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Old 26th January 2006, 15:58
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rob van den nieuwendijk
Foundation for German communication and related technologies


I found an interesting link -

About the objectives of our Foundation (About us)
AEG product leaflets 1930s (Handbooks papers and product information)
Airborne command transmitter (transponder?) module (unidentified type number)
Akustische Strahlungsleistung von Kreis- und Kugelgruppen(Sonar), F.A. Fischer(ENT)
Allied post-war reports on German Science and Industry (FIAT-CIOS-BIOS)(selection)
Anniversary 10 Years “Fernseh A.G. 1929 - 1939”, Germany (TV tech 1930 - 1945)
Archive displays, radar, communications, measurments, transmitter, computer
Aspects of precision measurements (in Dutch language)
Ausdehnungs-Thermometer,History of Expansion Thermometer 1600 - 1848 (ATM)
ATM, Archiv für Technisches Messen, papers on scientific measuring techniques
Barkhausen-Kurz, retarding field (B-K)valve theory, H.G. Möller (ENT vairous)
Blauschrift-Röhre type LB50, paper on The Skiatron or Dark Trace Tube (Handbooks)
Ballistische (Ballistic) Galvanometer, Flux, Kriechgalvanometer (ATM Various)
Bändchen mikrophon (Ribbon type microphone) Siemens & Halske (ENT various)
BCD counters, developed in Germany between 1940 - 1945(BCD counters)
Berlin FuG 224 = FuMO81, circuit discription handbook1944/45
Bildtelegraphie, Lorenz-Korn system, 2 contributions, 50 years C. Lorenz anniversary
Bolometer-Amplifier, (ATM various)
British HF/DF operator recollections, during wartime convoy escorts (Huff Duff)
Broadcast stations permitted (authorized) by the Germans 1941(Abhörverbot!)
Brown (patent) Microphone Amplifier, (1900-1920)(Archive displays)(exhibits)
Bruneval Report, T.R.E.(TRE) 6/R/25, on the Britsih raid of 28 February 1942(transcipt)
Calit & Calan, Hescho brochure on ceramics, state of the art of 1932/33 (Handbooks)
Carl Zeiss Stiftung, transcript of some interesting pages of CIOS report XXXIII-51
CFQ Quartz-clock, designed by Rohde and Leonardt of Rohde & Schwarz (CFQ)
Conducting properties of aluminium at high frequencies (FTM 1936)
Dajeukolot (Dajeuhkolot) radio station ≈ 1938 and 1989
Das neue Patentgesetz, paper on new German patent-legislation of 1936(Handbooks)
Dielectric wires and waveguides (FTM 1938)
Diesselhorst Thermokräftefreies Kompensationsapparat1906-1908 (Zs.f.Instrumk.)
Dijkstra's interesting recollections on: Radio-Malabar and his time in Dutch-Indies
Diversity reception, Gerät zur Auswahl des lauteren Übertragungsweges (ENT 1932)
DK-Classification (Dewey system), Über das Ordnen technischen Schrifttums (ENT)
Düsseldorf talk ‘06, on Hülsmeyer and his early radar commitments, PDF based on ppt
Elektrometerröhren, electrometer valve(tube) technology, (ATM various)
Elektronenstrahl-Oszillograph (CRT-scope) literature list up to 1939 (ATM various)
Elektronenstrahl-Oszillograph, aspects of the history of CRT oscilloscopes (ATM various)
Enigma, aspects of wireless communications during the Battle of the Atlantic
E.N.T. Elektrische Nachrichten-Technik, paper selection (in progress) (ENT various)
Ernst Lecher Institute,research report on radar ECCM technology 1945 (Handbooks)
Europe Missed the Transistor, two IEEE papers,on this subject (Weblinks)
Exhibits (radar- communication- audio recorder- measurement- apparatus)
Fading past and memories, about Mr van Oosten, Dijkstra and Poulsen transmitter
Ferdinand Braun's CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) paper of 1897 (Ann.d.Physik)
Fernseh AG (GmbH) Hausmitteilungen (research & development papers) (TV-tech)
Fischer's (F.A.) paper on artificial beam forming, he was famous in sonar (ENT various)
FM broadcasting, future aspects (Method Armstrong)(Radio Mentor 1939/1941)
Franke Kompensationsapparat (Potentiometer)(Zs.f.Instrumentenkunde 1904)
FTM, Funktechnische Monatshefte (in progress) (FTM various)
German Electronic Engineering in the 1930s (synopsis)
German Radar during WW II (World War Two), (Exhibits, Displays and Subject details)
Gleichwellenrundfunk, synchronous-wave broadcasting,3 papers (C. Lorenz)(ENT)
