View Full Version : Are the reports on Luftwaffe airfields available?

25th February 2010, 08:49
While advancing through the remnants of the third reich, allied troops made detailed reports on the airfield they occupied (i have seen extracts from the one made of Leck Airfield), listing all the a/c that were found.

Are these reports available/accessible somewhere? My focus is with the follwowing airfields:
- Bad Aibling
- Wahn
- Westerland
- Wunstorf

From some of these airfields photos are printed repeatedly (the Bf109K4 found in Wunstorf is an example) - are sets of photos available that show these airfields completely or better detailed, like Ainring airfield is documented in Jerry Crandalls book on the Dora-13?

I am aware of the series from VDM that covers the airfields, organized around the area they were biult in. But these only contain pictures of the buildings, but nothing on the a/c found.

Hints towards what books to buy are welcome.