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8th March 2010, 12:14

I am looking for further details concerning this crash with pilot Fw Ludwig Wagner in command.(Unit:St Richter 1.L.L.G.1). At 24.05.41 after take off the engines cut off due to sabotage.Greek workers put sugar ,while unattended, into the gasoline.The result was that the paratroopers(?) jumped safely off and the pilot tried a forced landing probably nearby Tanagra.The story also refer to a glider which was released for a safety landing.Shortly before touch down the aircraft's wing collided with a tree and the aircraft flipped over killing the crew except the tower gunner/observer.
Does any record exist about the crew,the mission,route,crash place,aircaft numbering WN or tactical sign?Any Foto available?Every detail welcome.
At ths date the fall of Crete was about to be completed,so the info about the glider seems to me rather unaccurate.Maybe a logistic flight to Crete?

Thank you for your effort.


8th March 2010, 15:20
Ηι Aviator,

this is what i have from the Qu.M. returns

FF. Fw. Ludwig Wagner (+), Ju 52 (W.Nr. 2801) 95% m. BO. Fw. Leonard Lados (+), BF. Uffz. Josef Freisinger (vw.), BM. Fw. Walter Kagemann (vw.) Bruchlandung 24.05.41 Kalamos (?) Tanagra,

I don`t know where this Kalamos is

As you can see, according the list, only the pilot and the observer got killed, the other two airmen were wounded

9th March 2010, 09:35
Thank you Byron,

thats great!Thats is what i was seeking.The pilot was the uncle of a collegue and showed me pics of him in front of a Ju 52 and told me the story.Kalamos is a village at east Attica south east of Tanagra.
Is there any chanche to find out the tactical sign of the crashed aircraft?
What is (?) meaning next to "Kalamos"?

Thank you again


9th March 2010, 15:04
Hi Aviator,

In the lists stands only Kalamos, nothing more.
The pilot Ludwig Wagner is buried in Rapendoza, Block 3-3 Grab 3

Ltn. Leonhard Lades (this name and rank is given in the cemetery) in the same grave with the pilot

23rd June 2010, 11:48
Hello Byron,

Further to this incidence,i would like to find out if there were another Ju 52 crashes at the mainland Greece on 24/25/26.05.41.If yes this would lead to the conclusion, that more than the one crashed aircraft would be a victim of sabotage from Greeks on these airfields.Do some technical reports exist from these days showing the availability of JUs for operation Mercur?


23rd June 2010, 14:25
Hi Aviator,

here some losses

II./KG zbV 1 :Code Nr.15319 Atalanti 25% Bruchlandung 24.05.41

KG zbV 60

FF. Ltn. Stahl, Ju 52 m. BO. Uffz. Franz Nothalter, BF. Ogfr. Edmond Schneider, BS. Flg. Erich Fink, alle (vw.) 25.05.41 Korinth,

FF. Ltn. Ralf Billerbeck (+), Ju 52 (NJ+NL, W.Nr. 2924) 95% m. BO. Ltn. Anton Pinkl (vw.),
BF. Gfr. Heinrich Ridder (vw.), BM. Fw. Kurt Mundhenke (vw.), 25.05.41 Korinth,

K.Gr. zbV 101 26.04.41 Ju 52 (W.Nr. 5876) 40%, Bruchlandung Korinth

K.Gr. zbV. 104

24.05.41 Ju 52 (W.Nr. 6771) 80% Rollschaden Tatoi (Stab)
24.05.41 Ju 52 (W.Nr. 5988) 50% Rollschaden Tatoi

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 105:

25.05.41 Motorschaden Tanagra (W.Nr. 6947) 15%,

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 106:

26.05.41 Ju 52 (W.Nr. 5163) 30%, Bruchlandung Eleusis,
26.05.41 Ju 52 (W.Nr. 3027) 25%, (7147) 10%, Bruchlandung Dadion,