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Allied and Soviet Air Forces Please use this forum to discuss the Air Forces of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

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Old 7th April 2005, 00:49
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1939-1940 fighting (split from: French books on the 1939-1940 fighting)

It is sad that there are almost no books in English that deal in detail with role that the Armee d'la Air played in the defence of France. Thanks for the heads up on Jackson's book, I'll try and obtain a copy.

Mind you it isn't the just the British who tend to concentrate on, and write about, their own achievements in war. Nor to build up their own impact and downplay their Allies. Both the Americans and Germans are as guilty.

For example according to most popular books dealing with the war in the Mediterranean (german and english) it was only the Germans that fought in the desert, over the convoys or over Malta. Rarely is there a mention of the role played by Italy - other than to denigrate. Yet the Regia Marina kept the Royal Navy fully occupied for almost three years. And the Regia Esercito had more men on the ground in the Desert than Germany did. The Regia Aeronautica was active from June 10 1940, and fought in teh Desert, Malta, the convoys, Gibraltar, France, BoB and Russia.

As for the Americans they won the war in the Pacific single handed, never mind the huge contribution made by Australia in that Theatre; by land, sea and air.

And by the by am I right in saying that when France and Germany signed an Armistice in 1940 almost all of southern France remained under French independant rule? Another point not often covered in English material. Can't remember though when the Germans finally did move in and take control - around the time of the Torch landings in Algeria no?
Old 10th April 2005, 12:32
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Re: French 1939-1940 fighting

Having been away in Holland for a few weeks and returning only a few days back i am very sad to see this site has dropped to a low level on some threads.

Hawk-Eye you obviously hate us English and its a shame as so many of us died and are buried in your land after fighting for it....but please keep your racist comments of this site. Remember we all have nasty sides to our countrys past, France had Napoleon, bent on European domination. But he fortunately for all got a good beating in Spain, Portugal Russia and finally defeated at Waterloo.

I guess you will not be celebrating the Battle of Trafalgar 200yrs birthday / English victory with us in October ?
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