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List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

Captain Barry J. Anderson, USAF, compiled this list of US bases and stations where US Army Air Forces personnel served in the United Kingdom during World War II. The list was put together post-war and there is no specific claim concerning dates, although '1945' appears in a description, so it appears the numbers apply to the whole of WWII.

Sample and explanation of terms:
101 High Wycombe (Camp Lynn) Buckinghamshire HQ 8 AF ; VIII Bomber Comd”

AAF Number: [101] the first number in each entry, this was the Army Air Forces station number assigned:
Name: [High Wycombe] The official name of the installation,
Alternative names appear in parentheses: [ (Camp Lynn) ]
Location: [ Buckinghamshire ] The majority of locations are counties in England; locations outside England are identified by county (if available) and country.
Principal Unit(s): [ HQ 8 AF ; VIII Bomber Comd ] Unit(s) assigned to the installation during World War II. Space considerations preclude identifying every unit assigned, so flying units predominate . When no unit designation is available, the command--usually Eighth or Ninth Air Force--is given. Where information is unknown, it is so indicated.


101 High Wycombe (Camp Lynn) Buckinghamshire HQ 8 AF ; VIII Bomber Comd
102 Alconbury Huntingdonshire 452 Bomb Gp ; 1 Air Div
103 Brampton Grange Huntingdonshire HQ 1 Air Div
104 Hardwick Norfolk 20 Bomb Wg ; 93 Bomb Gp
105 Chelveston Northamptonshire 305 Bomb Gp
106 Grafton Underwood Northamptonshire 384 Bomb Gp
107 Molesworth Huntingdonshire 303 Bomb Gp
108 Old Catton (Camp Thomas) Norfolk 2 Bomb Wg; 14 Bomb Wg
109 Podington Bedfordshire 92 Bomb Gp
110 Polebrook Northamptonshire 351 Bomb Gp
111 Thurleigh Bedfordshire 306 Bomb Gp
112 Bovingdon Hertfordshire 11 Cmbt Crew Replacement Ctr
113 Cheddington (Marsworth) Buckinghamshire HQ VIII AF Composite Comd;
12 Cmbt Crew Replacement Ctr ; 36 Bomb Sq ; 406 Bomb Sq
114 Hethel Norfolk 389 Bomb Gp
115 Shipdham Norfolk 44 Bomb Gp
116 Elveden Hall (Camp Blainey) Suffolk HQ 3 Air Div ; 92 Cmbt Bomb Wg
117 Kimbolton Huntingdonshire 379 Bomb Gp
118 Wendling Norfolk 392 Bomb Gp
119 Horham Suffolk 95 Bomb Gp ; 323 Bomb Gp
120 Attlebridge Norfolk 466 Bomb Gp
121 Bassingbourne Cambridgeshire 91 Bomb Gp
122Steeple Morden Cambridgeshire 355 Fighter Gp
123 Horsham St . Faith Norfolk 458 Bomb Gp
124 Tibenham (TivetshalI) Norfolk 445 Bomb Gp
125 Bungay (Flixton) Suffolk 446 Bomb Gp
126Rattlesden Suffolk 447 Bomb Gp
127 Little Staughton Bedfordshire 2 Advanced Air Depot
128 Deenthorpe Northamptonshire 401 Bomb Gp
129St. Eval Cornwall 479 Anti-Sub Gp
130 Glatton (Connington) Huntingdonshire 457 Bomb Gp
131 Nuthampstead Hertfordshire 398 Bomb Gp
132 Beccles (Ellough) Suffolk Sq M, 17 RCD ; Air Service Comd
133 East Wretham Norfolk 359 Fighter Gp
134 Eye Suffolk 490 Bomb Gp
135 Hepworth Suffolk VIII AF Service Comd
136 Knettishall Suffolk 388 Bomb Gp
137 Lavenham Suffolk 487 Bomb Gp
138 Snetterton Heath Norfolk 96 Bomb Gp
139 Thorpe Abbots Norfolk 100 Bomb Gp
