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13th January 2019, 04:33
Recently I've been re-reading Martin Middlebrook's The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission and was wondering if anyone knew which specific model of Me 109 (G-4, G-6, or ?) the Industrieschutzstaffel Regensburg was flying when they intercepted the 8th AF raid of August 17, 1943.

Possibly an unanswerable question, but thanks very much in advance if anyone knows and would share that info!


13th January 2019, 12:43
Hi Steve,

on 17 Aug 1943 the Industrieschutzstaffel Messerschmitt Regensburg flew Bf 109 G-6. Known is one confirmed B-17 claim by Fw Mrotzek at 12.57 hrs near Regensburg.
His Bf 109 G-6 was hit. He was unhurt and belly landed in Regensburg-Obertraubling.
JFV Vol. 10/III and Peter Schmoll "Die Messerschmitt-Werke im Zweiten Weltkrieg".


13th January 2019, 16:06
Thank you very much Leo!

Edward L. Hsiao
20th November 2019, 07:28
Does Industrieschutzstaffel Regensberg continued to be a air unit until the end of WWII for Germany? How many air to air victories in total for this unit until the end of WWII? By the way,how many industrieschutzstaffel air units were there in Germany during WWII? Can you list them?

Edward L. Hsiao

Me 109 K-4
20th November 2019, 22:00
Hello Edward,
hello Steve,

The Industrieschutzstaffel was not a typical air unit. The pilots were the "Einflieger" or Testpilots of the Messerschmitt factory, who had to take off in case of an attack.
Some of the pilots were from the Luftwaffe, seconded to Messerschmitt, some of them were civil employes of Messerschmitt.

Messerschmitt Testpilot Fw. Heinz Lohmann took off on 17.8.1943 in Me 109 G-6 "+3" at 12.31 and landed at 13.27 at Obertraubling. He recorded contact with five waves of B-17's.
That same day he flew Me 109 WNr. 160305 and 160293 for an acceptance flight in the morning, before the attack.

Source: Log Book of Fw. Heinz Lohmann

Best Regards,

20th November 2019, 22:33
Thank you Matthias!

21st November 2019, 16:38
Hello Edward,

there were Industrieschutz-Staffeln (ISSt) and Industrieschutz-Schwärme (ISSchw).
In JFV 10/III are listed the industrial protection units of 1943:
ISSt Focke-Wulf Bremen (formed Oct 1942)
ISSchw Focke-Wulf Sorau (formed Nov 1943)
ISSchw Focke-Wulf Marienburg (formed Oct 1943)
ISSchw Arado Tutow (formed Oct 1943)
ISSchw Messerschmitt Augsburg (formed summer 1943)
ISSt Messerschmitt Regensburg (formed 13 Jan 1943)
ISSchw Fieseler Kassel (formed July 1943)
ISSchw AGO Oschersleben (formed autumn 1943)
ISSt Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke WNF (formed April 1943)
ISSchw Anklam/Flugzeugschleuse Luftflotte 6 (formed Autumn 1943)
ISSchw Insterburg/Flugzeugschleuse Luftflotte 1 (formed autumn 1943)
ISSchw Aspern/Flugzeugschleuse Luftflotte 4 (formned autumn 1943)
ISSchw Neumünster/Bf 109 Reparaturwerk (formed autumn 1943).
Besides existed the Einsatzstaffel/Jagdstaffel Erla Leipzig (formed Dec 1943) and the Alarmstaffel Erla Antwerpen (formed May 1943).

The industrial protection units were disbanded in spring 1944 because of the Allied air-superiority.

Details in
JFV 5/I (Werkschutzstaffeln in 1939/40)
JFV 10/III (Industrieschutzverbände 1943)
Jet & Prop 2/2006 (article "Die Industrieschutzstaffeln von Focke-Wulf")
Peter Schmoll "Die Messerschmitt-Werke im Zweiten Weltkrieg"

By the way there was only one air victory of ISSt Regensburg: 17 Aug 1943, Fw Mrotzek, B-17 (see post #2).