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Old 14th May 2019, 23:03
Erik Mombeeck Erik Mombeeck is offline
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Re: LuGa Special JG 5 and JG 2 vol.5 released

Hi Stig,

I think this guy does not deserve any attention from us.

Difficult to say when the Band 6 (yes, the German version counts one more volume as the French one) will be ready. I am very lucky to have found in Hans G. Berger, not only a Jäger - Staffelkapitän - veteran and a very close friend who really marked my life, he is also a professional translator. But he is now 97 years young and even if he is still very motivated, his "work" rhythm is not increasing. But he already put some interesting personal comments in the French version about (in)accuracy of German claims.

So let see what he wants to do with "Lust" for this Band 6. I will keep you informed.

Best regards

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Old 15th May 2019, 10:38
Stig Jarlevik Stig Jarlevik is online now
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Re: LuGa Special JG 5 and JG 2 vol.5 released

Thanks Erik

No, you are right...he isn't
As you probably are aware by now, I am pretty fluent in English, so that is my number one language.
I am not very fluent in either German or French, but due to the simillarity between German and Swedish, that language is easier for me, hence my switching to the German editions.

Yes please, keep me informed and if the worst happens, I will take the French issue....

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