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Peter Kassak
21st August 2007, 15:04
Hi all,

I am looking for someone who can be of help in completing my database of Me 410 non combat (and maybe also combat) losses which were registered at ZG 76 (Stab, I. and II. Gruppe) in time span April - August 1944.
I already have list with following numbers:

Stab: 3 combat, 2 non combat losses by tables,(I list 2 combat losses only)
I.Gruppe: 45 combat, 49 non combat losses by tables (I list 28:5 only)
II. Gruppe: 20 combat 19non combat losses by tables (I list 19:7 only)
Tables I mean monthly summaries of newly registered and lost a/c published by Mike Holmes ww2.dk web page

THAANKS for ANY hints...or contacts.

best regards

22nd August 2007, 12:51
Did you have data from new Me 210/410 book by Peter Petrick and Werner Stockler ?

Laurent Rizzotti
22nd August 2007, 13:57
Similar question, do you have the book on Luftwaffe losses over Austria 1943-1945 ?

Peter Kassak
22nd August 2007, 21:25
I believe I have scans from the austrian book losses...just few entries:(
and no, I do not have the book of Petrick, yet. But I saw it and did not see any loss lists...Am I wrong? If so, can you check whether it is worth of having from my point of view?;)
I just know that there is a BEAUTIFULL color photo of Me 410 of ZG 76 somewhere in HUngary crash landed upside down..MUST FIND the source and have it:) any help? ideas where to find the info?


Andreas Brekken
22nd August 2007, 22:44
Hi, Peter

The I./ZG 76 (according to the summary loss record) had the following losses during this period as reported to the GenQu6Abt:

34 non-combat losses (including one FW 44)
46 combat losses

The same numbers for II./Z.G.76 are:

42 non-combat losses
31 combat losses (including 4 aircraft destroyed on the ground)

My lists also says that Stab had 3 combat losses during this period, one on 13.06.1944 and two on 27.06.1944

Andreas B

Peter Kassak
23rd August 2007, 07:06
Hi Andreas.
Thank you for the reply. Can we discuss this maybe in depth via email?

Andreas Brekken
23rd August 2007, 07:39
Hi, Peter.

No problem. Saw your email also