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18th November 2012, 17:24
On 22 June 1940 Gen Maj Fritz Löb, CO of Luftgau Belgien-Nordfrankreich was killed in an air crash, reportedly at or near a Brussels airfield.
"Battle of France, Then and Now" gives a Caudron 445 of 1./JG21 nr Brussels with two crew killed (Uffz. O. Wolf and Obergefr. F. Baukus).

Was Löb also in this Caudron, or was there another accident?



18th November 2012, 17:33
Just to say that I noticed that a similar question was on this board in October 2011...



18th November 2012, 17:43
Sorry in advance, if I mix another different topic

Is this possible that Lt. Heinz LORENZ (born 20/10/1907) and Hptm. Anton LORENZ (born 29/12/1898) (both brothers?) - killed also on the 22/06/40 near Bruxelles - were related to this accident?

Luc Vervoort
18th November 2012, 19:42
Hi Leendert and ClinA-78,

Hauptmann Bordmeister Anton Lorenz, Oberl. Bord Heinz Lorenz, Obergefr. Schumann, Feldw Augustin, Major Prümm and Oberl. Kuremeyer were all buried at the Evere cemetery on 24/06/1940. They were killed at the Evere airfield. No other details are known to me.

According to the Volksbund F.Baukus got killed at Loth/Hal near Brussel

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18th November 2012, 20:21
Thanks Luc.

The online Flight Magazine of July 4, 1940 (p. 5 & 11) has an unexpected article here.
They refer to a Zurich report stating that Gen Maj Loeb's aircraft was on a recce flight and was shot down by a British fighter!
Totally unfounded or not, perhaps it doesn't hurt to see if any RAF claim was made of a larger airplane in the Brussels area (or else, but c/l at airfield).



Matti Salonen
18th November 2012, 20:27
A little bit tricky matter. I have:
1940-06-22, 1./JG 21, C 445, Lot, 11 km südwestlich Bruxelles, Absturz bei Flug mit französichen Sportflugzeug und Aufschlagbrand. Bruch 100 %.
Flugzeugführer Uffz Wolz, Otto, +
Bordmechaniker Ogfr Baukus, Fritz, +
1940-06-22, Stab Lg.Kdo.Belgien/Nordfr., Fl.Pl. Brüssel-Evere, Absturz nach Zusammenstoß in der Luft. Bruch ? %.
Fluggast Gen.Major Löb, Fritz, +
Fluggast Fw Augustin, Wilhelm, +
Fluggast (Von Ln.Schule 1) Olt Kurmeyer, Werner, +
Fluggast (Von Ln.Schule 2) Major Prümm, Carl, +
Fluggast (Von Ln.Schule 1) Ogfr Schumann, Willi, +
Fluggast Schade, Ernst +
Hpt.Flugführ. Lorenz, Anton, +
Oberflugf. Lorenz, Heinz, +
Flugkapitän Luft, Hans, verletzt
Hptm von Lange, Kurt, verletzt
Hptm von Schultz, Hellmuth, +

- C 445 is not a sports plane,
- There are no other loss at Fl.Pl. Brüssel-Evere on that day. With whom the aircraft of Stab Lg.Kdo.Belgien/Nordfr. collided?
- too many persons for C 445. Normally Ju 52/3m was used as a staff liaison aircraft?

Anyway, it seems, that those losses are not related and there are really two separate crashes.


rob van den nieuwendijk
18th November 2012, 20:51
Hello all,

From KTB 9./JG 54 (3./JG 21): "Die fliegende Kolonne fliegt über Brüssel nach M.-Gladbach. Die Tankpause in Brüssel bringt uns ein interessantes aber trauriges Zwischenspiel. Eine Do 17 landet auf eine startende Ju. Es waren mehrere Tote, darunter ein General zu beklagen."

Best regards,

19th November 2012, 09:33
Take a look here, as it has been up on this board before.



19th November 2012, 11:29
Yes, it was on this forum before, but apparently no conclusive answers could be drawn as to what type was involved.

Rob's post now points to a Junkers-type a/c in which Gen Maj Löb and others were killed.



1st January 2013, 16:37
Hi guys

I have only just noticed that a Hurricane pilot of 615 Squadron claimed a Ju52 as 'unconfirmed' on 22 June 1940, during operations in the Rouen area. Might this have been 'our' Ju52 that attempted to reach Brussels and then crashed?

Just a thought in the light of the FLIGHT magazine implication.


Chris Goss
18th August 2013, 09:40
I now have a photo if this Ju 52 burning at Evere. Has anyone identified the Do 17 that collided with it?

Luc Vervoort
14th September 2013, 21:32


shows the planes in question. As date is mentioned 21/06/1940.

best regards


Chris Goss
14th September 2013, 21:59
Yes- I now have this photo

5th July 2016, 21:48
http://www.ebay.de/itm/Foto-Greveres-Frankreich-Flugzeug-Zusammenstos-General-Lob-verungluckt-1940-/311648921439?hash=item488fb9275f:g:Z2sAAOSwbYZXeUQ m