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28th March 2009, 14:21
On possibly 1.febr.1945 the german Flak shot-down a Ju88a-1 over Gironde fortress, it was manned by frenchs, the Wn was given as 897, STKZ 888302 FM 12940, possibly a A-4 with 8888302...


28th March 2009, 15:26

I have not cracked this one for shure (but topic has been dicussed before, here or on LEMB). The info given suggest this numbers come from a part plate (88.303 was Port Flap on A-4), maybe 8-88.302 was older A-1 component, here re-used in rebuilt plane (as FM 12.9.40 suggest very old part).

The W.Nr. 897 could be the correct number to trace but likely/could be just last three (i.e. only part of the number to look for; possibly G-1 714897 ?)

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28th March 2009, 16:05
G-1 Not , the plane come from stock left behind in aug. 44 in the Toulouse , Bourges area, or a G-1 of the ZG1...
You cracked a lot if really 12.09.40 a part only..

A 8832 was built by the frenchs but in late 45, but on 23.febr.45 they lost the 883781 not far from Bordeaux , nd maybe our bird, on 1.febr. 45 the 1259/2002 was shot-down at Saint-vaize 20+ Km NE Royan


28th March 2009, 18:58
Yes, "Ju 88 No.3" D-1 1259/2002 seems most likely. Is location near enough?

28th March 2009, 20:20
Normally not near enought , the germans seem to hv inspect the plane the pocket don't reach that area, but location is maybe wrong...


I will try to hv some details from the frenchs