140 Winfarthing* Norfolk 562 Bomb Sq ; VIII AF Service Comd (see 554 Fersfield, Norfolk)
141 Bodney Norfolk 352 Fighter GP
142 Deopham Green Norfolk 452 Bomb Gp
143 North Pickenham Norfolk 492 Bomb Gp
144 Old Buckenham Norfolk 453 Bomb Gp
145 Rackheath Norfolk 467 Bomb Gp
146 Seething Norfolk 448 Bomb Gp
147 Ketteringham Hall Norfolk HQ 2 Air Div; 95 Cmbt Bomb Wg
148 Beaumont Essex 12 AF
149 Birch Essex 410 Bomb Gp
150 Boxted Essex 56 Fighter Gp
151 Butley (Bentwaters) Suffolk (Emergency landing field)
152 Debach Suffolk 493 Bomb Gp
153 Framlingham (Parham) Suffolk 390 Bomb Gp
154 Gosfield Essex 410 Bomb Gp
155 Great Ashfield Suffolk 385 Bomb Gp
156 Mendelsham Suffolk 34 Bomb Gp
157 Raydon Suffolk 353 Fighter Gp
158 Sudbury Derbyshire Signal Storage Depot #1
159 Wormingford Essex 55 Fighter Gp ; 362 Fighter Gp
160 Marks Hall Essex 4 Bomb Wg ; 98 Cmbt Bomb Wg
161 Boreham Essex 394 Bomb Gp
162 Chipping Ongar (Willingdale) Essex 387 Bomb Gp
163 Cold Norton Essex 8 AF
164 Great Dunmow (Little Easton) Essex 386 Bomb Gp
165 Little Walden (Hadstock) Essex 361 Fighter Gp ; 409 Bomb Gp
166 Matching Essex 391 Bomb Gp
167 Ridgewell Essex 381 Bomb Gp
168 Rivenhall Essex 397 Bomb Gp
169 Stansted (Mountfitchet) Essex 344 Bomb Gp ; 2 Tac Air Depot
170 Wethersfield Essex 416 Bomb Gp
171 Stisted Hall Essex UNKNOWN
172 Snettisham Norfolk 1 Cmbt Crew Gunnery Sq
173 Dunkeswell Devon 479 Anti-Sub Gp Northern Ireland
174 Sudbury (Acton) Suffolk 92 Cmbt Bomb Wg ; 486 Bomb Gp
175 Mousehole Cornwall Det, 18 Weather Sq
176 Narborough Norfolk 8 AF
177 Ludham Norfolk 9 AF
178 Matlask Norfolk IX Engr Comd
179 Harrington Northamptonshire 492 Bomb Gp
180 Villacoublay (A-42D) France HQ 27 Air Transport Gp; 370 Air Service Gp
181 Chievres (A-84) Belgium 352 Fighter Gp; 361 Fighter Gp
182 Merville (B-53) France 8 AF
183 Barisey le Cote France 761 Chemical Co (Avn); IX BADA
184 Charleroi (A-87) Belgium HQ VIII Fighter Comd; 67 Tac Recon Gp
185 Wittem Holland 57 Fighter Control Sq
186-190 UNKNOWN
191 Ollencourt France Det E, HQ Sq, 9 BADA
192-193 UNKNOWN
194 Martigues France 345 Signal Co Wg
195 Carnillon France 384 Bomb Gp
196 Istres France 409 Air Service Gp
197-230 UNKNOWN
231 Kirkcassock House (Nyack) County Down, Northern Ireland 496 Fighter Tng Gp;
VIII AF Composite Comd
232 Long Kesh County Down, VIII AF Composite Comd
233 Belfast (Victoria Barracks) County Antrim, Northern Ireland VIII AF Composite Comd
234 Mount Farm Oxfordshire 7 Photo Gp
235 Nutts Corner County Antrim, Northern Ireland 1404 AAF Base Unit
236 Toome County Londonderry, Northern Ireland HQ 3 Cmbt Crew Replacement Comd
237 Greencastle County Down, Northern Ireland496 Fighter Tng Gp;
12 Cmbt Crew Replacement Gtr
238 Cluntoe County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Cmbt Crew Replacement Ctr "B"
239 Maghaberry Northern Ireland County Down, 27 Air Transport Gp
(Border of County Down, 5 miles SW of Lisburn)
240 Mullaghmore County Londonderry, Northern Ireland VIII AF Composite Comd
241-340 UNKNOWN
341 Bushey Hall (Watford) Hertfordshire HQ VIII Fighter Comd
342 Atcham Shropshire 495 Fighter Tng Gp; 6 Fighter Wg
