1944-45. It contains their sorties in great details (day by day account, in most days with the identified and marked exact targets as well), all of their personnel losses (ground/air), their kills, WNrs, Hungarian codes and factory numbers and so on, formerly unknown details. For the 15th AAF fans it contains details not only about the April, 1944 clashes, but the very details from both sides about the 21 August, 1944 strike against Hajdúböszörmény airfield as well, for which Herky Green earned his DSC.

The book has a detailed, rich appendix, which contains fast bomber logbook entries, biographies of notable pilots, detailed claims list, detailed personnel loss list, detailed squadron rosters, commander and airfield list, fast bomber aircraft strength returns, and a detailed rank comparison table (Royal Hungarian Air Force, Luftwaffe, USAAF, RAF)

The book contains close to 200 photos (most of them have never been published before), a map and 4 beautiful Me 210 Ca-1 colour profiles.

The photo/map/colour profile captions are bilingual and the book contains a very detailed English summary (over 17 000 words) plus the very detailed appendix also bilingual (in all, you can find a 25 000 word-long English text in this book).

Here is the front cover:
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