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Old 17th July 2005, 06:51
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Continuing debate on flights to the Orient

There appears to be little if any evidence that the Luftwaffe flew to the Far East, however some K.G. 200 fans insist that such flights were made, off the record, with bombers disguised as airliners.

Apparently, some KG 200 crew men and mechanics have stated that such flights took place.

Does anyone know if there is any hard evidence of such flights? I've read that the alleged flights were made with BV-222's, a Ju-290 and even the Me-261.

I find it highly unlikely that such flights would take place, given the U.S. fighter presence in China and the Soviet fighter presence elsewhere, and the inherent dangers in such long distance flights.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Old 17th July 2005, 20:38
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Re: Continuing debate on flights to the Orient

I'm not presenting hard evidence by mentioning the following, but I hope no one minds my adding to the "story." According to what I've read, aircraft that "allegedly" made the flight were repainted in foreign colors to help avoid detection.

In a soon to be published book by Hikoki (in the UK), the Japanese were planning on attacking the Panama Canal using their I-400 aircraft carrying submarines and aircraft repainted in American colors. This according to their research, including information from Japanese veterans.

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