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Old 9th May 2005, 23:28
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Slight update to JG 301 late markings

You know all usual markings to indicate the groups in Luftwaffe:

I groups +
II group + -
III group + I
IV groups + ~

Only here, in the book of Willi Reschke (3) one discovers p 232 Bf 109G-10 "1 red?" IV./JG301 with a not outlined horizontal bar which however dissociates bands of fuselages red & yellow all, while not being neither white nor black!

One remembers the only photograph then showing the operational Ta 152 in Alteno. It is known that before to be gathered to GeschwaderStab they were delivered only to the III./JG 301. And yet they carry also a horizontal bar, probably yellow.

I push research and discovers (3 & 4) that Fw 190 of R.Kleinstück of the 2./JG301 carries a white horizontal bar, and (3) that Ta 152 of Reschke (13 black?) pictured after it was transferred to GeschwaderStab carries also a horizontal bar which is neither red, yellow, white, nor black.

Finally this horizontal bar, sight on practically all the planes of the JG301 also carrying the yellow & red fuselage band, should be either black or of the color of Staffel but is not it curiously often: Fw 190D-9 "12 white" (6) and A-8 "21 white" (2) with a red bar, Fw 190A "20 green" (1) and "8 yellow" (5) with a white bar...

The conclusion of all this, is that at least as long as the JG 301 comprised 4 groups of hunting, therefore from December 44 to Mars/Avril 1945, they were all marked of a horizontal bar of a color specific to each group:

I first thought for an identical order of color has that of Staffeln was:
GeschwaderStab: + - (green bar)
I groups + - (white bar)
II group + - (red bar)
III group + - (yellow bar)
IV group + - (blue bar)

But I have just discovered that the Ta 152 restored with the NASM (7) carries a blue bar, therefore finally the marks of group were:
GeschwaderStab./JG 301 + - (blue bar)
I./JG 301 + - (white bar)
II./JG 301 + - (red bar)
III./JG 301 + - (yellow bar)
IV./JG 301 + - (green bar)


# ILLUSTRATIONS, thanks to the simulator European Air War (probably still one of the whole better):






# Sources:
(1) - Aircraft of the Luftwaffe fighter aces II - Bernd Bored - Schiffer
(2) - Internet
(3) - Jagdgeschwader 301/302 "Wilde Sau" - Willi Reschke - Schiffer
(4) - JG 301 "Wilde Saw" - Murawski & Neuwerth - Kagero N19
(5) - Luftwaffe At war 6 - "defeat in the west 1943-1945"
(6) - Cutting Edge Decals Advanced Research Series CED 72051 and CED 4801
(7) -

MENU Olivier (LLv34_Doc) - France - February 14, 2005 + updated of May 9, 2005.

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