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Old 20th November 2018, 21:50
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Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

on the topic "Overclaimers" is written here in the forum much.
A very concrete question:

Is it possible to verify how many planes were shot down by Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch and what happened to the pilots and crew members affected?

Thanks in advance for answers
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Old 20th November 2018, 22:48
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Erwin Sawallisch


13.11.36/pm I-15 ("Curtiss") Casa de Campo/Eastern edge of Madrid @ 1500m
Possibilities include Vladimir Bocharov, forcelanded in I-16 "Black 9," but murdered (so at least one more of these claims must be a misidentification) as was Karp Ivanovich Kovtun.Was P A Purtov also downed this date?

12.12.36 SB-2 (Or General Aircraft Monospar ST-25 Jubilee?)
Grupo 12? Possible overclaim, can't be verified in Spanish records. Day's only known loss was a Jubilee and it was not due to combat

4.1.37 I-15 ("Curtiss") Bilbao
Day's losses include "15" of Teniente Juan Roldan Moldonado of Esc de Chatos del Norte (Definitely attributed to a German He51) KIA, plus apparently Soviet pilot N T Petruchin. 3 more returned damaged (40 bullet holes each)


30.10.39/1523 Blenheim IV off Heligoland Said to be N6234/XD-E of 139 "Jamaica" sqn. P/O W G McCraken (Australian) and crew all KIA (Also attributed to Heinz Lange)

14.12.39/1528 and 1530 Two Wellingtons off Heligoland 99 sqn, 5 shot down, 1 crashed. Losses include: N2870/LN- of P/O Norman Leonard Lewis and crew all KIA, N2886/LN- of F/S James Ernest Kirby Healey and crew all KIA, N2911/LN- of F/S W H Downey and crew all KIA, N2956/LN- of F/O John Arkell Harding Cooper and crew all KIA. N2957/LN- crashed back at base with three crewmen being KIA including the pilot F/L Eugene John Hetherington, attributed to Bf110. The loss of N2986/LN- of Sgt. R H J Brace and crew all KIA is attributed to flak.

30.4.40/2050 Wellington I SW of Stavanger
37 sqn or 99 sqn. 37 lost two Wellingtons: P9213 of S/L R L Bradford, SW of Stavanger and P9215 of F/O G V Gordon, W of Stavanger whilst 99 sqn lost P9276 of F/S J W L G Brent. (Versus 5 claims, slight overclaiming by the unit)

13.6.40/0202 Skua Fjords in Trondheim area L2991/7A of 803 sqn FAA. Lt. Peter Evelyn "Hornblower" Fanshawe (perfected the method of sand dispersal for the Great Escape but was transferred out before it tookplace) and LtCdr. John Casson both POW

8.9.40/1945 Hudson I 224 sqn. N7268/QX-D of F/O Robert Guy Cuthbert and crew all KIA (also claimed by Arnoldy so a shared kill or slight overclaim)

15.7.41 MiG-3 Kishinew Possibly Starshiy Leytenant Aleksandyr Pokryshkin of 55 IAP (crashlanded in swamp at Grozeshti, 50km W of Kishinev). Possibly attributed to flak or even fuel shortage by Soviet sources

25.8.41/1050 I-153 "Tchaika" E of Ljuban 7 IAK? 44 losses between 20.8.41 - 30.8.41 (26 and 191 IAPs lost 17 whilst 35 and 44 IAPs lost 5)

11.9.41/1738 Pe-2 Wolchowskaja Pristanj No details

21.9.41/0952 and 0955 2 x I-153 "Tchaikas" Leningrad Through the course of the day, 71 IAP lost St. Lt. V M Gavrilov failed to return and pilots Mazurenko and Chinyakov WIA. Denk and Krupinski of 6/JG 52 claimed two victories against them four hours earlier and I am not sure who was lost in which engagement… Benefit of the doubt to Sawallisch….

