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Mirek Wawrzynski
21st August 2016, 20:43
Shot down in the morning on 1 September 1939 near Warsaw. He 111 H (L1 + KN) of 5.(K)/LG 1?

I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the downed He 111 H

The victory over him is assigned a team of IV/1 Dyon of Brygada Pościgowa, the first victory.

The plane (L1 + KN) crashed near Mieszki Kuligi approx. 10 km south-east. from Pultusk, 7 km to the east. from Nasielsk. 100% damage.

Is there any information about the touch-hit by A/A fire in the region of Modlin?


Bf 110
22nd August 2016, 21:41

The crew consisted of FF Uffz. Erwin Schwarz, BO Uffz. ? Knebel, BF Uffz. Siegfried Weber, BM Fw. Hubert Hinzke, all KIA.

Source: Peter Taghon "Die Geschichte des Lehrgeschwader 1, Band 1"

Gunnar - Bf 110 -

Mirek Wawrzynski
22nd August 2016, 22:37

I have assumption, that not only P.11s hit it, but maybe was a extra support of 40 mm Bofors A/A gun?

So I would like to check it, if it is possible?