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Old 24th July 2005, 01:14
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Problem people on the internet and LW research

I have noticed an increased appearance of anonymous individuals who do not follow the rules of civil behavior on the internet.

The best way to describe them is to describe what they are not. They are not calm. They are not rational. By rational, I mean "sensible, sane, moderate; not foolish nor absurd nor extreme."

As this applies to Luftwaffe research, I sometimes see people rejecting statements and claims out of hand, with nothing more than an emotional response, or an emotionally based insult DEVOID of fact(s). An emotionally charged opinion is not a fact and should never be regarded as such. I urge everyone reading this to not respond to such individuals if possible.

To be civil or considered civilized, requires self-discipline, self-control and respect for another person's point of view even if you do not agree with it. And sometimes, it requires not starting an argument even if your emotions are encouraging you to do so.

Ed West
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Old 24th July 2005, 12:19
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Re: Problem people on the internet and LW research

Perhaps some beginners are intimidated by the big guns, some of whom can be accused of having little patience for ignorance and having little tact by showing it.

If I use myself as an example (and I've made many mistakes) I can recognize some of this behavior and I believe if stems from having some knowledge, just enough to make you believe you know a lot, but actually not even enough to make you realize that you still have a very long way to go before you might actually regard yourself as knowledgable.

However if you want to play with the big boys, you should bring along the right kit (or the right knowledge in this case).

Of course the clash happens when the big gun, who knows, gets lip from the beginner who knows not, but loves to acts big...

IMHO such behavior will always be counter productive.

People will either learn and develop a sense of modesty, or it will endure and they will get nowhere.

Now the moderator should only step in when certain behavior starts to endanger the ebb and flow of the forum, when it disturbs those who do respect their fellow community members and act accordingly.

We have learned from experience that sometimes pruning of bad apples* is a necessity.

IMHO the ideal is for the community to give its first corrective signals before the heavy hand of moderating action should step in. That doesn't mean full frontal attacks, but civilized pointers, hints etc.

A post like this is a good example of a hint from the community.

*not determined by the reputation of the person in question, but by his actions.
Ruy Horta
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