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23rd June 2014, 17:33
Hello Guys,

I am searching the unit and more of the airman Jacob Weberpals

thanks in advance

Chris Goss
23rd June 2014, 17:40
buried some distance from Rhodes?

23rd June 2014, 18:06
Anything about the unit Chris ??

Matti Salonen
23rd June 2014, 18:44
1941-01-28, 1./KGr.z.b.V. 9, Ju 52/3mg6e, 6880, Insel Rhodos, Unfreiwillige Bodenberührung. Bruch 100 %.
Flugzeugführer Ofw Meister, Helmut, +
Beobachter Uffz Oßmann, Georg, verletzt (Uffz Oßmannvon 1.(F)/121. Uffz Oßmann seinen Verletzungen erlegen)
Bordfunker Ofw Leder, Helmut, +
Bordfunker Uffz Hoppmann, verletzt (Uffz Hoppmann von 1.(F)/121)
Bordmechaniker Ofw Weberpals, Jakob, +
Bordschütze Gefr Moll, Willi, verletzt (Gefr Moll von 1.(F)/121)
Wart Gefr Dietrich, Gerhard, verletzt (Gefr Dietrich von 1.(F)/121)
2 Fluggäste (Ital Uffz.) tot und 3 Fluggäste (Ital Uffz.) verletzt.


23rd June 2014, 19:07
Thanks Matti and best regards


Jim P.
27th June 2014, 00:41
According to my entry for this machine, the Stkp. Major Helmut Frohne was also killed in this machine. Correct? In error?

Matti Salonen
27th June 2014, 07:16
Sorry for my mistake when copying data from the database. Frohe was also killed in this crash.


Jim P.
28th June 2014, 00:37
Matti, thank you for the clarification. Certainly no need for an apology. I thought it was my mistake - it wouldn't have been the first time, by a long shot, that I've corrected my db entries based on your input.