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Old 1st February 2009, 00:10
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G4M Betty Kits.


I have always been interested in WW II history as well as model building and I would combine these two interests. As you might know, they make model kits of just about every piece of armor, equipment and aircraft from both the Allied and Axis sides.

There are many campaigns and battles from just about every theater of the war that I am interested in and for fun, I like to research them and see what equipment was used and if they make a model kit of it. I would build it depicting a unit/squadron that would have fought in it.

I have my "wish list" cross-referenced by these campaigns/battles and while I don't know if I'll get the chance to complete this list, I do enjoy the researching of them, which can be more fun and interesting then building the model!

I am tying to update my IJAAF/NAF list and I have a question regarding the various model kits of the Betty bomber. I know that some might be out of production but at least I will know if a certain version was ever kited and I can keep an eye out for it. Here is what I have so far.

(1) G4M1 Mod. 11 Early: Can be built either as a torpedo bomber or bomber.

(2) G4M1 Mod. 11 Mid: Can be built as listed above.

(3) G4M2 Mod. 22: Can be built as ????

(4) G4M2A Mod. 24: Torpedo bomber only

(5) G4M2E Mod. 24: Can be built as a torpedo bomber or bomber

(6) G4M2E Mod. 24-J "Tei": MXY-7 Ohka Flying Bomb launch A/C.

(7) G4M3 Mod. 34: Can be built as ???

In addition, I am not sure if a kit of the late version of the G4M1 Mod. 11 was ever kited or not? I remember seeing some where on line a model of it but I am not sure if someone had "kit bashed" it or if it was a real kit.

For the most part, I know that most of these kits were produced at one time by Hasagawa but I also know that Tamiya makes an Early version too and the only Mod. 34 that I have ever seen listed was produced by

I would also like to add that I have the Osprey book on the Betty units of WWII which has drawings of the various versions that were produced. Matching these to the box art of the kits, I think I have listed them correctly when it comes to the versions of the Mod 11.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Ps: You can e/m me off forum if need be at:
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