343 Biggin Hill Kent 2 Fighter Sq ; 307 Fighter Sq
344 Eglinton County Londonderry, Northern Ireland 82 Fighter Gp
345 Goxhill Lincolnshire 496 Fighter Tng Gp; 79 Service Gp
346 High Ercall Shropshire 31 Fighter Gp; 1 Fighter Gp; 92 Fighter Sq
347 Ibsley Hampshire 48 Fighter Gp; 100 Fighter Wg
348 Kenley (London) Surrey 31 Fighter Gp
349 Kirton-in-Lindsey Lincolnshire 1 Fighter Gp; 91 Fighter Sq
350 Lurgan County Armagh, Northern Ireland 63 Signal Bn
351 Merston Sussex 31 Fighter Gp ; 307 Fighter Sq
352 West Hampnett Sussex 31 Fighter GP
353 Colerne Wiltshire 1 Fighter Gp
354 Iceland 27 Fighter Sq
355 Coltishall Norfolk 8 AF
356 Debden Essex 4 Fighter Gp
357 Duxford Cambridgeshire 350 Fighter Gp; 78 Fighter Gp
358 Earls Colne Essex 323 Bomb Gp
359 Great Sampford Essex 336 Fighter Sq
360 Ouston Durham VIII Fighter Comd
361 Snailwell Suffolk 347 Fighter Sq; IX AF Service Comd
362 Ford Sussex 2 Det, 14 Fighter Gp
363 Tangmere (Chichester) Sussex 8 AF
364 Gloucester Gloucestershire VIII Fighter Comd
365 Halesworth (Holton) Suffolk 56 Fighter Gp
366 Metfield Suffolk 353 Fighter Gp
367 Kingscliffe Northamptonshire 20 Fighter Gp
368 Wittering Northamptonshire 63 Fighter Sq; 55 Fighter Sq
369 Martlesham Heath Suffolk 356 Fighter Gp
370 Saffron Walden Essex 65 Fighter Wg
371 Sawston Cambridgeshire 66 Fighter Wg
372 Walcot Hall (Stamford) Northamptonshire 67 Fighter Wg
373 Leiston (Theberton) Suffolk 358 Fighter Gp; 357 Fighter Gp
374 Bottisham Cambridgeshire 361 Fighter Gp
375 Honington Suffolk 364 Fighter Gp
376 Watton Norfolk 25 Bomb Gp; 50 Fighter Sq
377 Wattisham Suffolk 479 Fighter Gp
378 Fowlmere Cambridgeshire 339 Fighter Gp
379 St.Germaine-en-Laye France HQ USSTAFE ; HQ Air Tech Services Comd in Europe
380 Bath Somerset VIII AF Service Comd
381 Paris France (45 Sharron) VIII AF Service Comd
382 Sudbury (Constitution Hill) Suffolk Signal Storage Depot #3, BADA
383 Bolleville (A-25c) France 302 Air Transport Wg
384 Toussus-le-Noble (A-46) France 311 Ferrying Sq; 67 Tac Recon Gp
385 Le Bourget (A-54c) France HQ 28 Reinforcement Bn (AAF)
386 Paris (1 Rue de Tillsitat Champs Elysees) France HQ 302 Air Transport Wg
387 Northolt Middlesex 302 Air Transport Wg
388 Marseilles (Marignane Y-14) France Port Intransit Depot; 302 Air Transport Wg;
BADA; VIII AF Service Comd
389 Compiegne France HQ Continental Intransit Depots; HQ 403 Base Air Depot;
876 Airborne Engr Avn Bn
390 Bryanston Square London HQ USSTAFE (Rear) ; HQ Air Tech Services Comd in Europe;
SHAPE (Rear)
392 Boise de Boulogne (Chateau Rothschild) France HQ 70 Reinforcement Depot
393 Verdun (A-82) France 128 Replacement Bn; 362 Ftr Gp; 425 Night Ftr Sq
394 Le Francport France 1584 QM Bn Mobile (Avn)
395 Rouen France 6 Port Intransit Depot Sq
396 Fontenay France 908 Signal Co Depot
397 Pierrefonds France 762 Chemical Depot Co (Avn)
398 Montdidier France 2498 QM Truck Co (Avn)
399 Fignieres France 1905 Ord Ammo Co (Avn); 1915 Ord Ammo Co (Avn)
400 Virton (Y-41) Belgium 2 Photo Tech Sq; 19 AAF Photo Intell Det;
Co B, 942 Engr Avn Topographical Bn; 26 Stn Complement Sq
