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Old 27th February 2011, 17:55
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Larry Hickey
Seeking confirmation of I./KG30 losses from Luftflotte V raid (Driffield) on E Coast England on 15.8.40 and other info on Ju88 losses on that raid.


Our EOE Luftwaffe loss team has run into a significant problem with the losses attributed to I./KG30 during the 15.8.40 Luftflotte V raid on the British East Coast during the Battle of Britain. Regarding that day, the Luft QMG returns list one Ju88A-5 of 3./KG30 MIA over Flamborough Head that day. This is a known loss that crashed in England as follows:

"August 15, 1940: 3./KG30 Junkers Ju88A-5. Shot down by Sgt A.L. McNay of No.73 Squadron during sortie to bomb Driffield and belly-landed at Hamilton Hill Farm, Barmston, south of Bridlington, 1.25 p.m. Harried by Sgt J. Hopewell of No.616 Squadron during landing. FF Uffz Ludwig von Lorentz, BO Uffz Heinrich Kenski, BF Obergefr Heinrich Prumann, and BS Gefr Johann Göbel all captured unhurt. Aircraft 4D+KL fired by crew 100% write-off.
Propeller blade, Junkers engine plate, and various other labels souvenired at the time, donated to Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton."

We have no problem with this loss, but the QMG also lists two other I./Ju88C losses for this raid. We presently carry these two with this cautionary note: "No further information was documented on these two losses and it is possible that they are subject of incorrect reporting." (We know that there were no Ju88Cs that flew with KG30 that day; all planes were Ju88As).

"I./KG30 Junkers Ju88A. Failed to return from attack on Driffield and combat with fighters 1.30 p.m. No crew casualties recorded. Aircraft 100% write-off.

I./KG30 Junkers Ju88A. Failed to return from attack on Driffield and combat with fighters 1.30 p.m. No crew casualties recorded. Aircraft 100% write-off."

Can anyone provide any proof or documentation of the two above losses (other than the QMG report)? We find no casualty reports, crash locations, or other sources to support this information, which is why we suspect an error in the QMG Reporting. Can anyone provide any further evidence about these two reported losses?

We are seeking other information/photos regarding II. and III./KG30 on the Driffield raid:

For II./KG30, we show the loss of two 4./KG30 Ju88A-5s (one belly-landed at Oldenburg AF; no crew casualties and 40% damaged, and another that crashed and exploded at Alburn Farm, Fraisthorpe, south of Bridlington, England; compete write-off). These were known to have been assigned to III./KG30 for this raid to bolster that force.

My question on this one is does anyone know of any further details, including crew names, or photos that exist of the Ju88A that belly landed at Oldenburg?

For III./KG30, we also have the loss of three Ju88As from 7 Staffel (two down in the North Sea, and one belly-landed near Hunmanby, south-west of Filey, England), and two from 8 Staffel (one crash-landed somewhere in Holland with 60% damage, and the other crashed on landing at Aalborg-West Airfield, Denmark 75% damage).

My questions relating to the 8 Staffel losses: does anyone know where in Holland the 8 Staffel plane (60% damaged) came down, and any details of crew names for this a/c other than the slightly wounded BS Fw Heinz Przygodda? Does anyone know of any photos of this a/c down at the site or being salvaged? The crew of the plane that crash-landed at Aalborg-West is known, but we're still seeking the first name of the pilot, Fw Matschke, who was not hurt. We're also seeking photos of this plane down on the airfield.

Can anyone provide any help with these questions, or in filling out the Luftwaffe side of the story for this famous raid? We have many photos of 4D+DR that FL at Bridlington, but are seeking photos of the other KG30 aircraft or their wreck sites, that came down in England.

Larry Hickey
Eagles Over Europe Project Coordinator

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