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Old 31st August 2019, 11:51
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Re: [New Edition]Henschel Hs 129 Panzerjäger by Martin Pegg

Dénes, thank you for your responses assuring us of the valididty of Hs 129 W.Nr. identities found in Rumanian records. I'm afraid your comments did not dispel any of my scepticism. However, I remain open to persuasion given the presentation of good evidence. For now, absent that evidence, we are clearly not going to agree on these points, so I'll leave it at that.

I will buy and read your future book with great interest. Perhaps in your next publication you could reproduce some of these documents in full photographically, and put a translation alongside?

Looking to that Hs 129 work-in-progress of yours here are a couple of 'helps' that may come in handy.

The figure of 896 Hs 129 in total presented in Martin Pegg's Edition 2 is for all examples that were assigned Werk-Nummern and where final assembly had at least begun. That total is made up of:

12 x Hs 129 A-0
16 x Hs 129 B-0
50 x Hs 129 B-1
792 x Hs 129 B-2
20 x Hs 129 B-3

So sub-total of all Hs 129 Nulllserie and Serie built and delivered = 890

To that figure are added the four Versuchsmaschinen:
3 for the original Versuchsmaschinen (documented in the separate Abgenommene Musterflugzeuge report section of each HFW Jahresbericht), plus
the single V4 example of the Hs 129 C-1 that is identified by Werk-Nr.
Sub-total of of all Hs 129 built and delivered = 894

Then there are the two aircraft confirmed by W.Nr. identity in the Treuhand Audit Report of HFW for 1943 as both totally destroyed by RAF bombing before delivery.

Grand total therefore of 896 Hs 129 W.Nr. assignments, with 99.67% (893 out of 896) of these evidenced in HFW standard company reporting.

The HFW company reports up to 31-Dec-43 are the full company annual reports (Jahresberichten). In these deliveries by sub-type and month appear in two different places and, one of those reports also includes a cumulative statement of all Nullserie & Serie aircraft ever delivered by HFW. For 1944 the Jahresbericht was never completed so instead figures with the same level of detail are taken from the Ist-Lieferung report lines giving actual deliveries by sub-type each month in each of the HFW Monthly Reports for that year, cumulating through to the end of December.

The totals for 50 x Hs 129 B-1, 792 x Hs 129 B-2 & 20 x Hs 129 B-3 are independently corroborated in the RLM's Lieferplan 227/1, at Batt 18 of 24. Each of these figures is shown with all deliveries having been completed by 30-Nov-44. (See BA-MA RL 3/1045.)

So your statement that "many documents are missing, so piecing together the production table is a great challenge" is demonstrably not the case. At the level of totals by sub-type for each month of delivery we have precise information for each of the 890 production examples and the first three prototypes. Nor is it the case for these totals that "more research needs to be done". The research has been done, the evidence comes directly from the reports of the company that built all of these aircraft, and a full sequence of these reports without any gaps survives in at least one place. Therefore the findings are very clear and it is these that were fully incorporated by Martin Pegg in his Edition 2. Any gaps that you see are merely in your own research.

It's clear from your own publications that you have referred to the Henschel Flugzeugwerke Jahresberichten. However, to avoid any misunderstandings, the Henschel Flugzeugwerke A.G. Monatsberichten and Jahresberichten for 1942 & 1943 are held in Speer Box 208 at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, United Kingdom: Foreign Documents reference is FD 5638/45. At least one full set of the Jahresberichten along with the HFW Monatsberichten for 1944 is held in Germany. Perhaps a closer examination by you might be in order?

As regards your idée fixe that some 1,165 Hs 129s were built, to get to the total of 1,160 planned in Lieferplan 226/2 of July 1944, the Germans were going to build 290 examples of the Hs 129 B-3. Of those 290, only 20 have been identified so far, so to prove your case for the missing blocks you need to find and document another 270 Hs 129 B-3s with 16x xxx-sequence Werk-Nummern rather than wasting your time plinking for more B-2 W.Nrn. in the 14x xxx sequences. Since no Hs 129s armed with 30 mm or 75 mm cannon were ever assigned to the Rumanian Air Force, your search in their records for 16x xxx-type Werk-Nummern may be somewhat fruitless.

If you stick with your figure of 1,165 or thereabouts, you will also have the challenge of providing a persuasive explanation for how aeroengines for these additional Hs 129s continued to flow to Germany from the Paris area after the Allies had liberated most of France.

I leave those thoughts with you and look forward to the appearance of your future magnum opus on the Hs 129. In the meantime I shall continue thoroughly enjoying immensely the outstandingly superb Martin Pegg Edition 2.

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Old 31st August 2019, 12:06
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Re: [New Edition]Henschel Hs 129 Panzerjäger by Martin Pegg


I am still waiting for someone to convince me why I should buy the new edition, while being in possession of edition 1 and three Dénes Bernad books?

What new information is there compared with the old edition?

So far I am not convinced at all!

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