401 Haseley Court Oxfordshire 48 Bomb Disposal Sq
402 Arborfield Cross Berkshire 9 AF Advanced Depot Area Comd
403 Kingston Bagpuize Berkshire 4 Tac Air Depot; HQ IX Engr Comd
404 ChiIbolton Hampshire 5 Tac Air Depot; 368 Fighter Gp; IX Troop Carr Comd
405 Hampstead Borough (Elsworth Road and Wadham Gardens, St. Johns Wood)
Middlesex (Greater London) HQ IX Air Defense Comd
406 Andover Hampshire 370 Fighter Gp
407 Thruxton Hampshire 366 Fighter Gp
408 Beaulieu Hampshire 365 Fighter Gp
409 Uxbridge Buckinghamshire Det A, HQ & HQ Sq, 9 AF
410 Lashenden Kent 100 Fighter Wg; 354 Fighter Gp
411 High Halden Kent 358 Fighter Gp, XIX Tac Air Comd
412 Headcorn Kent 362 Fighter Gp; 100 Fighter Wg, XIX Tac Air Comd
413 Staplehurst Kent 363 Fighter Gp, XIX Tac Air Comd
414 Winkton Hampshire 404 Fighter Gp, IX Tac Air Comd
415 Bisterne Close Hampshire 371 Fighter Gp, IX Tac Air Comd
416 Christ Church Hampshire 405 Fighter Gp, IX Tac Air Comd
417 Ashford Kent 303 Fighter Wg; 406 Fighter Gp, XIX Air Support Comd
418 Kingsnorth Kent 36 Fighter Gp, XIX Air Support Comd
419 Woodchurch Kent 373 Fighter Gp, XIX Air Support Comd
420 Popham Hampshire 926 Signal Bn, IX Engr Comd
421 Chapel Row Berkshire 306 Fighter Control Sq, XXIX Tac Air Comd
422 Great Barrington Gloucestershire 925 Engr Avn Regt, IX Engr Comd
423 Cokethorpe Oxfordshire 926 Engr Avn Regt, IX Engr Comd
424 Sole Common Berkshire 876 Airborne Engr Bn;
878 Airborne Engr Bn, IX Engr Comd
425 Scorton Yorkshire 425 Night Fighter Sq, IX Tac Air Comd
426 Stanlake Park Berkshire 459 Signal Const Bn, IX Air Support Comd
427 Langton Dorset 447 Signal Const Bn; 448 Signal Const Bn, XIX Tac Air Comd
428 Coleby Grange Lincolnshire IX Air Defense Comd
429 Crookham Common Berkshire 26 Mobile R&R Sq, IX AF Service Comd
430 Drems East Lothian, 75 Stn Complement Sq, IX Scotland Air Defense Comd
431 Dering Woods Kent 814 Chemical Co ; 1922 Ord Ammo Co, IX AF Service Comd
432 Charborough Park Hampshire 1577 QM Bn, IX AF Service Comd
433 Bishopstrow Wiltshire Det B, 30 Mobile R&R Sq, IX AF Service Comd IX Tac Air Comd
434 Chisledon Wiltshire 834 Engr Avn Bn, IX Engr Comd
435 Erle Stoke Village Wiltshire 125 Liaison Sq; 153 Liaison Sq, 9 AF
436 Bois Hall Essex Co D, 555 Signal Air Warning Bn; 118 AAA Gp, IX Air Defense Comd
437 Norman Court Hampshire 52 AAA Brigade, IX Air Defense Comd
438 Brenzett Kent Battery C, 635 AAA, Automatic Weapons Bn, IX Air Defense Comd
439 Aldergrove County Antrim, 9 AF
(North Atlantic Route Northern Ireland Ferrying Terminus, 1940)
440 Breamore Hampshire Det YA, 21 Weather Sq; Det YA, 40 Mobile Comm Sq, 9 AF
441 Bruern Abbey Oxfordshire HQ 877 Engr Airborne Bn, IX Engr Comd
442 Totton Hampshire 13 RCO
443 St.Marys Hill Glamorganshire, 9 AF Wales
444 Stallington Grange Staffordshire VIII AF Service Comd
445 Stiffkey Norfolk HQ 448 AAA Automatic Weapons Bn, IX Air Defense Comd
446 Taunton Somerset Det 0, Supply Div, Base Air Depot #1
447 Weston Zoyland Somerset 442 Troop Carr Gp, IX Troop Carr Comd
448 Start Point Devon 738 Signal Air Warning Bn ;
449 Middle Wallop Hampshire 67 Tac Recon Gp ; HQ IX Tac Air Comd;
