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Old 31st January 2008, 01:28
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Downsizing my WW2 book collection

I have a number of WW2 books including aviation memoirs, reference publications, and also some good fictional stuff. Oh, forgot to mention, I also have many, many, perfect condition copies of FlyPast magazine.

I'm going to be ebaying them in the near future, but if you're in the market for some excellent condition books, see below:

Feel free to email me with any questions and for no obligation quotes/ prices, etc. Prices do not include P&P - please email for a quote

I accept Paypal, and if you're in the UK or Europe, registered cash or cheques will be just fine.

FlyPast Magazines – some magazines as new, others are good, read condition. I will describe any item enquired about and supply a photo if requested. Price: All $2.00 except the 2 Flypast Specials which are $3.
December 2002 (Spit front cover)
June 2002 (Spit front cover)
March 2003 (Hurricane front cover)
December 2003 (P-51s front cover)
March 2004 (Hurricane front cover)
May 2005 (Lancaster front cover)
June 2005 (Hurricane front cover)
July 2005 (P-40 Kitty Hawk front cover)
Aug 2005 (Grumman Albatross front cover)
November 2005 (P-51 front cover)
December 2005 (Spit and BF front cover)
January 2006 (Libery Belle B-17G front cover)
Feb 2006 (P-40 front cover)
March 2006 (Sea Fury front cover)
April 2006 (Hellcat front cover)
October 2006 (Canberra front cover)
Flypast Special! - 8th Air Force Fields of Glory (P-51/B-17front cover)
FlyPast Special- B-17 Tribute
Air Enthusiast
July/Aug 2005 (Sea Fury front cover)
AirForces Monthly
May 2005 (Eurofighter front cover)
August 2005 (Rafale front cover)
Aviation News
June 2004(P-38 front cover)

Books Fiction
‘Goodbye Micky Mouse’ by Len Deighton (P-51 action!!! 448 pages – good, used condition p/b). $4.00

‘Winter of Spies’ by David Newham (WW2 drama set on a Lancaster base!! 400 pages - as new condition large p/b) * this book is a gripping read!!! $10.00
‘Old Man In A Baseball Cap’ by Fred Rochlin (A very gritty tale of a B-24 navigator written by a USAAF veteran – 146 pages - as new condition, medium p/b) *Not for those easily offended. $8.00
‘Wild Blue Yonder’ (USAAF adventure of underage officer – 235 pages – as new, hardback). $7.00
‘The Last Mission B-17 action by Harry Mazer (188 pages – good used condition, small p/b). $3.50
‘Ghost Soldiers’ by Hampton Sides (WW2 rescue mission in the far east – 342 pages, as new condition, large p/b). $9.50
‘The Bodies On The Beach’ by James Hayward (Book about the theory that Operation Sealion actually took place 123 pages – as new, medium p/b) *fascinating read about little know subject. $9.00
‘Wild Blue’ B-24 recollections by Stephen Ambrose (299 pages – good condition, medium sized, p/b) $7.00
‘ChickenHawk’ by Robert Mason. (Vietnam memoir of helicopter pilot – 398 pages – good read condition, medium sized p/b). $6.00
‘Half A Wing, Three Engines And A Prayer’ by Brian O’Neil (Special Revised Edition of 303rd BG recollections – 433 pages, as new condition, large p/b). $10.00
‘So Long Guys, Goodbye Is Forever’ by Jane Edwards (WW2 B-17 memoir – 331 pages – as new, medium sized p/b). $8.00
BattleNormandy 1944: Life & Death in the Heat of Combat’ by Kenneth Macksey (204 pages, as new condition, large hard cover). $10.00
‘Operation Big Ben-The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions 1944-1945’ (Front cover has great painting by Turner, 206 pages, good condition hardback, never read!!). $10.00
Morotai – A Memoir of War’ (Rare 13th AF B-24 memoir – 283 pages, good condition p/b). $11.00
‘A Teenager’s View of WW2’ by Fred Kaiser (USAAF memoir, 146 pages, as new, p/b). $10.00
‘Lady’s Men’ by Mario Martinez (Story of B-24 Lady Be Good and her missing crew– 196 pages, as new, p/b). $8.50
‘Hunting Warbirds’ Carl Hoffman (About guys who salvage WW2 aircraft such as the famous B-29, Kee Bird! 245 pages, as new, p/b). $7.50
‘Flights Of Passage’ – Recollections of a WW2 Aviator by Samual Hynes (WW2 Marine bomber pilot memoir - 270 pages, good condition, medium sized, p/b). $10.00
‘Night of the Intruders’First hand accounts chronicling the slaughter of homeward bound USAAF Mission 311’ by Ian McLachlan (232 pages, as new, large hardback). $10.00
‘Luck and a Lancaster by Harry Yates, DFC (255 pages, great condition, p/b). $10.00
‘Station X –The Codebreakers of BletchleyPark by Michael Smith (184 pages, good read condition, medium sized, p/b).$5.00
‘And No Purple Heart’ by Frank Mays (B-17 Memoir- 301 pages, as new, medium sized, p/b).$8.00
‘The Forgotten Dead’ by Ken Small Excellent book about Operation Tiger- The disastrous rehearsal for D-Day! (198 pages, good read condition, p/b). $8.00
‘The Forgotten Soldier’ Guy Sajer (controversial memoir of German soldier – 465 pages, good read condition, large p/b!) * excellent read!
‘Nothamptonshire Airfields in WW2’ by Graham Smith (256 pages, new book, medium, p/b).$10.00
‘They Gave Me A Seafire’ by R. ‘Mike’ Crosley, DSC, RN (271 pages, good read condition, p/b). $8.50
‘Looking Back- A Tailgunner’s View of WW2’ (B-24 memoir) by Dale VanBlair (327 pages, as new, large p/b).$10.00
‘Flights Into The Night’RAF Wellington Bomber Memoir (248 pages, as new, p/b). $8.50
‘The Execution of Private Slovik’ by William Bradford Huie (249 pages, as new, medium sized p/b). * Excellent and moving story of only Allied soldier to be executed for desertion in WW2!! $9.50
‘God Is My Co-Pilot’ Col. Robert L.Scott (this is an original 1943 copy!!! The spine is broken, but it does not detract from this great book. Email for a photo). $9.50
‘Wings of morning’ by Thomas Childers – Story of the last USAAF bomber shot down in WW2 (276 pages, as new, p/b). * Excellent and moving story . $8.50
‘An Innocent at Polebrook’Memoir of 8th Air Force bombardier by Charles Stevens (284 pages, as new, p/b). $6.00
‘Screaming Eagle –Memoirs of a B-17 Group Commander’ by Major General Dale O.Smith 384th BG (241 pages, as new, hardback). $10.00
‘Flak at 12 O’ Clock High’ B-17 memoir by Dean Bloyd (195 pages, as new, p/b). $9.50
‘Dead Engine Kids’ B-17 memoir with actual veteran author’s original signature!!! (216 pages, as new, p/b). $20.00
‘The Cold Blue Sky – A B-17 Gunner in WW2 by Jack Novey (183 pages, as new, hardback). $12.00
‘Armoured Guardsmen- A War Diary, June 1944- April 1945 (Sherman Firefly memoir- 232 pages, as new, hardback). $10.00

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Old 8th March 2009, 02:07
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Re: Downsizing my WW2 book collection

I am looking for a copy of the book Dead Engine Kids. By father flew b-29s but this book accurately protrays the thoughts of the crew and I would like all of my siblings to read it. If you still have it for sell, please email me back and tell me how I can buy it. Thank you so much.
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