View Full Version : 2nd kill Oblt Helmut-Felix Bolz JG 2

Laurent Rizzotti
13th July 2007, 00:30
Hello all,

I have in my list the 1st kill of the above pilot on 16 May 1940 and the 3rd on 25 August 1940, but not the 2nd. He was flying with 5./JG 2 at the time and I have claims by unknown pilots from II./JG 2 on 3/6/40, 13/8/40 and 16/8/40 in the interval.

I wonder if some recent reasearch may have revealed when Bolz claimed his second kill.

Thanks in advance

Chris Goss
13th July 2007, 08:32
I believe it could have been a Hurricane on 13 Aug 40

Laurent Rizzotti
13th July 2007, 17:21
Thanks Chris

Tom Semenza
13th July 2007, 21:31
According to Prien et al. in Teil 3 of "Die Jagdflierverbände ..." Bolz's second claim might aslo have been a French fighter on 3 June 1940.