XIX Air Support Comd
450 Zeals Wiltshire 32 Service Gp; 302 Airdrome Sq
451 Rudloe Manor Wiltshire 9 AF
452 Stony Cross Hampshire 367 Fighter Gp ; 387 Bomb Gp
453 Tarrant Rushton Dorset 9 AF
454 Warmwell Dorset 474 Fighter Gp, 9 AF
455 Holmsley South Hampshire 394 Bomb Gp
456 Eastcote Middlesex IX Troop Carr Comd
457 Fai rford Gloucestershire 9 AF
458 Down Ampney Gloucestershire 9 AF
459 Blakehill Farm Wiltshire 9 AF
460 Winkleigh Devon 74 Service Gp, IX AF Service Comd
461 Church Stanton (Culmhead) Somerset 9 AF
462 Upottery Devon 439 Troop Carr Gp
463 Exeter Devon 50 Troop Carr Wg; 440Troop Carr Gp
464 Merryfield Somerset 441 Troop Carr Gp
465 Chalgrove Oxfordshire 10 Photo Gp (Recon)
466 Membury Berkshire 436 Troop Carr Gp; 67 Recon Gp; 6 Tac Air Depot
467 Aldermaston Berkshire 434 Troop Carr Gp
468 Bury St . Edmunds (Rougham) Suffolk 94 Bomb Gp
469 Ramsbury Wiltshire 437 Troop Carr Gp; 64 Troop Carr Gp
470 Hitcham Suffolk 4 Strat Air Depot (Prior to the move of the 4th Strategic Air Depot to
Hitcham in April 1944, this station number had been associated with Wattisham(see 377))
471 Keevil Wiltshire 62 Troop Carr Gp
472 Ascot (Sunninghill Park) Berkshire HQ 9 AF ; HQ IX AF Service Comd
473 Bristol Gloucestershire 1512 QM Truck Bn
474 Welford Park Berkshire 435 Troop Carr GP
475 Medmenham Buckinghamshire 1 Photo Interpretation Sq
476 Aldermaston Court Berkshire HQ XIX Air Support Comd
477 North Luffenham Rutland 9 AF
478 Woolfox Lodge Rutland IX Troop Carr Comd
479 North Witham Lincolnshire 1 Tac Air Depot; 29 Air Depot Gp; 33 Air Depot Gp
480 St. Vincents (Grantham Lodge) Lincolnshire Det B, 1241 QM Co Service Gp (Avn);
Det A, 1069 QM Co Service Gp (Avn) ; HQ IX Troop Carr Comd
481 Bottesford Leicestershire 436 Troop Carr Gp; 440 Troop Carr Gp
482 Balderton Lincolnshire 439 Troop Carr Gp
483 Barkstone Heath Lincolnshire 61 Troop Carr Gp; 78 Service Gp
484 Folkingham Lincolnshire 313 Troop Carr GP
485 Great Saling (Andrews Field) Essex 99 Cmbt Bomb Wg; 322 Bomb Gp
486 Greenham Common Berkshire 53 Troop Carr Wg;
438 Troop Carr Gp; 82 Service Gp
487 Charmy Down Somerset 423 Night Fighter Sq; IX Tac Air Comd
488 Fulbeck Lincolnshire 442 Troop Carr GP
489 Cottesmore Rutland 316 Troop Carr Gp; 317 Service Gp
490 Langar Nottinghamshire 435 Troop Carr Gp
491 Bray Court Berkshire HQ IX Engr Comd
492 Hurn Hampshire 397 Bomb Gp
493 Spanhoe (Wakerly) Northamptonshire 315 Troop Carr Gp; 78 Service GP
494 Henley-on-Thames (Phyllis Court) Oxfordshire Det 0, 93 SCSRD (USSTAFE);
495 Tiverton (Knightshayes Court) Devon Det N, 93 SCSRD
496 GranviIIe France UNKNOWN
497 Querqueville (A-23C) Cherbourg, France 6 Port Intransit Depot Sq;
Det C, 27 Air Transport Gp
498 Ebrington Manor Gloucestershire Det I, 93 SCSRD
499 Higham Heath Suffolk 1514 QM Truck Bn (Avn) Sp
500 Prestwick Ayrshire, Scotland 27 Air Transport Gp; Air Service Comd
501 Stowmarket Suffolk 1992 QM Truck Co, VIII AF Service Comd
502 Tostock Park Suffolk 1516 QM Truck Bn, Cmbt Support Wg
503 Romsey (Stanbridge Earls and Roke Manor) Hampshire Sq A, 19 RCD
504 Portreath Cornwall Det A, 519 Service Sq, VIII AF Service Comd