Goliath, a 1 MW tuneable VLF transmitter, used for U-boat communications 1943/45
Gundelach CRT and special valve (tube) catalogue(Handbooks and papers)
Handbooks, papers, manuals and product information (in progress)
Hell technische Mitteilung, Entwicklungen (R&D)1929-1939, Rudolf Hell (Handbooks)
Heinrich Mannheim’s son Günther Mannheim, query: who knows about him? (Radar I)
Hescho ceramic capacitor catalogue, 1938 (Handbooks and papers)
Hescho product guide, very interesting product information (Hescho guide 1939)
HF/DF versus U-boat wireless communications (Huff-Duff)
Hisentroll and Hisenvert, German apparatus, a British paper of 1946 (Handbooks)
History of televison, prior to 1937, Entwicklung des Fernsehens (Fernsehen&Tonfilm)
Hohentwiel FuG200, aspects of transmitter circuit design, Hans Jucker(Handbooks)
Hülsmeyer and the early days of radar inventions, sense and nonsense (Radar I)
Hülsmeyer memorial tablet, and a photograph of those whom contributed (Radar I)
Hülsmeyer's (Huelsmeyer) radio interview on 50 Years of Radar, 1954 (Radar I)
Hülsmeyer's coherer receiver of ≈1904/1905, replica (copy)(Archive displays)
Johann Philipp Reis, 1834-1874-1934, the inventor of the (word) "Telephone" (ENT)
Kathodophon microphone, ENT paper January 1929 (ENT various)
Kennelly (Arthur Edwin) 70 years (by K.W. Wagner)(ENT various)
Keramische Spezialmassen, special ceramic compounds, H.Handreck (Hescho '35)(ATM)
Kompensations-Apparate für Gleichspannung (ATM various)
Kootwijk catalogue of the November 2000 event on aspects of precision measurements
Kootwijk-Radio archives, its remaining paper and photographic documents, up to 2001
Kootwijk pictures, taken by Klaas Dijkstra in 1927
Kriegstagebuch-Chef-TLR (KTB) Chef technische Luftrüstung, war diary Dec.'44-March'45
Kurier U-boat's, misterious, fast wireless signal system (1944/45)
Leichtmetalle als Austausch-Werkstoffe, paper on "Autarkie"(autarky) 1939 (ATM)
LMS10 vs CV64, TRE report on the parameters of the German magnetron copy of 1945
Lorenz 50 Jahre, fifty years anniversary of the C. Lorenz Company
Lorenz, applications on VHF and UHF, fifty years anniversay of C. Lorenz Company
Luftboden-Empf-Programm, Telefunken's revolutionary receiver E 52 (Handbooks)
Luftfahrtröhren, German Air Force valves(tubes), including some commenced projects
Luminous quartz crystal photographs
M1K (=AS60), a magnificent Telefunken transmitter of 1943 (exhibits)(archive displays)
Magnetron split-anode type, Runge's paper of 1934 (Telefunken Zeitung '34)
Magnetron strapping technology (Handbooks&papers)(LMS10 versus CV64)
Malabar Radio, Telefunken-Zeitung paper of October 1925 (Handbooks)
Metox Saga, U-boat's radar warning receiver (Huff Duff)
Military (telephone) line communications, deployed by the Germans, prior to 1945
Mischgerät (Mischgeraet), the analog computer of the V 2, (exhibits and displays')
Navigational aids (including the German "Beams" against Britain)
Naxos, a German mobile radar direction finder
NVK, German Naval Communications Research Establishment (1920 - 1945)
Patent selection, of interesting German patent numbers, (in progress)(Patents DE)
PDF documents, how to approach it for keywords effectively
Poulsen transmitter at Radio Malabar, (pictures originating from Dijkstra's archive)
Product information on, Siemens & Halske, Hartmann & Braun, Steatit-Magnesia
PTE (now Rohde & Schwarz) product catalogue 1938
PTR quartz-clock, designed by Giebe and Scheibe of the German Bureau of Standards
Quarzuhren (Quartz clocks), 4 papers by A. Scheibe of the German PTR (ATM various)
Quecksilberthermometer PTR, Mercury precison (Hg) thermomter, (ATM various)
Radar experiments on 4.7 cm, Doppler and puls techniques in the US by GE (FTM 1937)
Radar, RCM versus Wurzburg(Würzburg), transcription of U.S. wartime publications
Radio Luxemburg effect, Cross-Modulation phenomena (FTM)
Radio Mentor, selection of papers on: TV, FM broadcasting, microphone (1939-1941)
Rationalization of future German Radio Industry 1939(Radio Mentor)
Rehbock, an ingenious German range calibrator (Radar test-gear)
Rel.mse.2030a circuit description "Rel beschr 755a", audio spectrum analyzer 1935/36
