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Old 30th October 2008, 09:54
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Luftwaffe losses. Rhubarb 11/06/1941.

Hi, me again !

On the 11th of june 1941, No.258 Squadron flew a Rhubarb operation to St. Inglevert, loosing 1 pilot killed and claiming 1 Bf109 probable:

AIR 50/101.p 8.P/O McAlister ( New Zealand ).Date: 11/6/41.Flight, Squadron: " A " , No. 258 Squadron.Number of enemy aircraft: 1.Type of enemy aircraft: Me.109.Time attack was delivered: 13???Place attack was delivered: 3- 4 Miles ? of St. Inglevert.Height of enemy: 3,000 feet.Enemy casualties: Probable- 1 Me.109.General Report ( r ).I was White 2, Squadron 258, detailed to do a " Rhubarb " operation around St. Inglevert aerodrome. We proceeded direct to St. Inglevert at 3,000 ( ? ) ft. But there was not sufficiant cloud cover around this base to attack. White 1 ( P/O EVERIST ) ( N. Z. ) then flew N.E. into a dense bank of cloud at 3,000 ft and upon emerging from this at approx: 1320 (?) hrs we were attacked bya single Yellow-nosed, square wing tipped Me 109. White 1 turned towards the E/A and I observedcross-fire from both machines; I climbed on E/A and fired a burst of 3-4 secds from the beam torear port quarter, from wich the E/A dived steeply in a Southerly direction, well beneath White 1. I thought the machine had been damaged then, but it pulled up towards White 1, who turned towards it again and fired a long burst, from wich I noticed black puffs behind E/A. By this time Ihad closed again on E/A, and fired a good burst of 4-5 secs from slightly rear beam to astern,breaking away at about 50 yards to starboard, I then saw black smoke coming apparently from theE/A portwing, then, the machine was in a slow glide towards the ground with no further evasive actions as though the motor had cut. White 1 then said " I think we have got him, but had betterbreak it up as there are some more coming ". White 1 climbed towards cloud and I followed, further to his left to the nearest cover. All this time the E/A was gliding slowly, down and when Iwent into cloud he was down to 100-200 feet. While making for cloud covern heavy flak wasbursting around me, and I presume White I encountered similar flak fire. He was almost into cloudwhen I entered it.On the return I flew along the French coast for several miles then around by dover, to make use of the thickest cloud cover. On breaking cloud for the first time near the French coast, I observed beneath me a convoy of at least three ships but did not attack as I saw a fighter well down beneathand behind me. I kept into cloud cover and returned to base.
A combat was engaged with JG26, could anyone give details about the Luftwaffe side ?

Many thanks.

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