505 Neaton Norfolk 3 Strat Air Depot; 8 AF
506 Milton Ernest (Twinwood Farm) Bedfordshire HQ VIII AF Service Comd
507 Perham Downs Wiltshire VIII AF Service Comd
508 Hurst Park Site Surrey 112 Observation Sq; 9 AF
509 Kidderminster Worcestershire IX Tac Air Comd (Also listed as Stone (Duncan Hall),
510 Heston Middlesex 27 Air Transport Gp ; IX Air Defense Comd
511 Moulsford Manor and Bucklands Berkshire VIII AF Service Comd
512 St . Mawgan (Trebelsue) Cornwall 1406 AAF Base Unit
513 Liverpool (Kirby House Silcocks Warehouse) Lancashire Port Intransit Depot #1; BADA
514 Kirkby Lancashire Port Intransit Depot #2, BADA
515 Wapley Common Gloucestershire Port Intransit Depot #3, BADA
516 St . Mellons Monmouthshire, Port Intransit Depot #4, Wales BADA
517 Barnham (Little Heath Site) Suffolk 754 Chemical Depot Co (Avn);
765 Chemical Depot Co (Avn)
518 Stone (Beatty Hall) Staffordshire VIII AF Service Comd
519 Grove Berkshire 3 Tac Air Comd Air Depot; 31 Transport Gp;
43 Air Depot Gp; 45 Air Depot Gp
520 Melton Mobray Leicestershire 1720 Ord Munition Co; 1961 Ord Depot Co;
1962 Ord Dep Co, VIII AF Service Comd
521 Braybrooke Northamptonshire 2107 Ord Bn Avn
522 Smethwick Staffordshire 892 Signal Depot Co; 908 Signal Depot Co;
Signal Supply Base Depot #1
523 Shaftsbury (Coombe House Hotel) Dorset VIII AF Service Comd
524 Southport (Palace Hotel) Lancashire 8 BADA
525 Cranford (Meadowbank) Middlesex 27 Air Transport Gp; 86 Air Transport Sq
526 Bures Essex 2108 Ord Ammo Bn (Avn) Sp
527 Leicester Leicestershire Det, 892 Signal Depot Co
528 Nether Wallop Hampshire 1520 QM Truck Bn (Avn)
529 Tetbury (Westonbirt) Gloucestershire 1515 QM Truck Bn (Avn) Sp
530 Haydock Lancashire BADA, Cmbt Support Wg
531 Chrishall Cambridgeshire HQ 433 Signal Const Bn
532 Ringshall Suffolk 861 Engr Avn Bn
533 Altrincham (Dunham New Park) Cheshire 2498 QM Truck Co (Avn); Sq A, 17 RCD
534 Cuddington Cheshire VIII AF Service Comd
535 Hale Cheshire Air Service Comd
536 Newcastle-under-Lyme (Keele Hall) Staffordshire 2069 QM Truck Co (Avn);
Sq A, 18 RCD
537 Trowbridge Wiltshire Sq H, 17 RCD; Sq I, 17 RCD
538 Saltby Lincolnshire 314 Troop Carr Gp; 317 Service Gp, IX Troop Carr Comd
539 Tilshead Wiltshire Sq E, 17 RCD; VIII AF Service Comd
540 Lydiard Tregoze Wiltshire 17 RCD; VIII AF Service Comd
541 Riseley Bedfordshire 756 Chemical Depot ; 763 Chemical Depot, VIII AF Service Comd
542 Crewe Cheshire Sq K, 17 RCD ; VIII AF Service Comd
543 Kingham Oxfordshire VIII AF Service Comd
544 Ashdown Park Berkshire IX AF Service Comd
545 Earsham Norfolk 1916 Ord Ammo Co (Avn); 2217 QM Truck Co (Avn)
546 Potters Hill Yorkshire Sq C, 13 RCD (Avn)
547 Abbots Ripton Huntingdonshire 2 Strat Air Depot
548 Eccles Norfolk Flt A & B, HQ & HQ Sq, VIII SADA
549 Nascot Lodge, Hertfordshire HQ Cmbt Support Wg (Prov);
Watford 1584 QM Bn Mobile (Avn)
550 Williamstrip Park Gloucestershire 2106 Ord Ammo Bn
551 Lymington Hampshire 50 Fighter Gp
552 Huyton Lancashire 1511 QM Truck Regt, Air Service Comd
553 Brigg Lincolnshire 1517 QM Truck Bn, Air Service Comd
554 Fersfield Norfolk HQ 17 RCD ; Det of 562 Bomb Sq ; Air Service Comd
