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Allied and Soviet Air Forces Please use this forum to discuss the Air Forces of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

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Old 8th April 2005, 12:44
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Fighter pilots' guts

If we are going to endure any more of this diatribe - god knows why as it is not going to solve anything after nearly 65 years - can we have some consistency in references to people for the UK.

I, for one, am getting fed up with reading about England and Britain in the same article, sometimes even the same sentence "Remember what the British press and almost every Englishman wrote and said about the French" for example. Also, does that mean 50 million English people picked up a pen and wrote anti-French articles, perhaps that explains why the British Library in London is so large!!??

If you must continue, just make references to Britain, or British people as appropriate. Not all British people then and now are English, although the English make up the bulk of the UK population.

I also worry about newcomers to this excellent Forum and wonder what they make of it all - whatever their nationality

None of us were around at the time being written about - well maybe a few as babies, but certainly none in a position to influence matters.

Hawk-eye, give us all a break - please !!??
Allan Hillman

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