View Full Version : Uffz/Lt Heinz Fresia

Chris Goss
8th October 2005, 12:25
For those interested, the Uffz Heinz Fresia who was injured with 2/ZG 76 in 1940 was the same Lt Heinz Fresia killed in action with 8/JG 1 26 Dec 44. I asked a question about him some months ago

John Manrho
8th October 2005, 13:29
The NVM for 26.12.44 says Lt. Heinz Fresia, born 4.11.1915 Bad Frankenhausen. EM 60951/6. According to Prien JG 1/JG 11 Lt. Fresia claimed P-51 on 5.12.1944. Lt. Fresia is also listed in the DRK records (with picture).

Chris Goss
8th October 2005, 13:59
Thanks John-any chance of a scan of the NVM? His original NVM says his EM was 2/ZG 76 Nr19 (53592/19)

John Manrho
8th October 2005, 15:30
No problem, I will send you a paper copy. My "original" is of poor quality, but I can read most of it. If you need further details on relatives, drop me a private e-mail, Cheers, John.