Report on a trip to the V2 (=A4) launching site, The Hague in Holland, December 1944
Resotank Type HB14, article Zs f.Hochfr.&Elektroakustik June 1943 (Handbooks)
Rukop's paper on Telefunken valves (tubes)(selection) (Handbooks and papers)
Schering-Messbrücken (Schering Bridge) (ATM various)
Siemens condenser microphone type SM7a (Radio Mentor)
Siemens & Halske telephone measuring catalogue 1940 (selection)(Siemens cat. 1940)
Siemens & Halske, classical pre-war components (in progress)(Handbooks leaflets)
Siemens-Übermikroskop, Borries' and Ruska's Electron-Microscope apparatus (1940)
Siemens-Verdan system for telex error corrections on wireless links (Handbooks)
Some aspects of ONS 5, the convoy that changed the Battle of the Atlantic (Huff Duff)
Some aspects of the history of radar, 1910 up to 1937 (Radar II)
Sonar, U-boat's Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) (Group listening apparatus)
Spiegel-Galvanometer Kipp&Zonen Delft Holland, Zernike, Moll-Dyck (ATM various)
Stenzel's paper on: bearing patterns of grouped radiators (ENT various)
Subject details (about us)
Telefunken exclusively owned by AEG, Siemens swopped his 50% share (Radio Mentor)
Telefunken Mikrofone aus: Funktechnik in Briefen (1938) (Handbooks and papers)
Telefunken transmitter valves (tubes) "RS data sheets", 1920-1939 (Kootwijk archives)
Telefunken low and medium power valves (tubes), RV, RL, RG, RGQ and RSQ series
Telefunkenröhren (valves) Verwendungshinweise, appication theory(Kootwijk archives)
Telefunken Zeitung papers 1934 , on Magnetron, Siemens-Verdan error corrections
Theory of magnetic recording (steel disc and wire) magnetische Tonaufzeichnung(ENT)
Thyratron, The Evolution of Hydrogen Thyratron (Handbooks)
Tonschreiber b, (taperecorder type b, 1944) post war investigation report
TV (Fernsehn) reserach (R&D) commenced in Germany 1939 - 1942 (TV technology)
TV receiver type E 1 (E1), introduction and circuit despription (Radio Mentor 1939/41)
U-boat wireless (Radio) equipment (Funkausrüstung) (Huff Duff)
U-boat's wireless organisation (Funkführung)
Ultrakurzwellen-Funkbake, E. Kramar, (Lorenz blind-landing-system at VHF)(ENT)
Urdox-Resistors (Widerstände) (ATM various)
Vibrationsgalvanometer (vibration galvanometer) three papers (ATM various)
Web links recommended (in progress)
Werner von Siemens und das deutsche Patentwesen (1936)(Handbooks&papers)
Wireless apparatus of the German military Abwehr service, during WW II
Wolff Kompensator Model A -D (Otto Wolff Berlin) (Zs.f.Instrumentenkunde)
Würzburg GL Radar (Deckname Würzburg) (in German language)
Zeitwaage, Time balance, measuring time deviations (s/day) of watches (horloges)
Zeitwaagen, German paper on American Watch-Rate Recorders (ATM various)

Happy reading!
Best wishes,
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Old 26th January 2006, 18:24
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Re: Foundation for German communication and related technologies

Thank you very much for this information. I have been looking for it for a long time. The work Siemens and its associated companies did during the war is especially interesting. Ed West

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Old 27th January 2006, 09:13
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Re: Foundation for German communication and related technologies

In order to save other members from searching a long time you may want to have a look at these links:
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Old 4th May 2007, 23:57
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Re: Foundation for German communication and related technologies


It's an interesting set of the subjects and links. I would like to know who was a pioneer of quartz-crystal radio for military aircraft -- the Germans or the Americans? No doubt the Americans were the leaders of quartz-crystal filters, resonators and generators at the Allied side. They used Brazilian natuarl quartz which is the best in natural category up to this time. Do you know who manufactured aircraft radio with quartz-controlled frequency as the first country in the world?


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