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Re: Markings + codes of Bf 109 + Legion Condor

Hello Lynn.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that I enjoyed your book. I think I was one of the first to buy it the last year at Telford, I was there at the stand of TMA ( Airmagazine, Ciel de guerre, Hsairmag & Les Ailes françaises. )

At the end of my reading of your book I learnt many things, but it was for me like not enough thing, maybe too synthetic. At last I must say BRAVO ! for your work

Just a couple of corrections to Many's helpful post:
Thank you

- There was never a "Bf 109B-2"... no period documentation refers to any variant except the B-1.

As historian, you are, Please never say: There was never a "Bf 109B-2, till today maybe there was never a “Bf 109B-2”, but if you wait 2 or 3 years more, I am going to publish first a special issue about the Slovak 109, and after I will publish a special issue about all 109 used by Germans in Spain and maybe, You will be very surprised. For the others they will the proof that the 6.5 was the first mount of Lützow

- The wooden props were produced by Schwarz (sp?), and were used because the variable pitch props were not ready in time. Photos of Polenz' captured 6-15 show that the instrument panel was set up to have the pitch change mechanism, but it was of course not fitted as the aircraft still carried the wooden prop when captured.

This wooden prop produced by Schwarz was in fact at the beginning an English licence (De Havilland). Don’t forget The wooden two blades Watts on the first Spitfire and the first Hurricane. It was the same period

- The first batch of aircraft to arrive were Bf 109As... they *may* have been coded as high as 6-18, there is still some confusion on the 6-17 and 6-18. (If we could find delivery confirmations in Spanish archives, that would be fantastic...)

Forgetting the question of the type A or B, The first Batch go to 6-1 to 6-16 That all.For me there is no confusion the first of the second batch was 6.17. You have many different photos of the 6.17 with the evident German Camo 70/71, for myself I have 3 but I don’t have any photo of 6.18 and I will be the first surprised to see one, But I believe in tomorrow, and I hope to see one day a photo of this 6.18.

- Presuming 6-17 and 6-18 were A models, there were 26 B-1s delivered to Spain, coded 6-19 through 6-45; five C's, from 6-46 to 6-50; and 35 D-1s, coded 6-51 through 6-86.
My dear Lynn you follow the excellent work of my close friend Patrick Laureau, but even it is a very, very good work, I am not sure it is the truth.

For example in the special issue n° 5 Avions: les Messerschmitt espagnols of the famous historian Juan Arraez Cerda, you see Page 16 & 17 some photographs of 6.60 of Schob ( and I have seen the originals this 109 is for me a “ C “. The well known foto of the plane of Walter Oesau is for most people a B but there is another photo where you see in close up the cowling of the same plane and it is evident in this foto we are in front of a “D”. So the way is long, long to understand where is the truth... It is the charm of reseaches...

Thank you
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