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Old 31st March 2012, 19:34
Larry Hickey Larry Hickey is offline
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Larry Hickey
Fw 200 Condor Questions for 1939-40 Profile Layouts


I'm trying to lay out the Profile spreadsheets for the EoE Project on the Fw 200 Condor, and I have several questions relating to the set up for this part of the project:

1) I believe that before the end of 1940, these Fw200 subtypes had all operated in a combat role:

Fw 200C-0
Fw 200C-1
Fw 200C-2
Fw 200C-3

From what I read, a few Fw200C-0s operated with I./KG40 during the Scandinavian Campaign beginning in April, 1940. Then the latter re-equipped with the C-1 subtype in late June to early July, 1940. This must have meant that the missions in the Scandinavian theater prior to that date were in the Fw 200C-0, including flying in the operational combat role prior to the end of June. Is that correct?

2) I believe that the Fw200C-3 subtype was in operational use flying combat missions with I./KG40 before the end of 1940. Is that correct?

3) Up to the end of 1940, did the Fw200 ever fly on combat missions with any unit other than than I./KG40?

4) It appears that for the seven primary periods covered by the EoE book series, we will need a profile of a Fw 200C-0 for only 1./KG40 for the Phoney War period (Vol 2) up to 9 May 1940. From then forward, I will need 1 Staffel a/c represented in each volume through the end of 1940. This probably means a total of six profiles.

5) According to deZeng/Stankey, Stab and 2 Staffel were not "formed" until 1 May, but it is unclear to me when these two entities began actually flying combat (recon) missions before the end of May. Once they began ops I presume that they would need to be represented with a/c profiles for each succeeding period to the end of the year. Is this correct? Each of these units would thus have to have either four or five profiles created for the EoE book series.

6) According to the same source, 3 Staffel was "formed" on 1 June, and actually sank a ship on 9 June, so it presumably would need to have profiles for June, 1940 (Vol 4); July-Aug, 1940 (Vol 5); Sept,1940 (Vol 6); and Oct-Dec., 1940 (Vol 7). This would mean four profiles for this unit, if this is correct?

7) Based upon the above we probably need either 16 or 20 Profiles to cover the Fw200 in the book series. I have no idea if there is in fact, sufficient photography to cover creation of profiles of so many different a/c and their stories. I know that we're talking very low numbers of a/c involved in operations during the period, and it may even be absurd to think that it is possible, with available photos and info, to accurately document so many aircraft. That could even be close to the total number of Condors operating during that period, or at least a very significant percentage of those that were.

8) The really big Fw 200 story for 1940 was inflicting serious damage on the passenger transport "Empress of Britain" on October 26, 1940 by the crew of Oblt Bernard Jope, for which he was awarded the Knight's Cross. Not having yet researched this myself, does anyone know if his Condor on that mission is sufficiently documented that an accurate color profile could be created of it?

9) Are there any other noteworthy missions during 1940 (the 9 June first ship sinking?) for which we should specifically attempt to research profiles for the a/c involved? The same question applies to the most important crews or leaders whose aircraft should be focused upon.

10) If anyone out there is an expert on this a/c type and would like to help me confirm the accuracy of our profile template artwork, and identify photos and information to support the color profiles (and history) of the Fw200 and KG40 for the EoE book series, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I have several reference books on the type, probably most that are out there, but I've not yet spent serious research time on the subject.

As always, thanks for your help.

Larry Hickey
Eagles Over Europe Project Coordinator
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Old 5th April 2012, 15:11
Martin Gleeson Martin Gleeson is offline
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Martin Gleeson is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: Fw 200 Condor Questions for 1939-40 Profile Layouts

As you know these early Condor aircraft and operations are very difficult to research. I do not have any expertise on these matters as I rely mainly on published material, though the subject greatly interests me.
1/ Firstly I believe there was no C-0 version of the FW 200. The first 30 military Werk Nummern only refer to B-1, C-1, D-1, C-2, D-2 and C-3 sub-types. My sources here are 'Fw 200 Condor' by Juan-Carlos Salgado (2008) and 'Focke-Wulf 200 Condor, Part 1' (Airline service, Transport and Training) by Gunther Ott (2007).
Five of the airliner aircraft (including four A-0s) were impressed for transport of personnel and supplies during the Norwegian Campaign, including parachute drops of supplies to troops in Narvik. There impressed aircraft were operated by 4./KGrzbV 107 (along with four Ju 90s and one Junker G38). So this unit definitely deserves a profile !
2/ As one C-3 (0027) was lost in a bombing raid on Bordeaux-Merignac on 23 November 1940 and a second (0035) was lost in action on 10 January 1941 it seems certain the C-3 was in operational service during late 1940.
3/ See 1/.
I expect others can contribute more than the above. I have mentioned before that Part 2 of Gunther Ott's work will be invaluable to our understanding of early KG 40 operations. Has anyone news of its planned publication ? Gunther Ott used to post here occasionally but not in the last few years I think.
Martin Gleeson.
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Old 7th April 2012, 12:16
Marc BENOIT Marc BENOIT is offline
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Re: Fw 200 Condor Questions for 1939-40 Profile Layouts


Martin is right talking about the clarification of the Condor's first ops' !
To the questions :

1) Here again, Martin is right : the Fw 200 C-0 never existed !
At the beginning, 1/KG 40 had some He 111s and recevied 2 Condors for training purposes between 11.39 and 03.40 :
* WNr 2484, V-2, D-AETA Westfalen, then F8 + GH

* WNr 2895, S-3, D-AMHC Nordmark, then F8 + HH

These 2 planes were handed over to 4/KGrzbV 107 in march 40 as the C-1's serie began to be delivered in january 40 and sustained various testing at Rechlin before going to 1/KG 40
By the end of june 40, 9 C-1 (of 11 ) and 4 C-2 (of 7) had been delivered

2) By the end of october 40, 3 Fw 200 C-3 had been delivered, WNr 0027 being destroyed on 23.11.1940 in an RAF air raid on Bordeaux-Mérignac ( together with WNr 0009 )

3) I'd say no

4) No C-0

5) and 6)
Very difficult to answer. Until the end of june there were just enough planes to equip one Staffel and in the mission reports it's only question of 1/KG 40

7) Seems very high ( few a/c and photos )

8) Oblt Jope was on one of his first missions when he attacked the "Empress of Britain". Unfortunately, his flightbooks were destroyed, so I'm afraid that his Condor cannot be documented...

9) Yes, there are many sinkings, beginning with the " Van Dick " on 9-10 june, but : owing to the few a/c available, a crew did not have his own plane. The victory markings concern the a/c, not the crew !
I made some drawings years ago, will try to grabble them

Hope to have clarified the situation a little !
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