4.10.41/1045 MiG (“I-18”) Michjejewka sector No details

4.10.41/1355 and 1356 2 x DB-3s, Michjejewka sector 90 DBAP lost gunner Ivan Filipovich Sazonov KIA in air combat this date, that’s as much as I know…

Also on 4.10.41 an SB-2 Spass sector

3.8.42/1815 Spitfire V NNW of El Hammam 145 sqn. Only one loss at this time: BR519 of Sgt. R A Cunningham crashed on landing, pilot safe (also claimed by Bendert)

4.8.42/0808 P-40 Tomahawk SE of El Alamein
AK429 of 5 sqn SAAF. 2/Lt. E H Johnson crashlanded, unconcious for 3 hours, then walked 8 hrs to aid (again, also claimed by Bendert)

4.8.42/1328 Hurricane II (mistaken for a "Spitfire V") NW of El Hammam
BN117 of 213 sqn. F/S S R Fry forcelanded unhurt N of Hammam (Originally attributed to Italian MC 202s but there were no claims by them) (Yet again, this one also claimed by Bendert)

7.8.42/1212 and 1215 Hurricane II Alam el Kadim sector
Possibly 1 SQN SAAF. Bendert said to have damaged S/N 227 of Ray Connell. (That is the only loss or damage attributed to the Schwarm that day, versus NINE claims by them in total….)

10.8.42/0831 and 0834 Two Curtisses El Muhafid sector
4 sqn SAAF. AK623 of P/O J K McIvor KIA and ET512 forcelanded LG 94 badly damaged in fuselage and tail unit, Lt. T B Milne safe, ET901/U of Lt. W J Wheeler damaged, pilot safe (That’s 3 losses versus EIGHT claims for the day by the Schwarm….)

11.8.42/1010 and 1015 Two Hurricanes El Hammam sector Overclaiming. Either claimed against 1 sqn SAAF, which suffered no losses or pure invention (Total of FIVE claims by the Schwarm in this instance)

12.8.42/0642 – 0700 “Three Hurricanes and a Kittyhawk” Alam El Halfa/El Alamein sector
2 sqn SAAF. Massive overclaiming: AL174/U of Lt. W L O Moon bellylanded safely and AK906/O of Lt. T M McLeod WIA slightly damaged. One other damaged by Flak and crashlanded (Versus a massive TWELVE claims by the Schwarm…)

14.8.42/0615 Two Curtiss P-40s Fuka sector Possibly 65th FS, 57th FG. Lt. William O'Neill baled out and rescued

16.8.42/0826 – 0839 Three Hurricanes Alam el Halfa – El Hammam
In this engagement Stahlschmidt is credited with downing AN329 of 5 sqn SAAF. Lt. C Trenchard POW and ET522/W of 2 sqn SAAF. Capt. R Clifton baled out WIA. But apart from those, there were no other losses except 5 sqn SAAF suffered 3 others cat. I damaged, including AN427/D of Capt. R F Armstrong, all pilots safe. (Versus TWELVE claims by the Schwarm…)
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Old 21st November 2018, 09:49
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Dear Nick,
a big thank you for this comprehensive answer.
With high regard.
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Old 21st November 2018, 18:47
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Considering the strange circumstances of Sawallisch's death, there is room for speculation. My uncle was 'Abschuss-Offizier' of JG 27 around this time, but I doubt he would have conspired to fake kills (he was a judge at the Volksgericht). I met Franz Stigler many times and he always gave me a funny look, I think because of my uncle and his potential role in the Sawallisch affair. Of course I never brought up the subject.
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Old 22nd November 2018, 15:34
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Hello Nick


Unless I am mistaken,to my knowledge,Arnoldy made no claims of "abschuss" that day,but rather Hpt.Henz who claims a Hudson at a different hour (12h10) from Sawallisch (19h45).....Hudson,where other model(?) that I have not identified.

Best Regards
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Old 22nd November 2018, 17:34
Håkan Håkan is offline
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Hello Nick!

Brilliant work and thanks for sharing all your info on Luftwaffe pilots!
Regarding Sawallisch's claims in Spain:
13/11/36 Kovtun and Purtov were killed in combat with CR.32s. Sawallisch's claim was made in the afternoon when Bocharov and Tarkhov (mid-air collision with Eberhardt) were KIA.
12/12/36 No SBs lost
04/01/37 Petrukhin was WIA.

See my site at:

Best wishes/Håkan
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Old 20th November 2019, 08:56
Edward L. Hsiao Edward L. Hsiao is offline
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Re: Ofw. Erwin Sawallisch

Interesting topic indeed.

Edward L. Hsiao
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