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JG3 aces that slipped below the radar

Hi Guys

I have five JG3 aces that just disappear, from experience I know that they went somewher, probably a small unit, can anybody please enlighting me as to what happened to them after they stopped claiming, and if possible a Date of Birth or Date of Death if post war.

Very grateful for any help

Kind Regards


Firstly:-Walther Willmann

I have no information on him at all(no loss) with the exception of his claims, which end abruptly on 12th January 1943!....all claimed as an Oberfeldwebel with 1./JG3....................

26th August 1942 LaGG-3 25km East of Stalingrad 0900 hrs Nr.1
30th Septewmber 1942 Jak-1 10km North of Gumrak 0514 hrs 800 metres Nr.2
1st October 1942 Il-2 0655 hrs 300 metres Nr.3
23rd October 1942 LaGG-3 25km East of Stalingrad 1318 hrs 2000 metres Nr.4
24th October 1942 Il-2 5km North-East of Stalingrad 1354 hrs 300 metres Nr.5
27th October 1942 Il-2 0910 hrs 1000 metres Nr.6
28th December 1942 Il-2 1405 hrs 800 metres Nr.7
5th January 1943 LaGG-3 10km North of Pitomnik 0730 hrs 1500 metres a.s.m Nr.8
10th January 1943 Il-2 15th West of Pitomnik 1050 hrs 400 metres Nr.9
12th January 1943 LaGG-3 25km South of Bassargino 1240 hrs 300 metres a.s.m Nr.10

Ferdinand-Herbert Springer

On 28th August 1940 he dtched his Bf109 into the English Channel after combat with British aircraft, but was unhurt. On 3rd July 1942 he was shot shot in combat with Russian bombers, wounded he force-landed his Bf109 20km North-East of Kastornoje, Russia. Assuming that I have attributed the claim for 30th November 1942 to the correct pilot, then I can find nothing more about this guy, no loss............did he go to a training unit I wonder?

claims were(earlier one's as a Feldwebel with 7./JG3, last five as an Oberfeldwebel with 3./JG3:-

10th May 1940 Fokker D21 Waalhaven area u/c
18th August 1940 South of London 1420 hrs 6000 metres Nr.1
18th August 1940 South-West of Dover 1510 hrs 80 metres Nr.2
30th June 1941 Po63 0810 hrs Nr.3
9th July 1941 SB-2 1721 hrs Nr.4
23rd July 1941 DB-3 1343 hrs Nr.5
24th July 1941 SB-2 1445 hrs Nr.6
11th August 1941 SB-2 0524 hrs Nr.7
13th September 1941 SB-3 1420 hrs Nr.8
20th September 1941 MiG-1 1410 hrs Nr.9
4th October 1941 Pe-2 0855 hrs Nr.10
26th May 1942 MiG-1 4km East of Balakleya 0730 hrs 500 metres Nr.11
27th May 1942 Pe-2 1620 hrs Nr.12
22nd June 1942 MiG-1 1255 hrs Nr.13
28th June 1942 Il-2 1910 hrs Nr.14
30th November 1942 Il-2 Grebenka area 0945 hrs 500 metres Nr.15

Hermann Freitag

On 22nd June 1941 he was reported missing in his Bf109 in the area between Brody and Lvov, but returned on 2nd July 1941. I known nothing more about him about his claims which end abruptly on 28th September 1941. Again did he take up training posts?

claims were(first six with 5./JG3, last two with II./JG3, first two as an Unteroffizier, last six as a Feldwebel:-

3rd June 1940 Hurricane 0845 hrs Nr.1
7th June 1940 Battle 1915 hrs Nr.2
24th July 1941 SB-3 1855 hrs Nr.3
25th July 1941 R-5 1745 hrs Nr.4
26th July 1941 SB-3 1730 hrs 400 metres a.s.m Nr.5
25th August 1941 DB-3 0647 hrs Nr.6
23rd September 1941 Il-2 1155 hrs Nr.7
28th September 1941 Pe-2 1448 hrs Nr.8

Julius Jaksch

On 5th May 1941 he force-landed his Bf109 near Esch after getting lost, but was unharmed. On 30th June 1941 he force-landed his Bf109 near Wlodawa, after running-out of fuel, but was unhurt. On 23rd December 1941 he crash-landed his Bf109 at Katwikj, but was unharmed. Again apart from his claims I hear nothing more about him, what did he do post 23rd December 1941?

claims were(first as a Gefreiter with 1./JG3, the others as an Unteroffizier with 3./JG3.

7th October 1940 Spitfire Thames estuary Nr.1
22nd June 1941 unknown Nr.2
26th June 1941 SB-2 15km East of Dubno 0456 hrs Nr.3
29th June 1941 SB-2 3km East of Mizocz 1410 hrs Nr.4
29th June 1941 SB-2 Szumsk 1415 hrs Nr.5
(his claims are not recorded on the micro films, and are therefore not assured of being 100% accurate)

Heinz Hartwig Küpper

On 11th July 1941 he force-landed his Bf109 West of Kiev, and was listed as missing, but did return. After his claim for 18th March 1943(which is the only one on the micro films) I hear nothing more about him, but htink he went onto Jg5?, if so a staffel number would be very welcome

claims were(first twelve as an Unteroffizier with 2./JG3, three in 1942 as a Feldwebel with 5./JG1, the last as a Feldwebel with 12./JG1:-

29th May 1940 Wellington Dunkirk area 2000 hrs Nr.1
8th May 1941 Spitfire Dungeness area 2123 hrs Nr.2
28th June 1941 I-16 2km East of Kurowice 1835 hrs Nr.3
10th July 1941 R-5 East of Marakow ~1100 hrs Nr.4
20th July 1941 I-15 10km South-West of Buzowka 1350 hrs Nr.5
24th July 1941 I-16 Nr.6
11th August 1941 SB-2 25km South-East of Kiev 0648 hrs Nr.7
13th August 1941 I-153 Nr.8
15th August 1941 I-16 15km West of Grebenka 0610 hrs Nr.9
15th August 1941 MiG-1 15km West of Grebenka 0620 hrs Nr.10
16th August 1941 SB-2 Nr.11
13th September 1941 SB-2 0750 hrs Nr.12
12th February 1942 Wellington West of Texel 1657 hrs Nr.13
12th February 1942 Wellington u/c
10th July 1942 Wellington u/c
18th March 1943 B-24 100km North-East of Ameland 1615 hrs 8000 metres Nr.14
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