555 Shepherd's Grove Suffolk Air Service Comd
556 Alton (Aylesfield House) Hampshire Det E, 93 SCSRD (Sp); USSTAFE
557 Pangbourne House Oxfordshire Det F, 93 SCSRD (Sp); USSTAFE
558 Walhampton House Hampshire Det D, 93 SCSRD; USSTAFE
559 Poltava Ukraine, USSR HQ Eastern Comd, USSTAFE
560 Piryatin Ukraine, USSR Eastern Comd, USSTAFE
561 Mirgorod Ukraine, USSR Eastern Comd, USSTAFE
562 Worcester (Spetchley Park) Worcestershire Det G, 93 SCSRD (Sp)
563 Kings (Furze Down House) Somborne Worcestershire Det H, 93 SCSRD (Sp)
564 Egginton Derbyshire HQ 1519 QM Bn Mobile (Avn)
565 Preston Rutland Air Service Comd
566 Tugby (Keythorpe Hall) Leicestershire Det K, 93 SCSRD (Sp)
567 Witney (Eynsham Hall) Oxfordshire Det L, 93 SCSRD (Sp)
568 Valley Anglesey, Wales Det 568, Air Transport Comd; 1407 AAF Base Unit
569 Bamber Bridge (Adams Hall) Lancashire 13 RCD
570 Ayr Ayrshire, Scotland Det 8FC, Ferry & Transport Service
571 Poynton Cheshire 571 Stn Complement Sq; 2189 QM Truck Co Avn;
304 Gas Defense Det
572 Melchbourne Park Bedfordshire Ord Automotive Depot, BADA
573 Stornoway Isle of Lewis, 9 AF Scotland
574 Heathrow Middlesex Det, Ferry & Transport Service, VIII AF Service Comd
575 Hendon Middlesex 27 Air Transport Gp; Det, Ferry & Transport Service,
VIII AF Service Comd
576 London (20 North Audley Street) London W1 London Traffic Office,
Det A, 86 Air Transport Sq; HQ 5 Army Airways Comm Sys Wg
577 MaghuII (Liverpool) Lancashire 1511 QM Truck Regt, VIII AF Service Comd
578 Manchester (Bellvue Park) Lancashire VIII AF Service Comd
579 Padgate Leicestershire HQ 131 Reinforcement Bn, USSTAFE
580 Wellingborough Northamptonshire 985 MP Co (Avn); 1 Bomb Div, 8 AF
581 Wortley Yorkshire 1912 Ord Ammo Co ; 2002 Ord Ammo Co
582 Warton Lancashire 2 Base Air Depot
583 Sharnbrook Bedfordshire 2107 Ord Ammo Bn
584 Thrapston Northamptonshire 6 Med Supply Plt (Avn) ;
46 Med Supply Plt (Avn); Air Service Comd
585 Hull Yorkshire 1517 QM Truck Bn
586 Camp Griffiths (Kew Gardens; Bushey Park; Teddington) London HQ 8 AF;
587 Barnham (Warren Wood Site) Suffolk 2106 Ord Bn (Avn); VIII AF Service Comd
588 Bowes Moor Yorkshire VIII AF Service Comd
589 Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire 1988 QM Truck Co
590 Burtonwood Lancashire HQ BADA
591 Chorley (Washington Hall) Lancashire HQ 127 Reinforcement Bn
592 Groveley Wood Wiltshire 1925, 1927, and 1929 Ord Co Avn, Cmbt Support Wg
593 Burton Rough Sussex 461 Signal Const Bn, IX Engr Comd
594 Stone (Jefferson Hall) Staffordshire 8, 14, 16, and 18 Replacement Control Ctrs
595 Troston Suffolk 1 Strat Air Depot
596 Kettering (Goghton Park) Northamptonshire 1514 QM Truck Bn (Avn) Sp
597 Langford Lodge County Antrim, 3 Base Air Depot Northern Ireland
598 Litchfield Staffordshire Air Service Comd
599 Lords Bridge Cambridgeshire VIII AF Service Comd
600-800 UNKNOWN
801 Bournemouth Hampshire 9 Base Air Depot
802 Baverstock (Dinton) Wiltshire4 Base Air Depot
803 Filton (Bristol) Gloucestershire 21, 22, and 33 Mobile R&R Sqs
804-924 UNKNOWN
925 Remenham Berkshire 573 Signal Air Warning Bn; XIX Air Support Comd

AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AAD Advanced Air Depot
AAF Army Air Forces
AF Air Force
AFCC Air Force Composite Command
Ammo Ammunition
Anti-Sub Anti-Submarine
Avn Aviation
BAD Base Air Depot
BADA Base Air Depot Area
Bn Battalion
Bomb Bombardment
CADA Continental Air Depot Area (Provisional)
Carr Carrier
Cmbt Combat
Co Company
Comd Command
Comm Communication
Const Construction
Ctr Center
Det Detachment
Div Division
Engr Engineer, Engineering
Flt Flight
Gp Group
HQ Headquarters
Intell Intelligence
Maint Maintenance
Med Medical
MP Military Police
M.P. Member of Parliament
Ord Ordnance
Photo Photographic
Pit Platoon
Prov Provisional
QM Quartermaster
RAF Royal Air Force
RCD Replacement Control Depot
Recon Reconnaissance
Regt Regiment
R&R Reclamation and Repair
SADA Strategic Air Depot Area
SCSRD Station Complement Squadron Reinforcement Depot
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SOS Services of Supply
Sp Special
Sq(s) Squadron(s)
Stn Station
Strat Strategic
Sys System
Tac Tactical
Tech Technical
Tng Training
US United States (of America)
USSTAFE United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe
Wg Wing

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2


See also:

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

May I also point out that Air Britain has published a CD with all bases used in Britain since 1912.

But then of course you also get a lot of "unneccessary details" such as RAF/RN bases, each unit using these bases, dates etc, etc

Very useful, if you ask me....

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

Col, that link is very useful, I hadn't seen it. Thanks.

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

Hello Stig,
That sounds useful but I can't find the CD in the AB site, do you know if it is still available?

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2


Then I'm afraid it is either out of stock or out of "print".

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

My apologies Bruce

It seems you were not connecting to the correct place.
Checking something else I was sort of passing by the AB page and lo and behold, the CD is still available, check here
I presume you are not a member (real pity) so you then have to pay the higher rate for non-members.

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Re: List of US Air Force stations in UK WW2

Hello Stig,
Thanks, I did not find that when I looked earlier.

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