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Old 21st January 2005, 17:26
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Why did 3 JD relocate;compromise of Market Garden?

For those who are interested in these matters, it’s a well know fact that 3 JD relocated as indicated above on 17 SEP 1944. The GefStd of 3 JD (DIOGENES) was located just south of the German airfield Deelen near Arnhem. This was just north of the major drop zones for the gliders and airborne landings of Operation MARKET GARDEN.

On 17 SEP after gliders and paratroopers had landed literally almost on the doorsteps of the bunker, it was evacuated and the staff moved to the prepared alternate command post (Ausweichgefechtsstand) in the FLUKO at Duisburg, where they were operational the very same evening.

Hitherto I’ve heard 2 explanations for the rationale behind the evacuation:

1. In his post-war recollections the division commander Maj Gen. (MG) W. Grabmann has accounted that due to direct attacks, by heavy bombers and fighter-bombers, on the GefStd, the telephone lines were all cut, and it was impossible to perform either command or control of the subordinate forces, and it was impossible to compile an air picture. Consequently I JK gave the order to evacuation. Fact is that the GefStd was never directly attacked, as a matter of fact it was so close to the drop-zone that it was on the allied side of the bombline – to-day Forward Line own Troops (FLOT). I’ll explain a little later why Grabmann may have this recollection.

2. The telephone exchange incl. the Luftwaffe LV in downtown Arnhem was destroyed by a stray bomb, rendering all lines inoperative.

For the real story and the probable compromise of timing, objectives and drop zones of MARKET GARDEN please see:
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